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Adult Coloring is the latest trend in stress relief and the good thing is that it is working well. Meditation is the best therapy for stress removal. People get help from different resources like exercise classes, applications, clubs, and weekend retreats to improve the facet of life and clear their mind. But all these things are often expensive and clocked, so sometimes it becomes tough to manage all the aspects. Coloring provides similar results in an easy-peasy way. The adult coloring books contain detailed designs and graphics that give the perfect amount of mental taxation.

The fact is that eight of the top 20 books selling on amazon currently are “adult coloring books”. This shows how the idea of coloring is filling the line in the effort of stress relief. Check my list of the adult coloring books and embrace your memorable designs!

Best Coloring Books for Adults

Amazing Swirls Coloring Book for AdultsThis coloring book contains swirls style illustrations. Various animals and floral compositions are represented in it. There are twenty-four designs and the difficulty level of each design varies. It is meant for adults. In front of the pages, images are printed. It is available in the English language. The number of pages is 56. This adult coloring book provides hours of stress relief. It offers the way of creative expression. Lots of swirls and flowers are seen throughout the book. The soft cover has the lovely background. It is the bestseller on Amazon in Children’s Botany Books category.

Adult Coloring BooksIt is the coloring book for adults having Mandalas and Henna inspired flowers, animals, and paisley patterns. The images in the book vary from minimal to high details. It is perfect for fine tip markers, color pencils, fine tip pens. There are 48 superb images. All these images will provide you immense pleasure. You can stay away from everyday stress and distraction. The images used in this adult coloring book are inspired by traditional henna. Huge variety of great designs is also available.

Adult Coloring Book Stress Relieving PatternsThis book from the Blue Star Coloring is an Amazon #1 bestseller in the USA! It features over 45 streamlined designs with detailed patterns. It has a perfect mixture of designs which are having the complexity from beginners to experts-level.  “Stress Relieving Patterns” provides a mindful calm, and fun, hours of stress relief with creative expression. Millions of people around the world are rediscovering their joyful childhood and relaxation with this coloring book.

Best of Adult Coloring BooksBest of Adult Coloring Books has 70 pages containing stress relief patterns. The patterns included in the book are stained glass, fashion, mandalas, animals, and many other artistic creations. Enjoy 100s of hours of joy and get a mental break from your stressful schedule. The calming shapes and designs will decompress your mind and experience the best coloring possibilities. This book is for the people of all ages so that everyone can enjoy these creative, fun designs. The book is specifically designed for the top of the standards and is used best with high-quality art supplies colored pencils. This is a fantastic high-quality book for artists of any age!

Adult Coloring Books- A Coloring Book for AdultsColoring Books for Adults has designed the first standard paper sized book! It includes 42 detailed images that you may be looking for.  “Adult Coloring Books” is perfect for coloring with fine tip pens, markers, crayons, or colored pencils! You can enjoy the coloring on streamlined designs without having any difficulty to color in the smallest of spaces.  The book has intricate doodles and patterns which are making it a perfect companion for giving you relief from everyday stress.

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Colorful Cats 2- Coloring Books For AdultsAdult Coloring Books has designed this book specifically for the cat lovers. It has over 30 different and creative designs of cats. It features full-page designs of lovely pussycats with a rich background of butterfly, flowers, hearts, and paisleys in a variety of patterns. “Colorful Cats 2” provides the best coloring experience to the coloring enthusiasts and cat fanciers. Each design is printed on a separate page so it helps in reducing bleed-through. Buy this coloring book for adults and get relief from stress.

Nine Designs for Inner PeaceThis book is designed by Sarah Tomlinson and is fore-worded by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda. It is the ultimate guide to giving the meditation therapy with shape, color, and sound. The book contains nine designs of planetary yantras which help to access their healing and centering benefits. To create the yantras, the book has nice instructions which are easy-to-follow. “Nine Designs for Inner Peace” provides the ancient practice of active meditation with a focus in mind.

Some of the editorial reviews of the book are here:

  • “Even if you aren’t looking for another method to find inner peace, you’ll get addicted to making yantras and decorating your walls with them.” (Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch, Feminist Review, Feb 2008)
  • ” . . . Sarah has produced a superb book which contains easy-to-follow instructions for creating exquisite planetary yantras to access their healing and centering benefits.” (Yoga Magazine, Jan 2008)
  • “Nine Designs for Inner Peace is a practical guide to the ancient tantric art of Yantra painting and Yantra meditation, leaving no detail aside. Shining through in every aspect of the book, one finds the deep inner peace promised as a result of this yoga practice.” (Peter Marchand, author of The Yoga of Truth and The Yoga of the Nine Emotions)

The adult coloring books are a big resource of relaxation with creativity. Did you find your book for coloring? If yes, please mention in the comment which one you have selected and why? If no, I recommend that you just make a try with one and you will surely love it.

My uncle said, ”Coloring loosens me up. It brings me to a place where I don’t have to feel self-conscious.”

It’s the time to relive the joy of coloring between the lines as you had done in your childhood and get the relief from stress. Hope you liked the list of “Adult Coloring Book for Stress Relieving”. Please like and share this list, so that your friends can also get relief from stress.

Happy Coloring!




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