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I am Priyanka Vijay works as a content writer. Literature is my passion. I believe that every secret of a writer’s feeling, every experience of his life and every quality of his mind are written largely in his works. Innovative ideas wake me. I love the beauty of nature which is a joy forever.

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Inkscape vs Adobe illustrator

Inkscape vs Adobe Illustrator: Know the Difference Before you Try

There’s a lot of confusion on which vector tool is the best in the market right now. Most of you don’t trust the open-source...
How to Add Exponents in Excel

How to Add Exponents in Excel? Use These Hidden Techniques

Microsoft excel is a great tool for calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication with ease but when it comes to exponential calculations, it does...
kindle paperwhite 2 vs 3

Kindle Paperwhite 2 Vs 3: Which One Should You Buy?

Owning and using a Kindle is, undoubtedly, one of the best ways to get your hands on an e-book. The Kindle Paperwhite 2 has...
Best HVAC Training Books for Beginners

Best HVAC Training Books for Beginners

If you want to pursue your career as an HVAC technician, then you need to have some guidance before jumping into it. On the...
How To Make Periods Bigger On Microsoft Word

How To Make Periods Bigger On Microsoft Word – A Step By Step Guide

Hello, people on the Internet. Whether you are a student in school, or whether you are a Ph.D. candidate or a professional writer, there...