Solved Xbox One Error: Your Network Settings are Blocking Party Chat


If you are a fan of Xbox One games like me, then you will like to read this post. Many times, when we play multiplayer online Xbox games, we face the problem of ‘network settings blocking party chat’ which means we cannot communicate with other players in the game. This becomes annoying, especially when we are at a crucial stage in the game play. So, it ‘s nice to have the knowledge of fixing this issue.

Xbox One (1)Today, I am going to provide the solution of Xbox one error of your network settings are blocking party chat.

How to fix Network Settings Blocking Party Chat 0x89231906 Windows PC Error on Xbox One?

There are a number of ways which you can follow to solve this party chat error. I have picked some of the most efficient and easy-to-follow fixes. Let’s see them in details.

Solution-1: Check the NAT settings, set it to Open

If you are facing the ‘Xbox one your network settings are blocking party chat’ error for the first time, then make sure to check the NAT configuration. You may know that the three types of NAT settings present in our system; Strict, Moderate, and Open. If you are playing multiplayer Xbox one games online, then you must set this option to Open.

For this;

  1. Open Settings on your system
  2. Then click on All Settings
  3. Select Network and then click on Network Settings
  4. See for the ‘NAT’ option in that

NAT-Open (1)

  1. If the settings are made to Strict or Moderate, then change it to Open, if it’s already set to Open, then don’t do anything
  2. Make sure to tell your friends also to set this NAT setting with whom you will be communicating in the game.

Solution-2: Close the app of communication and restart

Sometimes, just simply shut down and restart do the work. Close the party chat app. Shut down your system and restart. Start the party chat app again and then re-invite and connect to all the participants. Check the fixing of the error.

Solution-3: Restart the modem

As you tried with the communication app, also try restarting the modem to see whether it makes the working for you or not. To do that,

  • Turn off the device by pressing the power button on it
  • Wait for some time and then again press the button to start the modem
  • If you have connected your wireless router with the modem, then restart it too
  • Now see if the problem solved

Solution-4: Check the MTU settings of the router

You can also change your network router settings and then see whether the problem is solved or not. For this;

  • Open the settings of your Router
  • Login to configuration page
  • Look for the MTU settings
  • Set the value and click on Save button (I have set it to 1458 for my system)
  • Restart the system and check the communication.

Solution-5: Privacy settings & Persistent storage

There may be a few occasions when the privacy settings can create the communication error in your gaming console. So, if you want to fix it, check the steps mentioned below:

  1. In the ‘Settings,’ go to Privacy & Online Safety
  2. Then choose View details & customize
  3. There are a few columns in this menu. Set every column to ‘Allow’ or ‘Everybody.’

Now, it is the time to remove the persistent storage. FYI, it is the space where the Blu-ray disc related files are being kept. Removing such files also can help in solving the Xbox One party chat issues.

  1. Open the Disc & Blu-ray option in the Settings and choose Blu-ray
  2. Now, go to persistent storage and select clear persistent storage

Keep doing this process until the whole persistent storage gets clear.

Solution-6: Restart ‘IP Helper’

By default, in Windows 10 system, the IP Helper comes in a running mode. It allows your Xbox One Gaming console to communicate on the network. As the service set as running by default, it can cause the party chat problem. So, a simple restart of this service may help to fix this issue. For this,

Step-1: Open the Run box on your system by pressing Windows + R

Step-2: Type services.msc to open the ‘Service manager.’


Step-1: Press the Windows key on your system and then type ‘Services.’

Step-2: When you see it in the menu, click on it & ‘Service manager’ will open

Step-3: Now, look for the service named as ‘IP Helper’

Step-4: Right click on it and open ‘Properties.’

Stop-IP-Helper (1)

Step-5: Then check and set the startup type as Automatic and then click on ‘Stop.’

Step-6: Now, click on the ‘Start’ button to restart the service and click on ‘Ok.’

Step-7: Restart your whole system and check if the error 0x89231906 solved or not.

Solution-7: Shut down Windows firewall or Disable Antivirus

Sometimes, if your firewall or third party antivirus program finds any suspicious activity over the party chat communication, then it can cause the problem and stops the chatting. So, if you trust your online network and want to solve this issue then disable the antivirus software and turn off the Windows firewall system.

  • Open ‘Services’ in your system
  • Go to ‘Windows Firewall’ and then open its properties
  • Set the startup type as ‘Automatic’ and then click on Stop, then click on Ok button
  • Similarly, stop/disable your Antivirus program from the system

Try the solutions mentioned above, and I am sure that you will get rid of the 0x89231906 Xbox One error of ‘your network settings are blocking party chat.’

You should fix this problem as soon as possible because it prevents you from communicating with your online friends who are playing the game with you. And this how to guide will provide an easy and quick way for it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you find or know any other valuable solution to fix the party chat error, then also let other readers know that by sharing it here.


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