How To Update Your Motherboard and CPU without Reinstalling Windows?


One of the biggest problems faced by us while upgrading or switching our computer hardware is that how can we avoid window reinstallation and configured system settings along with installing programs.
Most of us have got this question in mind that how can we change our computer’s motherboard without reinstalling its current windows version? Don’t worry, we are here to answer all of your queries and to find a simple solution to your problems. Want to know how? Stay tuned throughout the article to get your answers.

replace motherboard without reinstalling windows

Replace Motherboard without Reinstalling Windows

It has been found that reinstalling windows wouldn’t be a huge problem for all of us out there as it seems. But, when coming to reality, we have realized that how difficult and time consuming this job could be. Also, reinstalling windows will not only mean the acceptance of erasing all previously configured system but will also blow away all your necessary data. You sure don’t want that, right?
In such cases, users having Windows 10 will experience a headache for sure as it does not allow any kind of installations or license after upgrading the motherboard. However, Windows 7 users can take a sigh of relief as the automatic Windows reactivation option is also available there.

Method to retain the current Windows version after upgrading of computer’s motherboard-

There are basically two methods which are widely suggested which helps you in upgrading your computer’s hardware likes of replacing motherboard without reinstalling Windows. It includes creating a backup system and by making changes in the Registry itself.

1. Universal Restore Backup by EaseUS Todo

EaseUS Todo backup home provides us with amazing features of installing motherboard without reinstalling Windows as it gives accessibility to restore windows system with a different hardware version.

Listed below are the few steps which will help you to create a full system backup for your computer:

Emergency Disk

1st Step: This step includes inserting a USB on your computer and then launch EaseUS Todo backup following by getting into tool option and selecting Create Emergency Disk.


2nd Step: Go the Boot disk type option and then select the create WinPE emergency disk option.

3rd Step: Create a bootable disk by clicking on proceeding.

system backup

4th Step: Choose System backup process on the main windows after the completion of the Bootable disk.

select proceed

5th Step: Select your backup destination bootable USB drive. Then, click on the Proceed option to complete the backup process.

2. Universal Restore after the Motherboard and CPU Replacement

Now, you have a bootable USB drive having a system image on it. These steps are further followed by the some other steps in order to install new motherboard without reinstalling Windows which includes universal restoration process after the motherboard replacement.

These steps are as follows:

1st Step: It will start by booting up your computer from a backup USB flash drive through the EaseUS Todo

System transfer

2nd Step: Check the option of System Transfer which will appear on the main window of EaseUS Todo Backup

3rd Step: In the USB flash drive, check the option for the system backup followed by clicking on OK


4th Step: In order to restore the system, click Proceed after selecting the recovery location option

Now, you have accomplished your mission of replacing the motherboard without reinstalling Windows unnecessarily. Now, you can also enjoy the services by replacing your motherboard without reinstalling the Windows.

This one-stop solution will allow you to transfer your system from the previous motherboard to a newly upgraded motherboard.
System settings will be retained as that of the previous version into your computer system.

The commercial edition only supports this method of universal Restore.

Hence, through the provided method above, you can easily look up to updating or replacing your motherboard, and certainly, your windows won’t be hindered at all.


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