How to Uninstall uTorrent from Computer in Windows 10


When it comes to downloading movies and other multimedia the first thing that comes to our mind is uTorrent. But we as a user don’t know much what’s happening behind the scenes. uTorrent works on advertisements and other third-party apps which in any way can affect your system. Many of us are facing this similar issue and can’t uninstall uTorrent. So, today in this guide we’ll guide you through how to uninstall uTorrent for Windows 10.

How to Uninstall uTorrent from Computer in Windows 10Often we remove all our software from Control Panel, but for certain apps, it might be possible that few files are left behind. In that case, you need to remove all those junk files. Otherwise, it will consume unnecessary space in your computer.

I’ll cover multiple methods to uninstall uTorrent so that it becomes easy for you to figure out which works the best for you.

So, let’s get started!

How to Uninstall uTorrent in Windows 10

One of the easiest ways to uninstall uTorrent from your system is with Control Panel. Follow the below mentioned steps for uninstalling uTorrent.

Step 1: Click Start in the bottom left corner and head on the Control Panel.

Step 2: Find out Uninstall a program under Programs section.uninstall-uTorrent-from-Windows-10

Step 3: Next up, you’ll see a list of installed applications. Search for uTorrent in the installed apps section to remove it.

Step 4: Next, right click on uTorrent and select the uninstall option.

Step 5: Lastly, you’ll see a popup for confirmation asking about; do you want to uninstall the app? Click Yes.

How to Uninstall uTorrent Windows 10 with Perfect Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller is one of the fastest uTorrent uninstaller, not only uTorrent but it can uninstall any Windows program. It’s designed to remove all the unwanted programs and is better than Windows Add or Remove program.

It’s a paid software, but don’t worry you can also use the free trial. In case if you’re planning to buy the tool it costs $35 for lifetime access.

Now let’s see how you can remove installed apps with Perfect Installer. Before we begin, I hope you must have installed the software. Once finished installing, follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open the software and select the unwanted application which you want to remove. In our case it’s uTorrent. Click Uninstall.Uninstall-uTorrent-with-Perfect-Uninstaller

Step 2: Next up, you’ll see a popup box which will show the detailed information about the software. Click Next.

Step 3: After you click on Next, a new wizard will open to ask for removing residual files. Again click Next.

Step 4: As soon as you click Next, a small box with final confirmation will pop up in that click Yes.

Step 5: Perfect uninstaller will run the program and scan for leftover registry files to remove from your computer. Until then sit back and relax.

Step 6: After completion, you’ll see a list of junk files. Click Next to remove them all.

Note: Perfect Uninstaller only scans the list of unnecessary files in the Free version. If you want to remove the files from your system, you need to then update to the paid plan.

Step 7: As soon as you click Next, a small box with final confirmation will pop up in that click Yes. Bang you are done!

Note: Due to any reason if you are not able to remove this uTorrent uninstaller with the help of this program, then you can use an another feature called ‘Force Uninstall’. It will forcefully uninstall the program in three easy steps.

Step 1: Select the program you want to remove and click on Force Uninstall.

Step 2: Next up, you’ll be asked to select the program path. Select the path where you installed uTorrent. You can find it in your C:\ drive.

Step 3: Now the remaining process is simple just click Next and let the program do its work. Finally, you’ll see a file which will show the leftover registry files found. Click Next to delete them all.

Wrap Up

After following the above mentioned steps, you’ll be able to delete all the files from your system. But, chances are there might still be some files remaining in your system, and it’s difficult to remove them all.

I hope you liked this article on how to uninstall uTorrent in Windows 10 and can do it successfully after following the guide. Let me know in the comments section if you are stuck somewhere, and I’d like to help you out.



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