How to Remove VBS:malware-gen Virus Completely From Your System


Computing technology has come a long way since the advent of microprocessors and ICs. Today, computers are an essential part of every industry and thus controls the human world. This is also why crimes related to computers are growing exponentially, and that is why cyber security is a field with immense money flow. Hackers who know their stuff are in huge demand these days.

VBS-malware-gen VirusComputer viruses are the tools used by these new age criminals, and they are programs that execute on a computer to cause harm to it and do what the culprits wanted them to do. Today, we are going to talk about one such popular virus, commonly known as the VBS: Malware-gen virus.

We will also see an in-depth on the removal of the VBS: Malware-gen virus in this article.

Windows Users

For users of the windows operating system, there are two ways to remove the VBS: Malware-gen. The hard way for the advanced users and the easy way for the more common users.

I. Hard way to remove the virus in Windows:

  1. Open the task manager and open the “Processes” tab.
  2. Click on “Show Processes From All Users.”
  3. Under “Image Name,” find “VBS:Malware-gen.” Right-click on it and click on “End Process” to kill it.
  4. You can now close the task manager.
  5. Open up Regedit by typing it in the search bar.
  6. Locate and right-click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\VBS:Malware-gen.” Now choose “Delete.” Take care to now tamper with any of the other registry values.
  7. Search for “VBS: Malware-gen” in the windows explorer and delete any
  8. and all files that come up.
  9. Finally, restart your computer.

II. Easy way – Remove VBS Malware Gen using Avast

The hard way is a bit difficult for a normal user to follow. The removal of the VBS: Malware-gen can be achieved easily using the third party antivirus program following steps:

  1. Avast software is an awesome program that is capable of the detection and removal of malware such as the VBS: Malware-gen. It will also remove a wide number of malware hiding in your system.
  2. Download and install the application from official sources.
  3. Run the program and let the automatic scan run.
  4. It will now list all the malware that it was able to find. Click on the “Fix threats” button.
  5. Finally, restart your computer.

Mac users:

Even though it is one of the most secure operating systems on the planet, there is malware that affects the Mac OS. Here is how you remove the VBS: Malware-gen from your Mac computer:

  1. We will be making use of a tool called MacKeeper which is a set of 16 applications aimed to provide security for your Mac.
  2. Download and install the application from official sources.
  3. Run the program and use the Find & Fix feature. Click on “Fix Items Safely” when asked.
  4. It will run for several minutes and will remove the VBS: Malware-gen if found.
  5. Restart your device.

What is a VBS: Malware-gen?

VBS: Malware-gen is a kind of virus that are called worms. A worm is a kind of virus that replicates itself and spreads through networks to reach a huge number of devices. There are several variants of this worm depending on what it does. VBS: Malware-gen is written as a Visual Basic Script and hence the VBS in its name. Once infected, it will create copies of itself and affects all of the drives along with any connected devices, directly or via the network.

The works of this worm include changing the basic settings of your computer to let other viruses in, editing important files in the operating system, causing the system to crash, blue screen of death, etc. Variants of the VBS: Malware-gen can also record keystrokes, create TCP connections, etc.

How does the VBS: Malware-gen infect a Computer?

As stated earlier, it is a worm and knows hundreds of ways to spread itself and find new victims. The VBS script file can have any name and commonly has a .exe extension. Primarily this file spreads through email attachments and via free download websites. When you press that good looking green download button greedily to download software for free, you might be downloading this malware, putting your system at risk. It also spreads via vulnerabilities in browser plugins, infected storage devices, infected networks, torrent sites, etc. The worm is so smart that it can hide in your system in plain sight.

Symptoms of the VBS: Malware-gen?

Here are some symptoms of the VBS: Malware-gen infecting your computer system:

  • Blue screen of death errors.
  • Spam messages were originating from your mail account.
  • The disappearance of files.
  • Computers were becoming unusually slow.
  • Programs were crashing with errors.
  • Unexpected crashing of the operating system

If all of these happen to your PC regularly, know that it is the VBS: Malware-gen.

How to prevent the infection of such malware in the future?

Now that we have seen how to remove the VBS: Malware-gen from your PC let us see how to prevent the malware from infecting your device again. Prevention is better than cure.

  • Use a good antivirus software: I don’t mean the free or cheap kind, I mean the good, reputed kind such as Kaspersky or Bitdefender. These are advanced enough and will detect and remove the VBS: Malware-gen at the first sign.
  • Do not open email attachments from strangers. Emails are a tried and tested the way to spread malware and to use a good mail clients such as Gmail can protect you to an extent.
  • Whenever you install software, choose the custom installation option and install only what you need rather than using the full installation option. You never know what gets bundled in a tampered setup file.
  • Do not visit adult websites. Most of these websites are carriers of viruses. Visit only the popular ones.
  • Do not download paid software from scammy websites that claim to give them away for free download. These files mostly have viruses such as VBS: Malware-gen on it and gets installed silently. Such sites often advise us to disable the antivirus while installation and this is why.

End of the line

So that is basically how you successfully remove the VBS: Malware-gen from an infected system. Hope that helps.


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