How to Fix Active Directory Domain Services is Currently Unavailable Windows 10


Imagine you just took a fantastic picture in your DSLR camera and are now excited to get it printed, But, while printing the photo, you suddenly saw an error; it says active directory domain service is currently unavailable.

Fix Active Directory Domain Services is Currently UnavailableOh My God! What the heck is this? I have never seen this before, would be your initial reactions. But, my friend, don’t worry tons of other Windows users are facing the same issue. There’s a straightforward solution to this active directory domain services unavailable on windows 10 which we’ll solve in this step-by-step guide.

This error pops up when the system is unable to find a proper connection with the printer. This way the process is stopped and cannot be taken any further.

So, now enough of talking about what this error is about let’s take some real actions to solve it.

How to Solve The Active Directory Domain Services is Currently Unavailable in Windows 10

  1. Repair your Registry
  2. Change Printer Spooler settings
  3. Reboot your router and add the printer
  4. Reinstalling the Drivers
  5. Run the Built-in Troubleshooter

1) Repair your Registry

The best-recommended way to repair your registry is to use any third party tool like CCleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, JetClean you can Google for more; there are plenty of free tools available to use for free.

There’s a pre-built Microsoft’s System File Checker which can also solve this problem. Let’s see how.

Step 1– Head on to Start, type in cmd and search for Command Prompt. Once found, right-click and select the option Run as Administrator.

run-cmd-as-administratorStep 2– Next up, you’ll see a black window on your screen with a cursor blinking on it. Type in sfc /scannow and hit enter.

sfc cmdStep 3– Give it some time and let it process. Wait for the computer to restart. Once done, all your corrupted files will be replaced with new files.

2) Change Print Spooler Settings

Step 1– Press the Windows key + R simultaneously on your keyboard to open up the Run window.

Step 2– Type in services.msc and hit OK.

run-services mscStep 3– You’ll now see a lot of Windows services running in it find out Print Spooler service. Right click on it and click Start.

print spoolerStep 4– After the service gets activated double click on it. You’ll see an option named Startup type click on it select Automatic and hit OK.

print spooler propertiesStep 5– Close the window and check if you can know print that fantastic picture of yours.

3) Reboot your router and add the printer

You might be facing connectivity issue with your router so in that case follow these steps:

Step 1– Restart your router and turn your firewall off for a few minutes.

turn windows firewall Step 2– Now restart your computer as well.

restart your computerStep 3– Once the computer is back to normal, open Control Panel and select Printers.

Control Panel and select PrintersStep 4– Double-click on it. Choose Add New Printer and select the printer which you want to connect.

Add New Printer and select the printerThis will install the Printer drivers again, and chances are you might be able to connect.

4) Reinstalling the Drivers

This is the most common and overlooked term which usually most of you ignore. It is one of the simplest ways to solve your problem.

Many of the users have tried it and solve their active directory domain services unavailable issue just by reinstalling the Drivers.

You can also check for the updated driver in this case. Just search for any 3rd party tool like DriverEasy to update your existing drivers and keep your system up-to-date.

5) Run the Built-in Troubleshooter

The Microsoft OS comes with some pre-built in troubleshooter which can help you solve specific problems.

For the Printer issue just head onto Settings -> Update ->Troubleshoot and therein you’ll find an option named Printer on the right-hand side.

TroubleshootDouble click on it and hit the Troubleshoot button. Now just let it do the work sit back and relax. You probably will find where the actual problem is with the help of the Troubleshooter.

Wrap Up

I hope this article on the active directory domain services is currently unavailable was useful to you, and it helped you figure out the problem.

Share it with others if you see they are facing the same problem. I’m waiting for you to respond in the comments section.



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