Fixed: Skype Problem with Playback Device Windows 10


Here, I am going to provide you the solution for the Skype problem with playback device in Windows 10 PC.

Skype Problem with Playback Device Windows 10

Last week, when I was talking to my client on Skype, suddenly I faced the playback problem in the app, and then the connection was aborted. It was very annoying as a very important discussion postponed for a few hours. Thank god, the client didn’t reject to assign the project! But, this issue led me to search for the solution and share my ideas here. If you also not want to take any risk with your business or personal relations, then read ahead to fix the playback problem in Skype.

Skype is one of the most useful video calling and communicating software applications. With an internet connection, headphones or speakers, a computer/smartphone, camera, and value for money software like Skype, you can communicate, give a presentation, finalize business deals, or make your girlfriend happy by making live conversation. But when an error occurs on the ongoing communication, it gets annoying. It makes you face problem for making or receiving calls through the app. As a result, you may lose a business deal or breakup with yr girlfriend..don’t let this happen because you can solve it quickly and easily by your own. Wonder how? Let’s check this guide to solve Skype playback device error.

How to fix “Skype problem with playback device Windows 10” – Quick 6 Steps

  1. Open Skype
  2. Click on the ‘tools’ option showing on upper left screen
  3. See for ‘options’ in that menu and open it
  4. A “Skype Settings” window will open
  5. Now click on the ‘Audio Settings’ tab on the left side
  6. Choose one from the number of options for speaker, test the audio in Skype

If you understood and solved the problem, you can directly jump to comment section to share your experience. If not, then read ahead to get the other solutions to fix the problem with playback device.

Solution-1: Restart Skype and your Windows PC

You may laugh. This is the most basic and the first thing every user does when he gets an error in an application or software. It still works many times, believe me. Just restart your Skype app and also your PC. Now test the audio playback. You may get your problem solved. If not, read ahead.

Solution-2: Check speaker settings, Disable and Enable Skype speakers

If your Skype speaker setting is set to automatic mode, then uncheck it.

  • Open Skype
  • Go to Tools>Options>Audio settings
  • See in the speaker’s section
  • Uncheck the box ahead of ‘Automatically adjust speaker settings.’
  • Save the changes

If you still facing the problem, try enabling and disabling the Skype speakers. For this:

  1. On the right side of the taskbar on your Windows 10 screen, click on the ‘Audio’ icon and choose ‘playback devices.’

2. Right click on the white space area of the dialog box and sure that both the options of ‘Show disabled devices’ and ‘Show disconnected devices’ are markedCheck-all-audio-devices3. Then, right click on the ‘speakers’ and select ‘Disable’ from the optionsEnable-disable-playback-device4. Make the same process again and this time, select ‘Enable.’
5. Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘Ok’ to make the changes
6. Open your Skype and test the audio playback.

Solution-3: Make sure to place the right playback device

Sometimes, a wrong playback device selected from a multiple of sources which causes the problems in Skype communications. To solve this, you should select the correct playback device manually. To do this:

  1. Open Skype and go to Tools>Options
  2. Go to the ‘Speakers’ section in the ‘Audio Settings’
  3. Now choose the compatible audio device and click on ‘Save.’

If you can’t decide which is the right option, pick them one by one and test them in Skype. Then you will find the right one for you

Solution-4: Turn of other Audio devices in the background and update Audio driver

With the help of the sound card in your system, you can turn off the other Audio programs that are running in the background to fix the issue. Like, if you are listening to music or watching a video, then turn it off before you make or receive Skype calls.

Sometimes, if your Audio driver is out of date or corrupted, then also the playback problem occurs. So check whether the driver is updated or not. If you face problem in doing this, or the driver has some problem with your Windows 10 system, then uninstall it and download the latest Audio driver from the official site. Also, check the compatibility of the sound card with your motherboard and OS. This may help you solve the Skype audio issue.

Solution-5: Reset the configuration file or Reinstall the Skype software

You can set the configuration files in Skype to prevent the audio playback issue.

  • Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R key. Make sure to close Skype before that
  • Type “%appdata%” in the box and click ‘Ok.’
  • See the Skype folder and rename it to Skype.old. Your message history will be no longer available on Skype when you do this, but you will still have access to them in this Skype.old
  • Run Skype application and check you have solved the issue or not

If all the above methods don’t work for you, then uninstall Skype application and all related folders to it. Then install the latest version of the app from the official Skype website or Cnet. Many users told that when they used older version instead of the latest, they did not face the playback problem in Skype. So, you can also try that if you want. However you may have to see the older and outdated Skype theme on the screen, but there are a lot of things in the world that can please our eyes, right?

Last Words

Days are gone when people travel to across the globe for some business meetings or personal purposes. The new software and hardware inventions of the technology made the world too short to connect. Today, you can make video and voice calls from your smartphones and PCs to your relatives or business partners living abroad and save your precious time and money both.

Troubleshooting of a problem becomes a lot easier if you know the process of how to do it in advance. The steps mentioned above will surely help you solve the Skype playback error on your Windows 10 PC or laptop and allow you to communicate again with your family, friends, colleagues, business partners, or clients. Share your thoughts below, and if you know any other helpful method to solve other Skype issues, please do mention them here.

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