What is cpx.exe and How to Remove it? – Top Methods


Computers have evolved, and so has computer criminals. There are tens of thousands of small and significant malware and viruses going around on the internet and exploiting the naive users. Today, we are going to look into one such malware, cpx.exe. First, we will see what cpx.exe is and then we will see how it is removed.What is cpx.exe and How to Remove it

What is cpx.exe?

Cpx.exe is an adware. Adware is a malware that shows harmful ads inside a browser window. It starts its work by hijacking particular browsers by making use of the vulnerabilities in its code. Once it gains full control over the browser, it will then start showing the user harmful and misleading advertisements that lead you to further harm. The ads might lead to links that install other viruses or take you to phishing websites.

Cpx.exe also edits your browser configurations and installs extensions into browsers without your consent. It enables the attacker to track your browsing and steal your data without your knowledge. You will see pop-ups, an unusual amount of ads and browser crashes. Your passwords could get stolen, emails read by others, there are no limits to what a browser attack could result in. There are dozens of ways in which the attacker will make use of you for monetary benefits.

It is a very harmful virus and must be removed at the earliest. Let us see how to remove the cpx.exe virus easily.

Easiest method to remove cpx.exe virus

As viruses and malware became advanced, so did antiviruses. There are dozens of excellent antiviruses available in the market that can quickly identify and remove the cpx.exe virus from your computer. There are paid software such as Kaspersky, Avira that has a great team working on it, providing updates and keeping your systems secure and there are free tools that can remove the most common malware, We will be making use of one such tool, called SpyHunter.

SpyHunter, made by enigma software, is an awesome tool that can detect and remove a vast array of malware such as cpx.exe, VBS:malware-gen, and more. Here is how you use the tool to do it.

  1. Download and install the SpyHunter application. Make sure you get it from official sources.
  2. Run it and open the automatic scan.
  3. SpyHunter will now show you all the malware in your system. You can decide what to do with them. Click on the “Fix Threats” button to let the software remove the cpx.exe virus.
  4. Once that is done, restart your computer.

How to prevent such malware in the future?

Now that you have removed cpx.exe and made your system clean again, follow these instructions to keep your device safe:

  • Do not open emails from unknown senders.
  • Do not download free software from shady websites.
  • Use a good and reputed antivirus software.


So this post was all about the working of the cpx.exe virus and ways to remove it effectively. Hope it helped!


  1. Having a security program with real time protection is really the best way to avoid these kinds of malware. Avoiding non legitimate freeware programs is also something that I would highly recommend.


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