Best Micro Jobs Websites for Outsourcing


Best Micro Jobs Websites For OutsourcingWeb sites which offer outsourcing of micro jobs are a global platform for buyers and sellers. Here, money can be made online at the comfort of home. Anyone who wants to generate extra income can use these sites. Also, people who want to assign small jobs as per their niche can use these sites. The jobs can be assigned and can be done online. Payment for the job is also made online. So, comfort at both sides, buyers and sellers. There are many websites available on the internet for outsourcing micro jobs. We have worked out some of the best among them. Check out our list of Micro Jobs Websites for outsourcing and decide which one is better for you.

Best Micro Jobs Websites

Fiverr LogoIn the year of 2009, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger came up with the concept of a global marketplace that would be available online. This concept converted in the best marketplace in the world called as Fiverr, stylized as fiverr.  The world-wide online marketplace offers services and tasks, which are known as ‘Gigs’. The micro-jobs offered in fiverr begins at a basic cost of $5.00 USD. This price is for the primary job performed by the seller. With around 13 main categories and 115 sub-categories, fiverr offers more than 324 services. Buyers who want to get some particular service can use fiverr’s basic search function or surprise me option. Using this, they can find the best offers from the top sellers directly from the site.

Since 2011, the transaction volume of the website has grown up to 600%. The site lists more than 3 million services till today, which range between $5 and $500. Whether you want to create a website or to write content, having a video for promotion or building an app, become popular in social media or create online presence, all kind of services you will get here. Sellers also provide gig extras related to the basic gig, so buyers have more options to choose services. Currently, above 50% of Gigs offered are having sells more than $5 per service.

amazon turkThe Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a part of the official web services provided by Amazon. It is an Internet MarketPlace for CrowdSourcing. It is a platform where requesters and individuals coordinates with each other. They perform tasks which cannot be done by computers. The tasks require human intelligence for the completion. Tasks can be posted by requesters, which known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). These tasks include best among favorite photographs of a store, features list of a particular product, or identifying the singers and lyricists of a music CD. Individuals known as Turkers (as described in Amazon Mechanical Turk’s Terms of Service) can browse these HITs as per their niche. The monetary payment can be set by requesters and turkers perform the tasks to get this payment. Currently, restrictions on requesters applied as they must be US-based entities only.

Qualification of the Turker is tested by the verification policy of Amazon Mechanical Turk. It can be provided to the requesters on their demand. Requesters can also set a test by themselves for Turkers to decide whether they qualify for the task or not. Requesters can reject or accept the results sent by the turkers. It makes an effect on the turker’s reputation in the site. There are no restrictions on turker’s location, they can be anywhere in the world. The payment mode is available in different formats provided by amazon. It can be paid by amazon gift card or can be transferred directly to the bank account of the turker. Amazon will be paid 10 percent of the total price for the task by the requester.

3. SEOClerks

SEOClerksIn 2011, there was no specific SEO marketplace was established. At this time, domain name was registered. It was the first ever dedicated SEO marketplace in the world which was available online. Till February of 2014, SEOClerks completed over 4 million orders online. And currently, there are over 160,000 active users on SEOClerks. This shows how popular the site is. The basic concept of SEOClerks is to give affordable SEO services provided by sellers to buyers. But as the market expanded, the services also expanded beyond SEO. Users can use want to buy or want to trade section in the site and ask for any service they want.

SEOClerks is the toughest competitor of Fiverr for the SEO domain. SEOClerks is the largest online marketplace for SEO in the world. Any service related to SEO can be found here at very cheap rates. Whether you want to create blog posts, backlinks for your site, social bookmarking or image backlinks, all of the services you will find here. SEOClerks have also developed own forums and there are regular updates for the services. So not only, you can buy or sell something for SEO, but also you can learn about SEO things.

MicroworkerMicroworkers is an online global platform for completing microjobs. It connects workers and employers from all around the world. It is specialized in pay-per-sale and pay-per-action models. It guarantees both the employer and the worker that a task is done and payment is made. This helps to build a super partnership between the customers and workers across the world.

Tasks assigned by the employers are called as “micro jobs”, as they can be completed in few minutes of work by the workers. These tasks are simple and quick like making sign up, forum postings, social bookmarking. They can be rating or review contents, creating backlinks, downloading apps from play stores and many more. The payment can be made by PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybookers or bank transfer. Minimum payment should be of  $10 USD. At signup, users get a bonus of $2.00 USD so that they can start their work immediately on the site!

peopleperhourlogoPeople Per Hour was founded in the year of 2007 by Simos Kitiris and Xenios Thrasyvoulou. The company’s head office is situated in UK and branches in the USA. The site has currently above 2.5 million active users. Among it over 1.8 million users are freelancers and the rest are clients. PPH is a community site which provides clients a talent which works remotely and online for them. Freelancers can find jobs matching their skills and got paid after the work completion. They can also give tests and get certificates from the site to build their reputation and become popular among clients. It is similar to fiverr, but it does not have any limitations for the amount of the task or job to be done.

Services are called hourly in the site. Freelancers can decide their hourly rates as per their qualification and interests. Clients can assign jobs to freelancers as per their qualifications and niche area. For more information about the fees you can check the link:

These sites are very useful for doing online work. Whether you want to do work or assign your work to someone else, these are the best sites to do that. Hope you liked our list of micro jobs websites for outsourcing and will start to use them. Let us know in the comment, which site you like the most and would prefer to use. Feel free to ask for any query.



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