Best SD Card For DSLR of 2018 – 2019


When you think of doing photography with your DSLR, you would think of storing the images and videos at some safe and reliable place; the best option is an SD memory card. If you own a DSLR, then you should be looking to buy an SD card which would be the cheapest and fastest. There are thousands of memory card types available, but only a few of them perform as the best SD card for DSLR camera and video. The type, size, speed, and brand – these are the four basic things to consider while buying an SD card for DSLR camera.

best SD card for DSLR

I have tried to compare and evaluate some of the best SD cards for DSLR by considering all the above four things. I hope this list of the “SD Card for DSLR of 2018 – 2019” will lead you to purchase the fastest SD card for DSLR you own.

Best SD Card For DSLR

SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-IClass 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card for DSLR

The SanDisk Ultra class 10 micro SD card is a great choice for your DSLR camera. It has a storage capacity of 32GB which allows putting your favorite images, videos all at one place. The faster transfer speed of 48 MB/s makes it completely compatible for your Nikon d80 like DSLR camera. The memory card is water proof, shock proof, x-ray proof and temperature proof. It comes with an adaptor which makes it flexible for working with all types of DSLR cameras, smartphones, and tablets.

Amazing features of Sandisk 32 GB Class 10 Memory Card for DSLR Camera are:

  • High capacity, speed class of class-10 makes it able to compatible for full HD video recording and capturing high definition photos
  • 32GB storage capacity lets you store all of your favorite moments at one place
  • 48 MB/s  file transfer speed
  • Waterproof, shock-proof, temperature-proof, and X-ray-proof design makes this fastest SD card completely durable
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty makes it reliable for hassle-free purchase
  • SD adaptor included for flexibility with different devices
  • “SanDisk Memory Zone” App for backing up files easily


SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB UHS-IU3 Flash SD Memory Card for DSLRThe 32 GB SD card for DSLR from SanDisk has a file transfer speed of up to 95 MB/s gives high-speed photography and videography at a decent rate. It has RAW + JPEG burst shooting modes. It is also compatible with SDXC, and SDXC-1 enabled devices.

Specification and details of SanDisk Extreme 32 GB Flash SD Card for DSLR camera:

  • Reading speed of 90 MB/s and writing speed of 95 MB/s
  • 32 GB storage capacity
  • Speed class of UHS-1/U3
  • Also compatible with SDXC and SDXC-1 host devices
  • Supports Ultra HD recording and image capturing
  • Shock-proof, waterproof and X-ray-proof


Transcend 32GB Class 10 UHS-1 Flash SD Card for DSLRThe Transcend 64GB SD card for DSLR camera features with an ultra high Class 1 speed class specification. It is fully compatible with SD 3.1 standards with an ultra high speed of 300x. You can capture high definition videos in brilliant color and stunning shutter speed. It is also compatible with all SDXC/SDHC-enabled devices.

Features of Transcend Class 10 Flash SD Card for DSLR Camera are as below:

  • Built with an Error Correcting Code (ECC) to correct the errors occurred at the time of the file transfer
  • It supports Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM)
  • Having a mechanical write-protection switch
  • This DSLR SD card is also compatible with all the SDHC/SDXC standard devices.


Samsung 32GB EVO Class 10 Micro SD Card for DSLRThe great EVO class 10 micro SD card for DSLR by Samsung. This fastest SD card from Samsung has an ultra high speed as it is UHS-1 enabled. It captures your high definition videos and images at a double speed than an ordinary SD memory card. It can transfer up to 360 photos per minute at a high transfer speed of 48 MB/second.

Features of Samsung EVO Class 10 Micro SD Card for DSLR:

  • 32 GB storage capacity
  • EVO Micro SD Class 10
  • Up to 48 MB/s file transfer speed
  • Compatible with all the devices which are SDHC and SDXC compatible
  • Gives great performance and speed to have full HD video recording, high-resolution images, music and more
  • Water-proof, temperature proof, x-ray proof, and magnet proof


Transcend 16GB Class 10 Flash SD Card for DSLR CameraCheck the features of Transcend class 10 SD card for DSLR:

  • 16 GB storage capacity
  • Easy-to-use operation, simply plugs and play
  • Compatible with all the SDHC host devices and with SD 3.0 standards
  • File transfer speed of up to 30 MB/s
  • RoHS compliant
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Transcend secure digital flash memory card is completely perfect for your newly purchased DSLR camera. You can shoot high definition videos, capture high-quality images and store all of them in one place with the 16 GB storage capacity of this SD card from Transcend. The speed class 10 provides the high-speed  performance at a very affordable price. You can also buy Transcend SD card for DSLR from Amazon.

Transcend TS2GSDC Flash SD Memory CardFrom Transcend family, this is an another high performing SD card which suits a variety of devices including DSLR cameras, PDAs, MP3 players, PDAs, mobile phones, etc. The TS2GSDC is a Secure Digital flash memory card which has a 2GB capacity to store all your favorite multimedia content at one place.

Check the features of Transcend TS2GSDC SD Memory Card below:

  • Auto power-off, auto sleep, auto standby modes
  • Plug-and-play operation for an easy use
  • It detects and corrects transfer errors with a built-in ECC (Error Correction Code)
  • It is compatible with a wide range of devices, so you need not purchase different SD cards for your multiple devices like DSLR, mobile, MP3 players, etc.
  • ISP (In System Programming) allows firmware update

PNY P-SDH32U195-GE Elite Performance Flash SDHC CardThe P-SDH32U195-GE is an elite performing class-10 SDHC memory card for DSLRs, mobiles, MP3 players, and other multimedia devices. If you are a professional videographer, then you will love this flash card with a transfer speed of up to 95 MB/s.

The PNY P-SDH32U195-GE Secure Digital Card for DSLR has features like below:

  • It is an ideal option to store 4K and 3D videos due to its UHS-1 rated design
  • 32GB to 512GB storage capacity range allows you to never miss any of your moments by storing them all in one secure place
  • Waterproof, temperature proof, shockproof, and magnet-proof design makes it extremely durable and reliable
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • UHS-1, Class 10 feature allows smooth and fast shooting continuously

How to purchase the best SD card for DSLR?

The purchase of an SD card for your DSLR depends on how much you need it and what budget you want to spend on it. Some SD cards are fastest while some are cheaper than the other but give a somewhat low performance. You can also check the list of the best SDHC/SDXC memory cards to get some more options related to such storage devices. Check out the details of various sd cards in the list which will help you to choose a good, reliable, fast and affordable SD card for your DSLR.

Now, you know that whenever you need to buy an SD card for your DSLR, which place you should be looking first. If you like this list of the “SD Card for DSLR of 2018 – 2019”, then please like and share it to provide maximum social signals. Mention in the comment which SD card you are purchasing for your DSLR camera. I am willing to update the list by continuously testing and analyzing different SD cards, so you can suggest anything you want to provide to improve the list or adding new and fastest SD cards for DSLR.

Best luck for your shooting!


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