Sublime vs Notepad++ : Difference Between the Two Text Editors


Each and every computer user must have used a text editor at some point in their life. Be it Notepad, Wordpad or the one that comes with Ubuntu. The reasons to use a text editor are many.

  • To create/edit text files such as letters, articles etc.
  • To code/edit programs.
  • To save information as text.
  • As a temporary clipboard.

sublime text vs notepad++That is why a text editor is now an integral part of any operating system. In this article, we will be looking into two of the most advanced text editors available, Notepad++ vs Sublime.

Sublime Text vs Notepad++

This is a question that might arise on your mind at this point. Why go for new third-party text editors when the operating system already gives you one?

The answer lies in the number of features these text editors such as Sublime and Notepad++ provide. They have dozens of features which make typing easier. It especially helps the developers in coding programs. It makes writing code a lot easier and more efficient. These make a perfect development environment and is thus always favoured by programmers over traditional text editors. There are also many other useful features which we will see in this article on Sublime text vs Notepad++.


Notepad, as we all know, is the inbuilt text editor available in Microsoft’s Windows Operating system. Notepad++ is an improved alternative to that. Even though the names are similar, it is not developed by Microsoft, but by a developer named Don Ho back in 2003. It then received a lot of users and a fan base because of the simplicity and functionalities it offers. It won several mentions as the best text editor available in many medias such as Lifehacker and was voted as the most used text editor worldwide on Stack Overflow.

It is completely open source and is distributed as a free software under the GNU General public license.

Features of Notepad++

  • Free to use and share.
  • Completely open source.
  • Very fast operations.
  • Guided indentation.
  • Tabbed UI.
  • Syntax highlighting of more than 70 programming, scripting, and markup languages.
  • Support for macros and plugins.
  • Code folding.
  • Themes.
  • A portable version exists which can be run from a flash drive or from the cloud without installation.
  • Collaborative editing is available as a plugin.
  • Ability to make multiple simultaneous edits.
  • Autosave.
  • Limited autocompletion of coding elements such as keywords.
  • More than 140 available plugins.


  • Only available for windows: Even though there are software of similar names available for Linux, those are not from the original developers of Notepad++
  • Ugly UI: The developers have kept the UI simple and straightforward, thus making it look very ugly. This actually makes the program lightweight and faster.

Sublime Text

Sublime text is the second text editor we will review in this Sublime text vs Notepad++ comparison article. It was developed by Jon Skinner, Will Bond and was first released in 2008. It is written in C++ and Python, making it very advanced. It has an endless list of features and a very good UI, making it a favourite of the developers’ community.

Features of Sublime Text

  • Free to install and evaluate: The developers do not enforce an evaluation period as of now. This means that the trial is unlimited. Whether you want to pay for it or not is completely your wish.
  • Supports plugins to bring in extra functionalities.
  • Great UI: The user interface is eye-pleasing and very easy to navigate. The black UI makes it easier for the eye and the different colour schemes for different syntax makes coding easier.
  • The Go-To feature is well implemented and has many use cases and options to make coding easier and faster.
  • Available for all the platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Lots of available keyboard commands.
  • Great community of developers is available on the official forums.


  • Not completely free. Asks users to pay 80$ for continued use. The popup asking you to pay comes while saving a file.
  • Takes a bit of time to learn all of its features and getting used to it.
  • Some of the available plugins are buggy.

Conclusion about Notepad++ vs Sublime Text

This article was a detailed comparison between Notepad++ and Sublime. Both of them are unique in their own ways and I have used and liked both of them. Now that you know all the details, choose one and code in a more advanced way.


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