Best Wireless and Portable Bluetooth Boombox of 2018


We love our smartphones and tablets, right? We also love the apps we use in them along with playing games, music, and videos. But, getting a high-quality sound from our pocket-friendly device is somewhat an unreliable thing, that we should not demand. Thanks to the portable Bluetooth boombox, which helps to put out great sound when you are on the go. The best Bluetooth boombox works with all kinds of smartphones, iPads, tablets, and Bluetooth enabled devices like desktops and laptops. I have tested many brand speakers for getting the best outdoor boombox for your Bluetooth enabled device and created this list of the “Wireless and Portable Bluetooth Boombox of 2018”. Check the list below and have the best wireless Bluetooth boombox to get a high-quality sound to make your mood on the go.

Best Bluetooth Boombox

SHARKK® Wireless and Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker with 18+ Hour Battery Life and MicYou get the double of quality at a half of the price in the form of this best Bluetooth boombox from SHARKK. This portable Bluetooth boombox is easy-to-setup and can be paired easily with your any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Check the features of the SHARKK Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker below:

  • It is a top-rated Bluetooth boombox on Amazon with a battery life of 18+ hours
  • A built-in microphone helps you to take hands-free phone calls from your lovable device
  • It is designed with two 5W speakers, which deliver up to 10W of immersive and clean sound
  • It is exceptionally durable with the weight of only 1.8 pounds (easy-to-carry)
  • The package includes two 10W wireless Bluetooth speakers, a charger, a user manual and a carry pouch for your portable Bluetooth boombox

G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker from G-ProjectAs the Mashable rated, “It is a tremendously valued and highly recommended wireless Bluetooth boombox at $100”. The G-Boom Bluetooth boombox speaker from G-Project is named as “the speaker of the year” by iLounge.

The G-Boom Wireless Bluetooth Boombox from G-Project is amazing because:

  • It is a top-rated wireless Bluetooth boombox from the press reviews of Mashable, CNET, and iLounge
  • It has an award-winning sound quality with the wireless Bluetooth
  • A rechargeable boombox with a 6-hours of battery life
  • It has a strong, durable easy-to-carry design with rugged housing, protective rubber base, and an integrated handle
  • You can play and skip tracks wirelessly with the buttons on the speaker

Outdoor Tech OT4200 Big Turtle Shell - Wireless Bluetooth Boombox with PowerbankYou will experience the fully wireless hi-fi audio by using this awesome wireless Bluetooth boombox from Outdoor Technology.  It is capable of providing 360-degree omnidirectional room filling sound.

Check the features of the OT4200 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Boombox from Outdoor Technology below:

  • It provides you a full wireless audio experience using Bluetooth 4.0 and connects to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • It has a rugged and water resistant, which makes it extremely durable
  • The OT4200 Big Turtle Shell is the toughest, loudest, and best looking portable Bluetooth boombox speaker in the market
  • It is easy-to-carry boombox with mountings to connect with things
  • It comes with an integrated microphone and external controls to adjust the speaker volume and tracks

Kinivo BTX450 Wireless Bluetooth BoomboxThe Wireless Bluetooth Boombox from Kinivo comes with a rechargeable battery 10W dual drivers to give you tremendous high-quality sound with dynamic bass. You can seam the music from your smartphone, computer or from any other Bluetooth-enabled device easily and seamlessly.

Features of the BTX450 Wireless Bluetooth Boombox from Kinivo are:

  • An Ideal wireless Bluetooth boombox for parties, outdoors, or in larger rooms
  • It has a built-in 3600mAh battery, which lasts for up to 6 hours
  • Comes with a class-D digital amplifier
  • Supports the v2.1 Bluetooth protocol and AD2P streaming profile
  • You can also connect it with a non-Bluetooth device via a 3.5mm port
  • Backed by 1-year manufacturer warranty

Sony ZS-BTG900 NFC Wireless Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker SystemSony has introduced this convenient and powerful portable Bluetooth Boombox with one-touch listening via NFC. You will get fun no matter where ever you go.

Features of Sony ZS-BTG900 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker System:

  • Comes with 20W, 2.1 channel speakers with Bluetooth audio streaming capability
  • Featured with one-touch Bluetooth pairing with NFC
  • For personalizing the sound, it has preset equalizer
  • It has a battery life of up to 26 hours
  • Comes with a power drive woofer and full-function remote control

Pyle PBMSPG200 Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker SystemThe Pyle street blaster portable Bluetooth boombox gives you explosive sound and portability with a 1000W speaker system. The NFC feature allows you to connect your compatible device by just touching it with this portable Bluetooth boombox.

Features of the Pyle PBMSPG200 Portable Bluetooth Boombox are as under:

  • It is a high output speaker system with two wireless streaming options
  • Works with any Bluetooth compatible device
  • Rugged and portable design with NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • An FM radio with an LCD display and touch button comes with the package
  • Comes with a built-in rechargeable battery

ELEGIANT Waterproof Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 3600mAh Power BankELEGIANT has designed this best waterproof boombox speaker system to solve your problem of getting a high-quality portable sound system wherever you go. It lets you able to enjoy your music anytime, anywhere with this modern boombox!

Specifications and features of ELEGIANT Waterproof Boombox System are:

  • Waterproof design with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility
  • The dustproof and shockproof speakers are made with metal and silicone material
  • The Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows you an easy and one-touch pairing with your compatible devices
  • Comes with a built-in 3600mAh lithium polymer battery, which has a playback time of 10 hours
  • Compatible with most kinds of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and iPhones

The choice of the rechargeable boombox really depends on your kind of mood and requirements. Whether you want a small-sized wireless Bluetooth boombox which does not give you a loud sound but rather fits in your small bag or pocket, or you want a size-doesn’t-matter and best portable boombox which needs a separate bag to carry but gives you a sound that is out of the universe, then the above list of the “Wireless and Portable Bluetooth Boombox of 2018” will help you to get the best outdoor boombox for sure. Please like and share this list, so other sound lovers can also get the high-quality sound from their Bluetooth-enabled devices.


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