A USB Inspection Camera is the best resource to see into tight spaces where you want to find out the source of the problem. If you are doing home or automotive repair, then the best endoscope borescope inspection camera is the product you want. Getting a right inspection camera doesn’t mean that you should buy an expensive product or the one with most features. You need to select just the perfect product according to your needs and budget; it should fit your requirements – that’s it.

Best USB Waterproof Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera

Check this list of the Best USB Waterproof Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera Reviews and choose the ideal device for your trade or hobby.


Crenova iScope 2 in 1 Endoscope 2.0The Crenova has designed this USB inspection snake camera which has an 8.5mm diameter and 6 adjustable LED lights. It is intended for the family as it can be used in various applications at home. Its 2 in 1 design makes you use it as either a borescope or an endoscope inspection camera as per your needs.

Features of the USB Inspection Camera from Crenova are:

  • It is a user-friendly camera that requires no training to use
  • The 2 MP CMOS sensor camera helps you to investigate the object in a Super Hi-vision
  • You can capture videos and images by installing the software on your Android which is included in the purchase with up to 1600×1200 resolutions
  • It is a dustproof, and waterproof inspection camera so will last for longer
  • You can use it for HVAC inspection, for a nose, ear, oral & throat treatment, underwater inspection, gaps, holes & vent pipes, automotive, boat, machine equipment, etc.

BlueFire 7mm 5M AndroidThis is the underwater camera system from BlueFire. It is 5m long and has 6 built-in LED lights with brightness control. It supports almost all Android systems excepting the Android 7.0 and above.

Features of the BlueFire Android USB Inspection Camera are:

  • The camera head has a 7mm outer diameter
  • It has an OTG and UVC functionality to support your Android device
  • Has a focal length of 3cm to 8cm
  • This high-resolution CMOS camera has a capture rate of 30 frames per second
  • You just need to download the “CameraFi” app from the play store to use this endoscope camera

DBPOWER ( 2-in-1 ) 2Million PixelsObservations of the small holes, automotive parts like engine, water pipe, etc. were not so easy before the DBPOWER has produced this fantastic 2 in 1 inspection camera. You can use it as both endoscope and borescope as per your requirements.

Features of the 2 in 1 Inspection Camera from DBPOWER are:

  • It comes with six indensity adjustable LED lights
  • The camera probe is waterproof which matches with the IP67 standard
  • It is compatible with the apps like CameraFi for Android and Photobooth for IOS
  • It also comes with the Windows software for controlling from your PC
  • The accessories like 5M cable, small sized hook, magnet tools, mirror, etc. makes it a complete inspection camera kit

Fantronics 7mm AndroidThis USB Endoscope Camera from Fantronics is an underwater, intraoral camera system with 2MP resolution. It is ideal for detection of the areas in the motor vehicle, sewer pipe as well as criminal and custom detector, search and rescue, archeological detect, aviation and space industries, home care, etc. Though it does not support the IOS system of the iPhone, it is perfect for the users who own devices with the compatibility to different mobile applications and so is a perfect borescope for Android.

Features of the Fantronics USB Endoscope Camera are:

  • The camera head has outer diameter of 7mm
  • It comes with 6 adjustable white LEDs to see clearly under water, in holes, and even in the darkest spaces
  • The 2MP CMOS camera supports Android, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 like Operating Systems
  • It has easy to use and install programs to record videos and capture photos
  • Ideal for daily inspections in bathroom pipes, sewer, automotive, under the bed, behind wall or furniture, etc.
  • It can capture images and videos with the USB snake inspection camera
  • It is backed by one-year manufacturer warranty

Digital EndoscopeAt the time when you need to inspect a particular area like vent pipe, HVAC, car, bike, aircraft, boat, etc. automotive engine or machine equipment inspection, this Depstech endoscope inspection camera is a good option to choose. The detachable design makes it extremely portable and easy to store.

Features of the Depstech Borescope Inspection Camera are:

  • It has a built-in 3.5inch color LCD screen which lets you directly see what you are recording
  • The camera comes with adjustable built-in 1W LED light and 6 additional LED lights head for an improved visibility
  • It is featured with 3.28ft waterproof IP67 stiff and flexible cable
  • It can capture images and videos up to 1280×720 HD resolution
  • It is backed by 1-year manufacturer warranty

RIDGID 40043 ModelIf you are looking for a perfect inspection camera for diagnosing the problems at hard to reach places like under floors, behind floors, air ducts, sewer, water pipes, etc. then the Ridgid Micro CA-25 is the right choice for you. It offers a comfortable and easy use due to its pistol grip design.

Features of Ridgid Micro CA-25 Inspection Camera are:

  • It has a rugged aluminum frame around the lenses to protect and make them durable
  • The camera probe comes with four adjustable LEDs to have a perfect brightness in the darkest areas
  • The camera head and probe have waterproof designs to allow you use it under water without any worry
  • If you have attached external devices to it, then you can also transfer live video streaming to them
  • It offers easiest and one-handed operation in toughest environment with its pistol-grip design

Industrial EndoscopeWith the industry matching design, compact structure, lightweight, semi-rigid digital cable, and many other useful features and specifications make this kit one of the best automotive borescope cameras. Its handheld design and portable structure are featured with multi-function inspection system with fully digital recording.

Features of Teslong NTS150RS Video Inspection Camera are:

  • It is the single camera in the market which comes with the progressive scan technology to provide sharper image quality
  • The kit comes with an LCD screen of 3.5-inch and a semi-rigid waterproof probe which allows you to perform inspections in both confined and close to look areas
  • You will be able to capture up to 3MP images and to record 720P videos
  • The high-capacity 2600mAh lithium-ion battery lets you have a constant operation time of up to 6 hours
  • All needed accessories are included so that you will have a time-saving and on the spot pickups when you need

Buying Guide for Borescope Camera

So, you have seen the best of the products available in the market for the inspection of your family stuff. But how you will choose the perfect match for your need? To help you in this, I have listed some things to consider while buying a borescope inspection camera.

  1. Camera Quality
  2. Waterproof Design
  3. Length of the Cord
  4. USB Compatibility
  5. Platforms to Support

While you choose the borescope inspection camera, then do first check its camera quality. It should have the minimum resolution capability of 640X480 pixels. The inspection camera should also have a waterproof and dustproof functionality to make it useful anywhere like under water, sewer, water pipes, etc.

The cord length is also an important factor of consideration. If the borescope camera has not a length of at least 10 feet, then I don’t think it is ideal to buy unless you know you will never have to use it for long to reach areas. As we all know the USB is the most common and standard way to making the connection with the computers and laptops, it is necessary that the inspection camera you are buying should have the USB compatibility. This will help you to see the live recording or images of the diagnosis and see what’s going on that area.

Finally, the platform support is what you should look at. The modern and best inspection cameras come with the USB compatibility so you can connect them to your PC. Also, they do provide support to different Android and iOS applications and software for making them compatible with all such devices.

Borescope or Endoscope or Both?

A USB endoscope camera gives you a better option than moving a refrigerator or dismantle its motor just because of the darkness behind it. On the other hand, a USB borescope camera comes in the form of snake tube with a camera at the end of it. It is flexible enough to fit in tight spaces and stable enough to give you the chance to look at unreachable places to find out what’s going on. You can also check other differences between the borescope Vs endoscope camera in my article on the site.

The camera technology is going smaller, sharper, and clearer day by day and so you can see a wide array of borescope or endoscope for Android in the market. But the above list of the USB Waterproof Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera Reviews will surely help you to get the perfect product as per your needs and allows you to have a great addition to your toolkit.


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