Best Thermal Paste for CPU


Best Thermal Paste for CPUModern processors come with an extended limit of concerning speed and performance to handle parallel applications. When doing such great multiple heavy applications, they produce a big amount of heat for the data processing. At this time, you need to protect them from the damage, and for this, one thing will help you – the best thermal paste. The best CPU thermal paste helps you to create a strong mechanical bonding between the CPU and GPU. It works for dissipating heat constantly. By creating an airtight seal, the best thermal compound for CPU gives the great possible cooling properties to the connection. Check this below list of the “Thermal Paste for CPU” which are also favorite of the experts.

Best Thermal Paste

Arctic Silver 5 Atn90-3.5G Thermal PasteThe Arctic Silver 5 is a premium thermal compound made with 99.9% pure micronized silver.  It is specifically designed for the modern processors and cooling assemblies. The Atn90 thermal compound is the Amazon bestseller in Computer Heatsinks category.

Features of the Atn90 Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste are:

  • This is a high-density polysynthetic silver thermal compound
  • It forms a continuous, and a conductive layer between a heat sink and a processor
  • It improves the performance and keeps your important chip protected from overheating
  • It is made from 99.9% pure micronized silver
  • It conducts heat, not the electricity
  • It is the best CPU thermal paste SILVGREASE1 1.5g Thermal Compound for CPUThe SILVEGREASE1 thermal compound for CPU from StarTech provides the optimal heat transfer between a heatsink and CPU. It creates a thermal bonding between your CPU and heatsink and improves the working effectiveness of them. It is a bestseller on Amazon in Heatsinks category.

Features and specifications of the StarTech SILVGREASE1 Thermal Compound for CPU are:

  • This is a metal based compound which contains a metal oxide
  • It creates a better thermal conductivity than standard silicon-based compounds
  • It is safe for using in high-performance applications because of its negligible electrical conductivity
  • It has the thermal conductivity of over 1.93 W/m-K
  • It comes with a resealable syringe applicator

ARCTIC MX-4 Carbon-Based Thermal Paste for CPUThe high-viscosity thermal compound for CPU from Arctic has distinctive characteristics like non-capacitive, non-electricity-conductivity, non-bleeding, and non-corrosive. The Arctic MX-4 is safer and easier to use for the sensitive and delicate applications of electricity and heat.

Features of the Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste for CPU are:

  • It has an optimal thermal conductivity
  • It is a non-electrical conductive and low thermal resistive carbon-based thermal compound for CPU
  • Perfect for the modern high-performance CPUs and GPUs
  • If it gets an accidental contact with electrical leads/pins/traces, still it will not cause any short-circuits or static shocks
  • The Arctic MX-4 has carbon micro-particles, which fill up microscopic pores effectively

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound with ArctiClean - Combo KitThe Arctic Silver 5 high-density thermal compound is made from polysynthetic micronized silver. It includes enhanced ceramic particles which are thermally conductive.

Features of the Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound for CPU are:

  • This is an Arctic Silver 5 polysynthetic silver thermal compound for CPU
  • This is a combo kit including a thermal paste of 3.5Grams and an ArctiClean of 60ML
  • The ArctiClean is used for removing thermal material and purifying the surface
  • The Arctic Silver 5 is optimized for the modern high-performance processors and cooling solutions
  • This combo kit helps to achieve a new level of performance and stability to the CPUs and GPUs

Cooler Master HTK-002-U1 CPU Thermal PasteThe HTK-002-U1 is a thermally conductive compound from Cooler Master. It is a grease like silicone material, which is filled with metal oxides to conduct heat.

Specifications and features of the HTK-002-U1 CPU Thermal Paste from Cooler Master are:

  • It is easy to use and suitable for CPUs, VGA cards, chipsets, etc.
  • It produces an even layer when you use applicator
  • The ZIF socket templets ensure the correct applying area
  • It promotes low bleed, high thermal conductivity, and high-temperature stability
  • It can resist changes in consistency at temperatures up to 177 °C

Noctua NT-H1 CPU Thermal CompoundThe NT-H1 Thermal Compound or Thermal Grease for CPU spread outs well and applies very easily on your application. As by my personal tests, it is a better performer thermal compound than the other top brands.

Features of the Noctua NT-H1 CPU Thermal Compound are:

  • It is a hybrid compound including different micro-particles
  • It is easy to use and spreads well on the application
  • It has an outstanding long-term stability and thermal resistivity
  • It is completely resealable, which makes it durable
  • It requires no curing which saves a lot of time for you

Flux ThermalCoolFlux(TM) High-Performance Thermal Paste for CPUWith high conductivity, great cooling, and unconditional quality, the ThermalCoolFlux thermal paste is simply one of the best thermal compounds for CPU. It will get your job done with ease and peace.

Features of the Flux ThermalCoolFlux Thermal Compound for CPU are:

  • This is a silver color polysynthetic thermal paste
  • It comes with easy to use syringes
  • It is a great value thermal paste with high performance
  • The thermal conductive compounds are specifically designed for GPUs, CPUs, and other heat sources
  • It comes in a pack of 5

A CPU thermal paste is also known as a thermal grease, a thermal gel, a heat sink compound, or a gray goo! It’s an essential thing for the CPU and heat sink installation. There are many brands in the market providing thermal pastes and claiming for the best. But, there are slight differences between them except a thermally conductive filler and a polymerizable liquid with an electrical insulation they consist, which make them stand out from one another. In the above list of the “Thermal Paste for CPU”, I have tried to include all of the top heat sink compounds available in today’s market. If you have any suggestions or query, then you can make a comment below. With the help of the best CPU thermal paste, you will create a strong and non-conductive bond between any chip and heat sink.


  1. Hello – does anyone know of thermal pastes that are nanodiamond based? If so do you have any information on these?


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