Best Smart Watch Reviews of 2017


Haven’t we all watched movies on interesting watches? Watches have always symbolized style and innovation, be it the ones that let you go back in time or the ones that let you disappear. But while science hasn’t gone there yet, we have smart watches that can help you stay fit, keep a detailed track of your calendar, access apps, get notifications from your phone…phew, and the list goes on.

Impressed? If yes, then here is a list that can help in choosing the best affordable smart watches for you.

Best Smart Watch Reviews of 2017

Best Smart Watch Reviews of 2017

Best smartwatch under $50


TW64 Smart WatchThis best smartwatch under 50 is what you need if you are looking for a watch that can compete with the basic features offered by the big league brands. You can record your day-to-day activities, count your calories, and monitor your sleep with ease. The device stays connected to your phone through Bluetooth and reminds you whenever you are more than 5m away from your phone.

Here is a list of the additional features that this best affordable smartwatch offers:

  • Alarm and call alerts that help you stay on time
  • Sedentary alerts that remind you to stand after long periods of inactivity
  • Remote camera control so that you can click your photos hands-free
  • Weighs only 21g and is waterproof (not for swimming)
  • The LCD screen lights up when you put your arm at 90 degrees
  • Must be used with a dedicated app
  • Compatible with Android (Android 4.4 and above) and iPhone (IOS 7.1 and above)

Martian WatchesAn affordable smartwatch is for those who love analog watches; this offers the best of both worlds – wear your normal watch and also get to read notifications of your choice on the watch. You can get notifications from hundreds of apps and also recognize the type of notification based on the vibration pattern. What’s more is that this best smartwatch under 50 has a ‘tap glass’ feature so that you can reset the alerts after 5 minutes.

The features of this Martian Smartwatch are

  • Caller ID, bank alerts, e-mails, messages, news headlines and many other alerts from your phone
  • Set your own vibration pattern to identify the type of notification without looking at the phone
  • Filter only the alerts that you want to see on the watch
  • Remote phone camera control and tap glass to check your notifications after 5 minutes
  • Reminds you when you walk away from your phone and can help you locate your misplaced phone
  • Battery that lasts for about 6 days
  • Compatible with Android and Apple phones (select versions)

Best smartwatch under $100

Qiufeng Dz09 Bluetooth Smart WatchThis perfect smart watch from Qiufeng gives you the option to choose either a 12 or 24-hour display- which very few watches allow you to do. You can also insert a SIM and make phone calls through this watch! Apart from these features, it also gives you the standard fitness tracking, message alerts, and other options.

The features of this best affordable smartwatch are:

  • Make calls with the SIM card option in the watch or use the Bluetooth option to connect to your phone
  • Comes with an SD card slot
  • Works as a sound recorder, audio player, calendar, image viewer, and camera
  • Sync the watch to receive notifications from your Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp accounts
  • Track your health with the pedometer and sleep monitoring features
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones

Pebble Time SmartwatchThis best smart watch under 100 is what you should own if you want a watch that is as colorful and useful as your phone. Stay updated of the past, present, and future with this watch as the timeline gives you a glimpse of all the things that you want to know- calendar events, sports, missed calls, breaking news, or appointments.

The features of this affordable smartwatch under 100 are:

  • Color e-paper display with an ergonomic design that you will love to wear anytime
  • Access 8000+ apps from the Pebble app store
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters. Don’t worry about jumping into that pool now!
  • Track your health and sleep patterns daily with Pebble health
  • Connect to a Bluetooth-enabled sound source and play music with your smartwatch
  • Battery that lasts up to 7 days
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android phones

Best smartwatch under $150

Samsung Gear Fit2 SmartwatchA smart watch from the house of Samsung, Gear Fit 2 will leave you surprised with its lofty features. In addition to tracking your health, receiving notifications, and playing music, you can also map your activities with the built-in GPS. Connect your Apple or Android phones and get started on living a smart life!

The features of this best smartwatch under 150 from Samsung are

  • Advanced fitness tracker to monitor the calories burnt, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more
  • Built-in GPS that can map every move you make
  • Track your activities based on the type, be it running, physical exercise, or cycling, you can now get a detailed analysis of your exercise
  • Play music by connecting to your Bluetooth speaker
  • Easy charging cradle that lets your device’s charging last for up to 4 days
  • Water resistant and great display that works in the sun and the shade
  • Set fitness targets with the S Health app

Best smartwatch under $200

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness WatchThis extremely popular smart watch from Fitbit is a rage among the fitness junkies. The device can track every single movement you make, to keep you updated with your health. The GPS connectivity can map your activities. The device can also differentiate between the types of exercises. One more thing to mention here is, this smart fitness watch from Fitbit is the bestseller on Amazon in smartwatches category.

The features of this best smartwatch under 200 are:  

  • Monitor heart rate continuously with Pure Pulse
  • Multi-sport modes for a detailed analysis
  • FitStar workouts to take your fitness to the next level
  • Battery lasts for up to 5 days
  • Water resistant – sweat, rain and splash proof only
  • Before using the watch, consult a physician if you have any implanted medical devices
  • Syncs with Apple, Android and Windows devices

Best smartwatch under $450

Apple 42mm Smart WatchThis next-gen watch from Apple is perfect for the iPhone users- you can now access all your messages and notifications through your watch. You get to choose the widgets that appear on your screen. The best feature of the watch is that you get to talk to Siri to launch notes, search the web, or reply to your messages.

The features of this best smartwatch under 450 are:

  • Monitor your heart rate and health with your watch
  • Access notifications with ease
  • Use the secure mobile payment platform, Apple Pay, from your phone
  • Comes with an Activation lock that keeps your information secure
  • 8GB storage and compatible only with iPhones

Smart watches are now a fad among people of all age groups for their health monitoring abilities and the ease of use they offer. You can also access all your messages without having to constantly check your phone for notifications.

So, if you are someone looking to catch up with the latest technology, we hope that this list of the best smart watches can help you in making the right choice. Time to get smarter!