Best Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kits of 2018 – 2019


Raspberry Pi has introduced the cheapest, tiny and programmable computer named as Raspberry Pi Zero – a $5 computer. If you got this tiny super computer at your home, then what to do next? Well, you need an essential kit to start using the $5 computer.

Best Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kits

There are very limited resources available to get the good starter kit for Raspberry Pi Zero. After successful outreach of my last post on Best Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 Starter Kits, I have researched and created the list for the “Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kits”. You do not need to scroll a number of web pages to find your own beginner kit for Raspberry Pi Zero, just go through this list, and you will get your Pi Zero kit with some additional Raspberry Pi Zero accessories.

Best Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kits 

6 in 1 Raspberry Pi Zero Starter KitThis 6 in 1 kit from LOTW-BRO is the latest raspberry Pi zero starter kit on Amazon. This is a professional raspberry Pi zero kit which comes in a transparent, high-quality Acrylic case which allows access to all the ports.

Specification and features of the Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit are:

  • The transparent Acrylic case is tightened by nylon bolts to provide an extra protection
  • HDMI to mini HDMI cable also comes with the kit
  • You can connect it to your PC for the convenient data transmission
  • An on/off control cable helps to cut off the power directly to protect the Pi zero interface and to save energy
  • A 3 port USB 2.0 high-speed hub splitter also comes with it to connect keyboard, mouse, card reader and other USB devices


SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi ZeroThe SunFounder super starter kit comes with everything that you need to get started with your Raspberry Pi device. This specially designed kit for beginners is also suitable for the experienced hobbyists to tinker with their designing ideas.

Specifications and features of the SunFounder Super Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Zero are:

  • It comes with detailed manual with 15 projects included with coding, images, data sheets, and all other information to get started with your Pi
  • The kit comes in a well-designed case in which there are eight grids to store your components according to their category
  • You can download the user manual from the company’s website, and the included tutorials will guide you step-by-step for your Pi projects
  • It is a great starter kit for Raspberry Pi Zero and also works well with the Raspberry Pi 2, and Pi 3 models

MakerSpot 8-in-1 Raspberry Pi Zero Starter KitThis is an improved version of the Pi zero starter kit from MakerSpot. It is a true mega pack for the Pi zero users which comes with everything you need for your Pi Zero project. In case if you got the protective case undrilled, contact the customer support of MakerSpot, and you will get a replacement.

Features and Specifications of 8-in-1 MakerSpot Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit are:

  • It comes with a nano USB WiFi Adapter with a speed of up to 150Mbps
  • Preloaded NOOBS on an included 8GB Micro SD card will help you to install easily and setup the best OS for your Pi Zero
  • It also comes with a USB 2.0 OTG hub to connect the Pi Zero for transferring the data
  • A simple designed but effective acrylic protective case will save your circuit from any accidental damage
  • A true value super mega pack for the Raspberry Pi Zero

CanaKit Raspberry Pi Zero Starter KitFrom one of the top electronic kit producers, Canakit has introduced the Raspberry Pi zero starter kit to the potential users. It comes with all the essential components that you will need to start making your own designs with the smallest Pi device.

Features of CanaKit Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit are:

  • It includes the slimmest Pi version – Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3 board
  • The Raspberry Pi Zero is 40% faster than the original Pi
  • Though it comes with a power source, if you use a switch with it, then you will not have to pull out the power cord every time you switch off the kit
  • It is a great starter kit for the Pi enthusiasts

EEEKit 5in1 RASPBERRY PI ZERO Starter Kit With AccessoriesEEEKit has developed this Raspberry Pi Zero starter kit to provide you all the things you need to go with your Pi zero project. You can directly buy this Pi zero starter kit from Amazon too.

The Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit from EEEKit has features like:

  • It comes with most of the accessories you need to get started with your Pi zero
  • A high-quality acrylic case also included with the kit, which allows access to all the ports of the raspberry Pi zero kit
  • A micro USB home wall charger comes along with the kit, which is compatible with most of the USB plugged devices
  • A mini HDMI to HDMI cable and 3 port USB hub also included with the kit
  • One of the top Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kits available in the market today

Hope you enjoyed the reading and liked this list of the Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kits. You can find tutorial guides, and step-by-step instructions for the Raspberry Pi projects on the web to get started with your Pi Zero. Please add as many social signals as you can to this article, it will help your friends and colleagues to find their best place to buy electronic starter kits and accessories.

Good Luck!


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