Best Raspberry Pi Zero Cases


Best Raspberry Pi Zero Cases

Do I need to say anything about Raspberry Pi Zero? The world’s tiniest computer has been introduced by the UK’s best-selling computer family ‘Raspberry Pi’, which is named as the Raspberry Pi Zero. Check my previous post about the Best Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kits to know more about it and how you can use it for your DIY electronics projects. Today, I am writing this post to introduce you with some latest and Raspberry Pi Zero Cases.

At the time the Pi Zero was introduced, there were not many cases available for it. But now, there are a plenty of them. So, I have decided to make a list of the “Raspberry Pi Zero Cases” for my potential readers to help them find the best suitable case in one place without searching anywhere else on the web.

Let’s see some of the raspberry pi zero cases, which are essential to buy with your pi zero model.

Best Raspberry Pi Zero Cases

Zebra Zero Wooden Case for Raspberry Pi ZeroThe C4 Labs has developed this Zebra Zero case for the Raspberry Pi Zero device. It provides an ultimate protection to your beloved Pi Zero model. The dimensions of this wooden Zebra Zero case match with the Pi Zero model. It has a middle acrylic layer which gives an extra strength. On the top and bottom sides, it has wooden plates to protect the Pi Zero components. It is simply one of the raspberry pi zero cases. You can get this raspberry pi case on amazon for just $6.95.

Specifications of the Wooden Zebra Zero Raspberry Pi Zero Case are:

  • It comes with a heatsink, which helps to cool your Pi Zero model
  • Designed and developed in the USA
  • C4 nuts to give finishing touch and hold together all the components
  • An angled or straight GPIO header can be installed on the side of the board
  • Wooden plates on top and bottom sides
  • A middle acrylic layer to provide extra strength

KuGi Protective Case + Free OTG cable for Raspberry Pi ZeroThis protective case from Vostrostone is specially designed for the raspberry pi zero. By using this case, you can access all the features and controls of your pi zero model. The package also includes an OTG cable which helps to connect your Raspberry Pi Zero with other devices. The  raspberry pi zero cases which help to protect your raspberry pi from scratches and damage.

The raspberry pi zero case with OTG cable from Vostrostone has features like:

  • It allows you access all the controls and features of your raspberry pi zero
  • It is specially designed for the raspberry pi zero, so completely fits according to the dimensions of the smallest member of the raspberry Pi family
  • Slim and lightweight design to have nice appearance
  • Includes an OTG cable for the Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Each corner has a button up to provide the best protection
  • Easy and convenient to use

Transparent Acrylic Case Cover for Raspberry Pi ZeroThis transparent acrylic case from LOTW is perfectly compatible with the raspberry pi zero. It is made from the high-quality acrylic material. You can get this one of the raspberry pi zero cases on Amazon for just $6.99 with free shipping.

Specifications of the Transparent Raspberry Pi Zero Case from LOTW are:

  • Perfectly compatible with raspberry pi zero
  • You can access all the ports of your pi zero device
  • High-quality acrylic material used
  • The Raspberry Pi Zero is not included

Zebra Zero Case for Raspberry Pi Zero Black Ice With HeatsinkAgain, C4 Labs designed the case which is made not from wood, but with a high-quality material with custom hardware. It includes a heatsink, which increases the cooling potential of the Pi Zero CPU of 1GHz. You can install a straight or angled GPIO header on either side of the board. The package includes a Zebra Zero Case, black spacers, a heatsink, and hardware.

Take a look at some facts about the Zebra Zero Black Ice Case for Raspberry Pi Zero:

  • Designed and developed in the USA
  • Design perfectly compatible with HAT and pHATs standards
  • Made from a high-quality material with custom hardware
  • Clear top and bottom sides
  • A middle acrylic layer to provide extra strength
  • C4 nuts are used to provide a finishing touch

New Arrival Blue Acrylic Raspberry Pi Zero Case CoverThis case is newly launched by LOTW. It will be proved as  the raspberry pi zero cases of 2018 for sure. It is built from a high-quality acrylic material. Check the specifications of the blue acrylic raspberry pi zero case below.

  • Perfectly compatible with the Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Made from high-quality acrylic material
  • You are allowed to have access to all the ports
  • A protection film is covered on the case to protect it from scratch, you need to remove it before use
  • The Raspberry Pi Zero is not included with the case
  • Buy the raspberry pi zero case from Amazon for just $5.99 with free shipping

As we know that the Raspberry Pi Zero has two MicroUSB ports, a Mini HDMI Port and 512MB of RAM, which works 40 percent faster than the original Raspberry Pi 1 and at the cheapest price of just $5. As Eben Upton – the founder of Raspberry Pi says, ‘we have packed everything in this device what we have learned so far’. For such a priceless computer, you should have a protective case to prevent any kind of damage to your beloved device. And I also realize this thing when I bought my Raspberry Pi Zero last week. I do not want my readers to search for hours to find a best case for their pi zero devices as I did, so I made this list of the “Raspberry Pi Zero Cases”.

Hope you liked the list and found a good case for your pi Zero model. Protect your beloved device and make awesome projects with it. Good Luck!


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