Best Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3 Starter Kits of 2016-2017


Best Raspberry Pi Starter Kits

When there is a matter of a low-cost and high-performance computer, then there is no competition to Raspberry Pi. The best competitor of Raspberry Pi is an Arduino, which is also very popular, but Raspberry Pi is a full-blown computer from the start to the end. And the best way to be familiar with the Raspberry pi is to start from choosing the best starter kit for your project. Raspberry Pi starter kits also support the computer languages like Scratch and Python. Here, I have sorted out some of the Best Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3 Starter Kits, take a look at them and choose the best suitable for you. Happy reading!

Latest Pi Update:

On the leap day of 2016 which was also the fourth birthday of the, the company has introduced the latest Pi version named as the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. This latest Pi member is fastest among its family and having a Cortex-A53 quad-core ARMv8 processor of 64bit. Till date, not many companies are providing the latest Raspberry Pi 3 model. Check the top options below to get the latest Pi member.

Now, let us check some of the latest and Best Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3 Starter Kits.


CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Starter KitThe Canakit Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit includes the fastest model of the Raspberry Pi family. It is an exclusive kit which will help you to create awesome designed with your lovable Raspberry Pi 3. it is the bestseller on Amazon in Desktop Barebones category.

Features of Canakit Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit are:

  • It incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • It is the third generation Raspberry Pi that is 10 times faster than the first generation
  • A high-quality Raspberry Pi 3 case is included in the Starter Kit
  • The Raspberry Pi 32 GB Class 10 MicroSD Card pre-loaded with NOOBS
  • Canakit 2.5a Micro USB power supply is specially tested for the Raspberry Pi 3
  • A noise filter is incorporated to provide the highest stability
  • The Raspberry Pi 3 model B Quad-core 1.2 GHz 1 GB RAM is included which is made in the UK

Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter KitThis complete starter kit of Raspberry Pi 3 is developed by Vilros and is the best kit for the new learners as well as for the experts. You can easily learn to build an XBMC media player with the components included in the kit. All the parts included in the kit are genuine and having a one year warranty from the manufacturer, so you can buy this kit without any doubt in mind. It includes the new Raspberry Pi 3.

What you get with this kit:

  • 900 MHz Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz CPU
  • 16 GB class 10 micro sd card from Sandisk with NOOBS
  • 4.1 Classic Bluetooth, 2.5 AMP USB Power supply, set of two heat sinks and HDMI cable
  • A quick starter guide to make you comfortable with the kit and start your project confidently
  • A black storage case for protecting your beloved Raspberry Pi unit
  • 1-year guarantee

This Raspberry Pi 3 starter Kit is a complete solution for the XBMC media player. It is highly recommended for the beginners. 

Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit From VilrosFeatures of the Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit are:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3 model B with an ARMv8 Cortex-A53 quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and 1.2GHz processing power
  • A NOOBS preloaded MicroSD card of 16GB to easily boot up your Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian
  • A perfect Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit for beginners as well as for pros in electronics
  • 2.5Amp High-quality USB power supply with a noise filter and USB cable
  • A transparent case for the raspberry pi 3 with an ease of access to all the ports

The Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 complete starter kit has all the accessories and features to help you build your favorite raspberry pi 3 projects like an XBMC media center, retro gaming console, Minecraft, ham radio, ADS-B receiver, programming with scratch, etc.

CanaKit 32GB Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter KitThe ultimate raspberry pi 3 starter kit from CanaKit is covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty to allow you to have a hassle-free purchase of your newest Pi friend. The CanaKit Raspberry 3 starter kit includes a raspberry pi 3 case also to protect it from the damage and also a preloaded NOOBS MicroSD card of class 10 with a 32GB storage space.

Specifications and features of the Canakit Ultimate Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit are:

  • Quad-core, 1GB Cortex-A53 ARMv8 CPU with 1.2GHz processing speed
  • On-board Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • A 32GB class 10 MicroSD card with preloaded NOOBS
  • Raspberry Pi 3 case of high-quality from CanaKit
  • A 2.5A power supply and a 5Feet micro USB cable
  • The Kit also includes a CanaKit user manual, a Heatsink, an HDMI cable, a GPIO to breadboard interface board, jumper wires, and all other accessories you need to get started with your first Raspberry Pi 3 project

LoveRPi Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Media Center KitThe LoveRPi has introduced the latest and greatest Raspberry Media Center Kit which comes with the fastest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. This complete media center kit comes with Ethernet and HDMI ports, four USB ports, AV port, micro SD card slot, 40 Pin GPIO header, and other useful ports to allow you to do whatever you expect from it.

The LoveRPi Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Media Center Kit has features and specifications like:

  • It comes with the latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B which provides doubled performance than the previous Raspberry Pi 2
  • The optimized KODI (XBMC) feature makes it a complete home entertainment kit
  • Easy setup and loads of advanced features turn it into a fully home entertainment and integration kit
  • The 5V 2.5A power adapter provides full power and convenience to use it with most of your electronics devices and accessories
  • Comes with preloaded Raspbian OS micro SD card of 32GB and a black colored slick protective case for providing easy installation and durable use

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 (1GB) Ultimate Starter KitThe CanaKit ultimate starter kit for the latest edition of Raspberry Pi family (Model B) has 1 GB RAM and a 900 MHz quad-core processor. The kit covers over 40 components including 8GB preloaded NOOBS microSD card, power supply, and a WiFi adapter. NOOBS helps to set up the Raspberry Pi in a much easier way. The kit is having an ultimate starter guide which helps you to get started with your Raspberry Pi in no time!

The Raspberry Pi starter kit from CanaKit not only includes the standard starter kit components but also all those needs to start using the GPIO port of the Raspberry Pi 2. The power supply is specially designed and tested for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. The 2.5A adapter has a 5-foot cable which does not require an external power USB hub for powering the Pi 2 and other USB accessories.

The CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 ultimate starter kit includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (1GB)
  • 8 GB NOOBS preloaded microSD card
  • Raspberry Pi 2 Case
  • 2.5A power supply which is specially designed for Pi 2
  • Breadboard
  • HDMI cable and a WiFi adapter
  • 40 Pin GPIO ribbon cable
  • 40 Pin T-Shaped GPIO interface board
  • LEDs and Resistors
  • CanaKit ultimate guide for beginners to electronics

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter KitCanakit Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit includes the high-quality Raspberry Pi 2 case. It is an exclusive starter kit with all the needed components and parts to build your Raspberry Pi design.

Features of Canakit Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit are:

  • Canakit 2.5A Micro USB power supply is designed for the Raspberry Pi 2. A noise filter is incorporated to provide the highest stability
  • A high-quality Raspberry Pi 2 case and the Raspberry Pi 8GB card with pre-loaded NOOBS are included
  • It contains WiFi Dongle which is tested for reliable operation on the Raspberry Pi 2
  • The Access Point Mode is allowed to function as a WiFi hotspot
  • The kit includes 8 GB MicroSD Card, heat sink, GPIO Quick Reference Card
  • A Canakit full colored quick-start guide will provide you step-by-step instructions for your Raspberry Pi Project

Sunfounder Project Super Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 & Model B+

With the great improvements from the previous version, the Super Starter Kit from Sunfounder for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is in hot demand for the new learners as well as for the experts in electronics. The user manual has a larger size than the previous one which has much clearer images and schematic diagrams of Fritzing breadboard. A bigger case has 8 grids inside which can store the components by category for the easier of use.

The user manual has two different coding patterns which are C and Python help users with different tastes of coding experience.

The Raspberry Pi Starter Kit from Sunfounder includes the components like:

  • 40 Pin GPIO extension board and cable
  • H-Bridge L239D
  • Dot matrix display
  • DC motor
  • Optocouplers, resistors, LEDs, and transistors
  • All other standard kit components
  • User manual with more descriptive information

Kano Computer Kit – One of the Most Popular Electronics Kits for AdultsThe super electronic project kits from Kano includes this amazing Kano Computer Kit, which comes with a most famous electronic device Raspberry Pi model B.  One of the best electronic kits for adults provides a simple, and a fun way for the people to create unique designs with the help of technology and take the entire control of their surroundings.

Specification, accessories and features of the most Popular Electronic kits for adults – Kano Computer Kit are:

  • Comes with a Raspberry Pi model B, an ARM quad-core 900MHz CPU and 1GB of RAM
  • A Kano OS preloaded micro SD card of 8GB
  • Highly informative books with illustrations of projects and accessories
  • A wireless Kano keyboard, a mouse, and a DIY speaker
  • A custom case with stencils and stickers
  • An HDMI cable, a WiFi dongle, and a mini-USB power supply
  • The fastest ever kit from Kano with improved OS and features makes it one of the best electronic kits for adults

Vilros Raspberry Pi 2 Basic Starter KitVilros has designed this basic starter kit for the students and beginners in the field of electronics. It includes the 1GB model B of the Raspberry Pi 2.

Features of Vilros Raspberry Pi 2 Basic Starter Kit are:

  • The kit contains Raspberry Pi Enclosure Case, 2 amp USB Power Supply with Micro USB Cable
  • It has the clear transparent case to protect your Raspberry Pi and let you see each part clearly
  • The Raspberry Pi 2 contains 1GB RAM and 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex –A7CPU

Top Raspberry Pi Starter Kits Comparision

Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit
Model Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi 3
Sd Card 16GB Micro Sd Card 32 GB MicroSD Card (Class 10)
HDMI Cable Y Y(6.5 feet)
Case Y Y
Quick Start Guide Y
Pages 200 Pages
GPIO Ribbon Cable Y Y
Heatsink Set of 2 Y
Push buttons Switches 2 2
Power Supply 2.5A Micro USB(5 feet) 2.5A Micro USB(5 feet)

Hope you liked the list and have chosen your starter kit for Raspberry Pi. Let me know in the comment, which kit did you choose. Please like and share this list, so your friends and other enthusiast people can know about the Best Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3 Starter Kits.