Best Raspberry Pi Robot Kits for Beginners


Good news for Raspberry Pi beginners and experts. Here again, the list of the Raspberry Pi Robot Kits for Beginners. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro in electronics, a good robot kit can give you a wonderful experience with your Raspberry Pi. You can find this Raspberry Pi Robot Kits on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. These robot kits for your favorite Raspberry Pi will help you in creating amazing robotic projects with fun. Check the list below and choose the suitable robot kit for your Raspberry Pi.

Best Raspberry Pi Robot Kits For Beginners

Best Raspberry Pi Robot Kits 


Elegoo Project Smart Robot Kit for Raspberry PiThe Elengoo UNO project kit is one of the best-quality Raspberry Pi robot kits available in the market today. It is the newest and intelligent toy car kit for kids which provides fun with education.

Features of Elengoo Smart Car Robot Kit for Raspberry Pi are:

  • It is the most affordable and newest robot car kit for Raspberry Pi
  • It comes with video tutorials which will help you to build an excellent robot
  • The ultrasonic sensor will keep the robot car away from the barriers
  • You can control the car with your phone by installing the CD content on it
  • You can set the specific travel route with the 3-piece line tracking module

GoPiGo Robot for the Raspberry Pi ProjectsDexter Industries have developed this GoPiGo Robot for your beloved Raspberry Pi. There are a number of programming languages and accessories available for the Raspberry Pi, which will help you to form your GoPiGo into anything you want from a remotely controlled robot or an autonomous office enforcer for rocket launching! How exciting! Check the details of this lovely GoPiGo Robot for the Raspberry Pi introduced by Dexter Industries and buy it before the Christmas eve.

  • The GoPiGo is a perfect robot package for your Raspberry Pi
  • It turns your Raspberry Pi kit into a robot and makes your raspberry pi rolling
  • The robot kit requires no soldering and is powered by batteries of 8 AA
  • It works with all the models of Raspberry Pi including model A, B, and B+
  • Dexter Industries have also provided the APIs and software examples for this amazing GoPiGo robot for Raspberry Pi

SunFounder Raspberry Pi 2 Smart Video Car Robot KitSunFounder has designed this complete learning robot kit for the Raspberry Pi users. It is one of the great Raspberry Pi Robot Kits to get started with the electronics and robotics field. The kit includes a user manual with instructions and code, which help you to create stunning designs and have a joy of making robots!

The SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kit is:

  • A great robot kit to start learning with your raspberry pi with both the coding and the application
  • It also works with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+
  • Using a step-down DC-DC converter module, which reduces the input voltage
  • Included with an L298N motor driver module
  • Having a webcam with a USB WiFi adapter to watch real-time video with no buffering
  • Powered by two 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries with a working voltage of 7V-12V

PiStorms Raspberry Pi Robot Starter Kit - LEGO RobotThis is a newly launched Raspberry Pi Robot Kit from PiStorms. It is a starter kit to create stunning Raspberry Pi robots by using the LEGO Mindstorms parts. It has a touch screen display which helps to easily interact with your robot.

Specification and features of the PiStorms Raspberry Pi Robot Kit are:

  • Use Raspberry Pi brain to create LEGO robots
  • You can use Python programming
  • A built-in color touchscreen display of 2.4 inches is included
  • A sturdy design which includes a WiFi adapter and an SD card
  • Also includes a PiStorms controller, a 6 AA battery holder, and a LEGO compatible frame for PiStorms

Robot Smart Car Kit For Arduino Raspberry Pi AmazonPink Lizard Products has developed this robot smart car kit compatible with both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. This WiFi supported, cross-country, off-road smart car robot kit has mounting holes on its platform for the different controllers like the Arduino Mega 328 controller, Arduino Mega 168 controller, Arduino Mega 1280 controller, 51 MCU controller, 32-CH servo controller, etc. It has a mounting hole for a collision switch also. Get this amazing robot kit for your raspberry pi and make your own four-wheel smart robot car.

Additional features of Raspberry Pi Robot Car Kit are:

  • A freedom servo holder locks slot of two degrees
  • A mounting hole for a collision switch
  • Mounting holes for different kind of processors
  • The front panel can be mounted for infrared sensors for avoiding obstacles
  • The platform body is made from hard aluminium alloy material
  • Shock absorbing, large elastic rubber tires
  • Ideal for Raspberry Pi Robot Kits and Arduino Robot Kits

Raspberry Pi Robot Kits

GoPiGo Robot Kit for the Raspberry Pi Sunfounder Raspberry Pi Robot kit
Basic Parts GoPiGo2 board, chassis (frame, wheels, hardware), motors, encoders Acrylic plates, Wheels, Servo Motor,
Compatible Raspberry Pi Model A, B, and B+. Raspberry Pi Model A, B, and B+, Pi 3
Weight 1.2 pounds 2.2 pounds
Dimensions 10.1 x 6 x 2.5 inches 10 x 5.7 x 3 inches
L298N DC Motor Driver Module Y
USB Camera Y
USB Wi-Fi Adapter  Y
Step-down DC-DC Converter Module Y
For Age and Above  8 Years  12 Years

Building a Raspberry Pi Robot is a good learning experience for the beginners in the electronics field. Many Raspberry Pi robot kits come as assembled and you need to just attach the Raspberry Pi as a controller. You can buy Raspberry Pi Robot Kits for Beginners from Amazon also. Like and share this list to help other Raspberry Pi lovers in getting their best robot kit for their Raspberry Pi Projects.

Raspberry Pi Robot Kits Rock!


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