Best Raspberry Pi 2 Expansion Board


Best Raspberry Pi 2 Expansion Board

Soon after the release of the Raspberry Pi 2, there is a flood of add-ons and accessories compatible with the Pi device. A Raspberry Pi 2 Expansion Board is a great add-on to your beloved Pi device. A raspberry pi expansion board can add some great things to your device like, a Bluetooth, a WiFi, IR sensors, or an interface with other LEDs and motors like electronics. There are many brands who acclaims their expansion boards are fully compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 2 models, for example, the Raspberry Pi Model B+. So, it may be a confusing task to choose a good and perfectly compatible expansion board for your Pi 2 device. Here is the list of the “Best Raspberry Pi 2 Expansion Board” which will help you in selecting the best choice according to your device specifications.

PI FACE RASPBERRY PI Expansion BoardThis official Raspberry Pi Face is a digital interface raspberry pi 2 expansion board which allows the raspberry pi 2 to control and interact with the real world. After applying an easy to write code, the raspberry pi 2 can derive outputs, can power up LEDs, motors, light bulbs, etc.

Features of the Pi Face Raspberry Pi  Expansion board:

  • Easy to use coding with Scratch, Python, and C languages
  • Credit card sized expansion board can be stacked at the top of your Raspberry Pi 2 device
  • Enables you to control the motors, lights, LEDs, etc
  • Allows you to monitor switches, digital inputs, etc
  • Screw terminals make it easy to connect with the device
  • Official Raspberry Pi Expansion Board

RPi Unassembled GPIO T-Cobbler Plus Breakout Board Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 / 2 / B+ / A+ / Zero with a 40 Pin 8” Ribbon CableCheck the specification of the NulSom Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi:

  • Comes with an 8” 40 Pin Ribbon Cable for Raspberry Pi 3/2/Zero/A+/B+
  • All the 40 pins are labeled to allow easy prototyping
  • The connectors are gold plated and the first pin is marked with a red stripe to easily identify
  • Also includes two male headers with 20 pins
  • Unassembled T-Cobbler plus breakout PCB board with 40 GPIO pins
  • A perfect raspberry pi GPIO expansion board

This expansion board from NulSom connects to your Raspberry Pi device with a 40 Pin GPIO connector. It breaks out the pins to make an arrangement and spacing breadboard-friendly. The breakout board required a light soldering for connection.

Ableconn PIUSB2MSA Stackable Raspberry Pi Expansion Board with USB to mSATA ConverterThe PIUSB2MSA raspberry pi expansion board allows you to expand the functionality of the Raspberry Pi device. It lets you connect the mSATA SSD module to a USB port on your Raspberry Pi device.

Features of the Ableconn stackable Raspberry Pi Expansion Board:

  • You can connect the mSATA SSD module to a raspberry pi USB port
  • Compatible with the Serial ATA specific  revision 2.6 and supports SATA l, SATA ll, and SATA lll mSATA SSD
  • Supports the both USB 5-pin pin header and USB micro-B connector for the raspberry pi connection
  • Fully RoHS, FCC, and CE compliant raspberry pi expansion board
  • High-quality raspberry pi USB expansion board, made in Taiwan

SunFounder GPIO Breakout Raspberry Pi Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi 2 model B+With a well tested Python Code, the SunFounder GPIO Raspberry Pi Expansion Board is completely compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 2 model B+. It allows your pi device to control the electronics like LEDs, motors, etc and to connect with the real world.

The SunFounder Breakout Raspberry Pi io board has specifications like:

  • A 40-pin GPIO cable
  • A GPIO adapter plus for the raspberry pi 2 and raspberry pi model B+
  • Breadboard is not included with the kit
  • Also, it does not include the raspberry pi
  • A great raspberry pi expansion board from SunFounder

SX400 SainSmart Raspberry PI Expansion BoardThe SX400 Raspberry Pi expansion board from SainSmart has an inbuilt IR sensor for a Wireless connection. It also has a DIP switch which is used to remove the Rpi’s pin header connection.

The SainSmart SX400 expansion board for the raspberry pi has features like:

  • High-quality product from SainSmart
  • An Integrated hardware volume control
  • Power output socket
  • Has a high-quality builtin audio headphone amplifier
  • Best suitable for the Raspberry Pi 2 and model B+

Half Size – NulSom Raspberry Pi Proto Breadboard PCB for Raspberry Pi 2 Pi 3 Zero B+ A+ B and ASpecifications and features of the Proto breadboard for Raspberry Pi are:

  • A half-size Proto PCB breadboard for any version of the Raspberry Pi
  • To improve the usability, it has 6 hole pad design which uses the 2.54 pitch 2×20 or 2×13 pin male header
  • It has a gold plated finish to prevent the oxidation
  • Through-plated holes provide more strength to the board
  • High-quality RoHS ENIG finishing allows having an easy soldering
  • For the biggest leads, it has 1.2mm diameter holes

The half-sized PCB proto breadboard from NulSom Inc. is completely compatible with all the Pi versions, including the Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2, Raspberry Pi Zero, Model B+, A+, B, and A. It is compatible with the  general 2.54 pitch 40p or 26p header type of the Pi device.

ARPI600 Raspberry Pi 2 Expansion Board also Compatible with Model B, B+, A+, and Arduino XBeeThe ARPI600 Raspberry Pi expansion board from the XYG-Raspberry Pi is also compatible with the massive ecosystem – Arduino. This great raspberry pi 2 expansion board allows using the raspberry pi together with the Arduino’s hardware and software resources.

Check the features of the ARPI600 Raspberry Pi 2 Expansion Board are:

  • It also supports the Arduino XBee, Raspberry Pi 1, Model B, B+, and A+
  • Also compatible with the Arduino Leonardo, UNO
  • Connect the Arduino shield easily with the raspberry pi expansion board
  • To connect various sensors, it comes with a Sensor Interface
  • Can also be configured as an XBee USB adapter
  • Have 5 channels for sensors and 6 channels for the Arduino interface

One of the greatest things of Raspberry Pi is that we can attach a physical hardware to it with its GPIO connector. There are so many third-party expansion boards are available to attach to your Pi device to extend its functionality. So, this list of the “Best Raspberry Pi Expansion Board” will help you to filter out great add-ons and to choose the best from it. Each and every raspberry pi expansion board or a raspberry pi io board is perfectly compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 3 and the raspberry pi 2 model B+ version.


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