Best Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 Camera Module


Best Raspberry Pi 2 Camera Module

The most popular electronic device among the students and the hobbyists today is the Raspberry Pi 2. If you are already an owner of this awesome tiny computer device, then it is time to buy a good raspberry pi camera board. But, how will you decide which USB camera for Raspberry Pi 2 is best for you? Let me help you with that, I have made this list of the “Best Raspberry Pi 2 Camera Module” of 2016 and reviewed them below. All of these Raspberry Pi Camera Modules are ranging from Night vision to High-Definition cameras. Check the list and decide which is the best USB camera for your Raspberry Pi.

5 MP Official Raspberry Pi Camera Module From Raspberry PiThis is an official raspberry pi camera module designed by the Raspberry Pi company. It is a custom designed 5 MP add-on for the Raspberry Pi device which is featured with the fixed focus lens. It uses the dedicated CSi interface to be attached to one of the small sockets of the pi device.

Check the features of the Official Raspberry Pi Camera Module below:

  • A 5MP native resolution sensor, which is capable of taking 2592x1944p static images
  • Supports video resolutions of 640x480p60/90, 720p60, and 1080p30
  • Supports to the latest Raspberry Pi Operating System – Raspbian
  • Tiny design, 25mmx20mmx9mm having weight just over 3grms
  • Perfect raspberry Pi camera module for mobiles and other applications where size matters

Pixy (CMUcam5) Object Tracking Camera with Smart Vision Sensor for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and BeagleBoneThe Charmed Labs and CMU have combinedly designed this object tracking camera with a smart vision sensor named as Pixy. You can use it with any type of microcontroller. It fully supports the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and BeagleBone Black with the software libraries it includes.

Specifications and features Pixy CMUcam5 Raspberry Pi Camera Module are:

  • Easy made robot vision, which lets you teach Pixy an object by pressing a button
  • You can simplify the programming to just receive the objects you are interested in
  • Supports the several communication interfaces like SPI, UART, I2C, USB or digital/analog output
  • Fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and BeagleBone
  • Supports multiple Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Waveshare OV5647 Webcam 5MP Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera Module

  • The Night vision camera for the Raspberry Pi 2
  • Supports the latest raspberry pi models B/B+
  • 5MP OV5647 webcam sensor
  • Provides support to 2 infrared LEDs
  • Can be used as an attachment or with 3.3V power supply
  • Best sensor resolution of 1080P

The night vision raspberry pi camera module from Waveshare is having a 5MP camera resolution and 1080 pixels video recording functionality. It is perfectly compatible with the latest raspberry pi models B and B+. You can check more details of the Waveshare OV5647 Night Vision Raspberry Pi Camera Module on Amazon.

Arducam Mini Raspberry Pi Camera Video ModuleArducam has made this awesome mini camera module to meet the increasing need of the highly functional raspberry pi camera video module. It is fully compatible with the original raspberry pi device. It is a tiny USB camera for the raspberry pi, which is perfect for mobiles and other applications where the size and the quality of the image are important.

The Arducam OV5647 Sensor Raspberry Pi Camera Module has:

  • An Integral IR filter
  • Fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi models A/B/B+ and Raspberry Pi 2
  • 5MP camera to still static images with 2592×1944 resolution
  • Provides a maximum video resolution of 1080p
  • Can be used on all Raspberry Pi platforms

Original Raspberry Pi 2 Camera Module With OV5647 Sensor for HD Video RecordingThe XYG and Raspberry Pi have made this upgraded and improved raspberry pi camera module with an adjustable focus and OV5647 sensor to let you shoot an HD video recording. It is featured with the fixed-focus module and sensor best resolution of 1080p. Check the features and specifications of the XYG-Raspberry Pi Camera Module for the Raspberry Pi 2 below:

  • Supports HD video recording at 2592×1944 resolution
  • Rpi Camera (B)
  • Supports the raspberry pi model A+/B/B+ and Pi 2
  • Upgraded and improved version which is better than the previous one
  • Compatible with the original Raspberry Pi and supports all the Pi revisions

ELP USB Camera for Raspberry Pi for Industrial, Machine VisionELP has made this 5MP raspberry pi camera module for an HD image shooting at a maximum resolution of 2592×1944 pixels. It uses “MJPEG” image format for reducing the data stream and improve the video frame. This will help to have a smooth video shooting by occupying less bandwidth.

Features of the ELP Raspberry Pi Camera Module are:

  • High-speed USB 2.0 compatibility
  • High Pixel Technology for taking sharp images and for accurate color reproduction
  • Gives the best performance in low lights
  • Supports multiple Operating Systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, SP2, WIN CE, etc.
  • 5MP CMOS sensor to enable you to take HD images at a 2592×1944 resolution
  • Ideal for ATMs, Robots, Conferences, Smart Homes, etc.

Setting up a camera module on your Raspberry Pi Device is an easy process depends on your skills with the electronic device. The Raspberry Pi camera board is an add-on for a Raspberry Pi, which is custom designed and tested under various conditions. You can attach the module to the one of the sockets on your raspberry pi board. Each of the raspberry pi camera module mentioned above is from the best seller’s list on Amazon. I hope you liked the list of the “Best Raspberry Pi 2 Camera Module and will share this with other potential users like you to get the perfect Raspberry Pi 2 Camera Module.


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