Best Proto Shield for Arduino


Best Proto Shield for Arduino

You have got the idea of building a custom project, good! You have bought an Arduino for it, very good! But, what about having a platform to actually build your custom circuit onto? Thinking, huh? If you’re on the same track as me, you are thinking right, I am talking about the Arduino Protoshield. The best Arduino Prototype shield helps you to make rock solid Arduino project by making easy to design custom circuits for it and soldering the electronics directly on the Arduino board. The Arduino Proto Shield helps you to connect all the external components and pieces needed for your project to your Arduino easily. Check this list of the “Proto Shield for Arduino” and select the most appropriate Arduino protoshield for your project.

Best Proto Shield 

Official Arduino Proto Shield R3This is the official Arduino protoshield from the Arduino Org. It is an assembled shield which is perfectly compatible with the Arduino R3 board. It allows you to design custom circuit easily and soldering the parts to the prototyping area to build your project.

Features of the Official Arduino Prototype shield are:

  • It has a pinout for the Arduino R3 board
  • The shield has a reset button as well as an ICSP connector
  • It has a 14 pin SMD footprint and a 20 pin Through Hole footprint
  • You can also use it with a solderless breadboard to test the circuit ideas
  • It has extra connection ports for all the Arduino pins

Arduino ProtoShield from USPRO with a Mini Bread BoardProduct features of the USPRO Proto Shield for Arduino are:

  • This is a proto expansion board for Arduino
  • It is perfectly compatible with the Arduino Duemilanove
  • A great shield for building the prototype circuit
  • You can solder the element on the Arduino board
  • A mini breadboard is also included for optional soldering
  • It has two LEDs and two button circuits, which are ready to use

The USPRO has designed this prototype proto expansion board for Arduino, which can be directly welded with the Arduino board. All the pins and power of the protoshield have been laid out. It is a perfect protoshield to construct Arduino prototype.

Adafruit Arduino ProtoShield KitAs Adafruit claims, this is the best prototyping shield kit for the Arduino available in the market. It is the stackable version kit for the Arduino R3 and compatible with all the Arduino boards. Even for the beginners in the electronics, it is easy to solder this shield kit with the Arduino board.

Check the specifications of the Adafruit Protoshield for Arduino below:

  • The protoshield kit is compatible with all the Arduino boards, including Arduino UNO, Leonardo, Mega, Duemilanove, NG, Yun, Diecimila, etc.
  • It has standard 0.1”x0.1” prototyping grid
  • The grid has big pads, which come with plain header and stacking headers
  • It has a reset button and extra general use buttons and LEDs
  • Easy to assemble prototyping shield kit for Arduino, even for the beginners

PowerArt Arduino ProtoShield Prototype Kit with Mini BreadboardThe specifications and features of the Arduino Protoshield from PowerArt are:

  • It is a brand new and high-quality Prototype kit for Arduino
  • A Protoshield kit with a mini breadboard
  • It has one reset button, one general use button, and two LEDs, which are ready to use
  • The mini breadboard has 170 tie points
  • It comes in a color combination of blue, white, and black
  • Measured in the size of 69x53x18mm

The PowerArt has designed this Arduino protoshield kit, which has a mini breadboard with 170 tie points. If you are going to build a custom circuit with your Arduino board, then you should buy this prototyping kit from PowerArt.

SainSmart Prototype Shield for Arduino with Mini Breadboard and Jumper WiresThis is a great prototype shield for the Arduino users who have sparkling project ideas. The included mini board from SainSmart saves your time of soldering. You can also use your own breadboard.

The SainSmart Prototype Shield for Arduino has features like:

  • It has a mini breadboard with 170 tie points
  • The mini breadboard is strong and measures 1.7”x1.3”
  • The protoshield comes with the V3 Gold PCB processing technology
  • It also includes an SOP28 SMD component for the enthusiasts in electronics
  • The jumper wires help you to experiment more complex circuits via attaching the mini board

DFRobot Wireless Proto Shield for ArduinoDFRobot Wireless Proto Shield for ArduinoThe Arduino Wireless protoshield from DFRobot allows your Arduino board to make a wireless communication with the electronic devices. You can make a configuration setting to use it as a different mesh network and broadcast options.

Specifications of the DFRobot Arduino Wireless Protoshield are:

  • It is based on the Digi Xbee module for Arduino
  • The same footprint is used to make it compatible with any Arduino board module
  • The communication range is 300 feet for outdoors and 100 feet indoors
  • The wireless protoshield can also be used as a USB/serial replacement
  • It makes an easy wireless communication for an Arduino board using the wireless module

The Arduino protoshield is an open-source hardware. It allows you to have an easy connection between your Arduino and a breadboard. It allows you to have an easy access to LED ports, prototyping area, general use push buttons, the power socket, and all of the above, the Arduino Reset button. The Arduino prototype shield provides a convenient way to turn your Arduino into a single module with a custom circuit on it. Get your best prototype shield from the above list of the “ Proto Shield for Arduino” and create awesome Arduino projects!


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