Best Portable Heat Gun for Electronics


Best Portable Heat Gun for Electronics

If you are working with embedded electronics, then you would probably know the importance of having a good, reliable and cheap electric heat gun. Depending on your profession and hot air rework, you can choose from a variety of heat guns like an industrial heat gun, dual temperature heat gun, cordless heat gun, battery powered heat gun, variable temperature heat gun, etc. Best heat gun for electronics helps you to heat up multiple solder joints in a single time. This thing makes the task easier of removing problem voltage regulators, or replacing a blown capacitor, or turning a mis-mounted IC around. Check this list of the “Portable Heat Gun for Electronics” which allows you to have a great value for your money by choosing the best heat gun for your embedded electronics tasks.

Best Heat Gun For Electronics

Wagner 1,200-watt 0503008 HT1000 Electric Heat GunThe 1200W electric heat gun from Wagner Power Products is a bestseller on Amazon in Soldering Heat Guns category. It is ideal for a wide variety of heating applications like removing old flooring, paint, bending plastics, etc.

Features of the Wagner HT1000 Electric Heat Gun are as below:

  • It is a dual temperature heat gun with 2 temperature settings of 750-degree F and 1000-degree F for different project requirements
  • It is having a light-weight, rugged, and high-impact plastic body
  • It has a corrosion-resistant nozzle and low noise design with two fans speed
  • It produces 1200-watt/4100 BTU’s heating power for removing multiple layers of paint
  • For cooling down process, it has a hanging hook for safe storage
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty with a meaningful technological innovation

PORTER-CABLE 1500-Watt PC1500HG Variable Temperature Heat Gun for ElectronicsThe Porter-Cable has designed this PC1500HG heat gun with a dual fan speed selector which delivers both the low and high fan speed settings. For an easy adjustment of temperatures, it is functioned with the variable temperature control dial.

Check the features of the PORTER-CABLE Variable Temperature Heat Gun below:

  • The heat gun has a 1500-watt motor
  • It is integrated with a hands-free support stand
  • A high-grade cord of 6-feet for improving the flexibility for the cold use is included with the heat gun
  • Featured with the variable temperature control dial and a dual fan speed selector
  • It is ideal for applications like bending plastic pipes, removing paint, welding plastics, removing adhesive tiles, etc.

Master Appliance HG-751B Dual Temperature Heat Gun for ElectronicsThis is a powerful high-speed universal motor integrated master heat gun for heavy duty professional use. The HG-751B heat gun from the Master Appliance is a number one choice for the industry use.

Features of the Master Appliance Dual Temperature Heat Gun for Electronics are:

  • It has a high temperature and power ratings of up to 540-degree C at 1740-watts
  • It has a dual temperature setting of 750-degree F and 100-degree F for your embedded electronics projects
  • It comes with a powerful and high-speed universal motor
  • The master heat gun is made in the USA and is CUL and UL listed / CSA certified
  • It has a high airflow rating of 23CFM at 3000FPM
  • Can be used to bend plastics, cure adhesives, shrink tubing and packaging, strip paint, dry and heat parts, etc.

Iroda MJ-950 Cordless Butane Heat GunSteinel has designed this Ultra-Therm MJ-950 cordless heat gun which can be used for industrial purpose where high volume flameless heat is needed. This portable heat gun has infinitely adjustable heat levels.

Features of the MJ-950 Iroda Cordless Butane Heat Gun are:

  • It is having a Piezo electronic ignition system
  • It is a high output flameless butane heat gun
  • It provides a flameless temperature up to750-degree C or 1400-degree F
  • It is a long-life catalyst with an adjustable heat output and wide nozzle
  • You can use it safely under hood where a presence of Vapor may exist

WAGNER HT 400 360-Watts Electric Heat GunThe Minneapolis-based company Wagner SprayTech Corp. has made this amazing electric heat gun to make your task easier to apply paints and other coatings, prepare surfaces, and clean up after painting.

Features of the Wagner HT400 Electric Heat Gun are:

  • It is developed using the greatest technological innovations
  • Made from the highest quality material
  • The electric heat gun gives you outstanding performance in a small package
  • It has a single heat setting of 650-degree F
  • The heat gun for electronics provides 360-watts or 1225 BTUs of power
  • One of the best portable heat guns

Astro 9426 Heavy Duty Industrial Heat GunThe industrial heat gun from Astro is equipped with a powerful blower, which gives a high volume of air. It can move up to 6 SCFM and used for industrial applications.

Features of the 9426 Astro Industrial Heat Gun are as under:

  • It has a variable temperature control dial which allows you to set a maximum temperature of 1000 to 1100-degree F
  • It is built with an Air intake vent
  • The cool air setting is used to cool the heat gun and for the cool applications which adds versatility to it
  • A power switch with three settings and a non-slip steel base with three positions
  • It has a powerful blower which provides a high volume of air
  • A heavy duty industrial heat gun which has a wattage power of 1600

Wagner 0283022 HT775 Portable Heat Gun for Industrial UseThe HT775 portable heat gun is a powerful tool for the Wagner’s collection. The industrial heat gun produces 1680-watts power and is made with the use of die-cast metal housing and a replaceable heating element.

Features of the Wagner HT775 Industrial Heat Gun are:

  • It has adjustable temperature settings of 750-degree F to 1000-degree F
  • It has an integrated stand for a hands-free operation
  • It generates 1680-watts / 5700 BTU’s power for removing multiple layers of paint
  • A durable product made from a die-cast metal housing and replaceable heating element
  • A 2-year home use guarantee is provided by the manufacturer

Apart from the above heat guns for electronics, there are so many other options to buy a heat gun for electronics. But, when you are doing some really serious tasks of embedded electronics, you need to have a good quality heat gun which suits your needs and also your budget. The above list of the “Portable Heat Gun for Electronics” will surely help you to choose a right electric heat gun for your electronics project.


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