Best LCD Display for Arduino


Best LCD Display for Arduino

The LCD (Liquid Color Displays) for Arduino provides a simple communication between the user and the electronic system in an easy and understandable language. For any microcontroller, reading and writing the characters to the LCD is the priority task, and among all types of microcontrollers, Arduino is the best. Arduino is a great platform for prototyping to interface the LCD displays, actuators, sensors, etc. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose the best Arduino LCD display from this list of the “LCD Display for Arduino”. Check their details, compare them and get the best suitable LCD for Arduino project.

Best LCD Display

SainSmart 1602 Arduino LCD Shield ModuleThe SainSmart has designed this amazing 1602 LCD shield, which is perfectly compatible with the Arduino UNO, R3, Nano, Mega2560 and Due boards. It is a fully assembled Arduino LCD shield which is tested before the shipment is placed and the quality is guaranteed by SainSmart.

Check what features the Arduino LCD display from SainSmart has:

  • It has a blue background light with white text on it, the backlight is adjustable
  • It is a 16×2 LCD display module shield for Arduino boards
  • The shield contains 4 Bit LCD library
  • High-quality and brand new product from SainSmart
  • Pins out and V3 design for easy connection with the Arduino board

Arduino LCD Module from RioRand™This LCD module for Arduino has 4 rows and each row contains 20 characters. It is based on the popular HD44780 and has a 5V charging capability. It works great with all kinds of microcontrollers, including Arduino.

The RioRand™ Arduino LCD Display has features like:

  • It is powered by the advanced RioRand technology
  • It is based on the popular and latest HD44780 controller
  • The LCD display works perfectly with the Arduino board and other microcontrollers
  • RioRand provides complete tutorials and instructions on their site
  • It has 4 rows, each row consists 20 characters
  • It displays white characters on the blue background with the backlight

ST7735R 18-bit Color Arduino TFT Display from AdafruitAdafruit has built this little lovely Arduino TFT Display with a breakout for the MicroSD card. If you want to add a small, bright, and colorful display to your Arduino project, then this is the best choice you can have right now. It can be used with any type of the microcontroller as well.

Adafruit TFT display for Arduino has below features and specifications:

  • It is a small display, which is perfect for the Arduino boards and other microcontrollers
  • Easy to use, instructions are available on the Adafruit website
  • It requires only a small soldering of the header pins
  • It uses 4-wire SPI for the communication
  • Even a small microcontroller with low memory and few pins can use this Arduino TFT display from Adafruit
  • The display is 1.8” in size and has 128×160 color pixels

Diymall 0.96 Inch Arduino LCD-LED White Display ModuleProduct features of the Arduino LCD-LED Display module from Diymall:

  • It is a tiny display module with 0.96” screen
  • It supports a wide voltage range of 3.3V to 5V DC
  • It has a viewing angle of greater than 160 degrees
  • It communicates using IIC with only two I/O ports
  • The LCD module is perfectly compatible with the Arduino boards

The Arduino LCD-LED display module from Diymall consumes low power nearly to 0.04V during normal operating situations. It has an OLED self-light and supports the word modulo. It supports the Arduino 51 series and MSP430 series.

SainSmart 3.2 TFT LCD Display for Arduino with Touch Panel and PCB AdapterThis LCD TFT display from SainSmart is perfect for Arduino boards. It has 40pins interface and has a PCB adapter to support an SD card and a Flash reader.

The SainSmart Arduino TFT Display has features and specifications as below:

  • It is a medium-sized TFT display with 3.2” screen size
  • It is a very powerful and multi-functional display module for your Arduino project
  • An awesome touch screen module with touch panel from SainSmart
  • The TFT display has a wide viewing angle
  • It has an Integrated power, Source driver and Gate with RAM
  • It has a PCB adapter slot for an SD card support
  • Perfect for the Arduino UNO, R3, Mega2560, and Nano Robot

ESUMIC LCD Module for ArduinoThe Arduino LCD Display Module from ESUMIC has a wide viewing angle and a built-in HD44780 LCD controller. The 1602 LCD module is widely used in the FAX machines, Laser printers, in Copies, in Routers and Storage devices, and many other types of equipment.

The Arduino LCD Module from ESUMIC is featured with:

  • A display with 2 lines, and 16 characters
  • It has an operating voltage of 5V of DC power
  • It has a dimension of 80x36x12mm
  • The Display viewing area size of 64.5x16mm
  • It has a blue backlight which is adjustable
  • Available in three versions

Each Arduino LCD display is different in terms of the color of the text and background from the other. The Arduino LCD Shield shows you the temperature recorded by your Arduino Sensor, latitude, and longitude of a position measured by a GPS module and many such things. This list of the “LCD Display for Arduino” will not let you down and helps you to get the best available option for your Arduino DIY project. Let me know in the comment section, which LCD screen for Arduino you loved the most and mention to others as well to help them getting the best Arduino LCD display for their custom designs.


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