Best HVAC Multimeter of 2018 – 2019


There is no any big difference between a standard multipurpose multimeter and an HVAC multimeter, except a range that an HVAC multimeter can read are set at a much lower and higher than an average multimeter. You should choose the best multimeter brands, according to your use and your type of job. For example, if you are an electrician by profession, then you should be looking at a HVAC multimeter of nearly about $100 or above, which allows you to have a good, safe, reliable and sturdy use.

If you are in learning phase, then it is recommended that you should start with some basic functional HVAC multimeter available at a cheap price for at least a year or couple. Take a look at some of the “HVAC Multimeter of 2018 – 2019” below and pick a best suitable for you.

best hvac multimeter

Best HVAC Multimeter of 2018 – 2019


Amprob AM-520 HVAC MultimeterThe Amprobe AM-520 has all the features those are valid for putting into the top category of HVAC Multimeter. It can take a true RMS measurement that is not affected by any fluctuations. It has a built-in flashlight and a strong battery that can power up and test the capacitors.

Check the amazing features of the AM-520 HVAC Multimeter from Amprobe below:

  • It can measure a voltage up to 600V AC or DC
  • Featured with non-contact voltage detection and temperature
  • Can check startup capacitors and microamps for flame sensors
  • It has a backlit LED display, which shows Min/Max and relative zero modes
  • Can perform diode test and a duty cycle for application troubleshooting
  • It is a perfect HVAC multimeter for professionals

Fluke FLUKE-116323 Combo KIT of HVAC Multimeter and Clamp MeterIn today’s market, the Fluke 116 HVAC multimeter is a highly specialized and one of the best multimeter brands of HVAC. It has a built-in thermometer for HVAC applications. Also, this combo kit includes an HVAC clamp meter, which is the most trusted name in the world. It is a great HVAC clamp meter for a grab-and-go, and general troubleshooting needs.

Specifications of the Combo kit of a Fluke HVAC multimeter and an HVAC Clamp meter are:

  • It is a new and a direct replacement for the combo kit of obsolete 116/332 HVAC multimeters
  • It is a complete solution to all the HVAC troubleshooting the HVAC clamp meter and HVAC multimeter combo kit
  • Contains temperature and Microamps amp
  • Has TL175 hard point test lead set and TPak Magnetic Meter Hanging Strap
  • The combo kit includes Fluke 116 HVAC multimeter and Fluke 323 Clamp Meter

Fieldpiece HS33 Expandable HVAC Multimeter With Manual Ranging StickLook at the features of the Fieldpiece HS33 HVAC Multimeter:

  • Featured with the non-contact voltage
  • Provides 400AAC and capacitance
  • Includes continuity and high voltage indicators
  • A Display which shows Min/Max and data hold values
  • Contains Silicon leads which are having detachable probe tips
  • Has a manual ranging stick to expand the range of the HVAC multimeter

The Fieldpiece has designed this awesome HVAC multimeter to measure even more HVAC parameters via a k-type thermocouple plug, a built-in non-contact voltage tester, and a diode test. It fits firmly and naturally in your palms at the time of testing. You can perform a hands-free remote test and other tests. The HVAC multimeter from Fieldpiece has got all the basic features and more of the advanced features.

Extech EX505 CAT IV-600V True HVAC MultiMeterThe heavy duty, auto ranging HVAC multimeter is designed by Extech specifically for plant maintenance, industrial, electrical, and other professions. It is a true RMS multimeter for HVAC, which is capable of taking numerous measurements, including frequency, capacitance, continuity and diode tests. The auto ranging feature helps in adjusting the measurement range automatically based on the detected source.

The Extech EX505 CAT IV – HVAC multimeter has features like:

  • It has an IP67 double molded waterproof protection
  • Can measure up to 1000V
  • Has the diode open circuit voltage of 2.8VDC
  • Featured with the frequency functions with dual sensitivity
  • Has the basic accuracy of 0.5%

Klein Tools MM6000 HVAC TRMS MultimeterThe TRMS HVAC multimeter from Klein Tools is a durable, American-made multimeter which gives accurate readings of all the signals. The auto-ranging multimeter has the ability to measure up to 1000V AC/DC voltage. It has a setting for checking the  flame sensors and an analog bar graph for the fast moving readings.

Klein Tools MM6000 HVAC Multimeter has specifications like:

  • Has a CAT IV safety rating
  • Contains 0.2% DC accuracy for basic readings
  • Has a low impedance which reduces the ghost voltage
  • Capable of measuring diode tests and continuity
  • Accessories like batteries, test leads, a thermocouple, and a carrying case are also included in the box
  • One of the best multimeter brands for HVAC

An HVAC meter is a vital tool if you are serious about having the best multimeter for a reliable, safe and hefty use. An HVAC multimeter can be used for the houses, outside areas, and in all kinds of weather conditions. Read through the descriptions, reviews and check the prices of the HVAC multimeter brands on Amazon and decide which one will fit in your budget and requirements. Hope you like the list of the “HVC Multimeter of 2018 – 2019” and will get your perfectly suitable multimeter for HVAC.


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