Best GPS Module for Arduino


Best GPS Module for Arduino

Only a few people know that right now there are more than 24 all-time active satellites in the sky which are helping us to find the right place we want to go. This thing is done via a GPS (Global Positioning System), which is accessible from anywhere on the Earth. It provides the exact coordinates of your current location, as well as the destination you want to reach. Most of the students of electronics and the hobbyists use a GPS system in their projects. The easiest way to incorporate your device network in your project you use a Best Arduino GPS Shield, which acts as a peripheral board with your cellular device.

Selecting a Best GPS for Arduino is somewhat a confusing task because there are a lot of brands providing the Arduino GPS shield. I have reviewed and compared some of the best Arduino GPS Modules available in the market and prepared this list of the “GPS Module for Arduino”. Check this list below and choose the most suitable option for your Arduino DIY project.

Best GPS Module for Arduino

Adafruit Ultimate GPS Module for Arduino- Version 3The Adafruit has designed this great Arduino GPS module, which also works well with the Raspberry Pi and other microcontroller projects. This breakout is built with an MTK3399 chipset to make it a high-quality GPS module, which can track up to 22 satellites over 66 channels.

Features of the Adafruit GPS Module for Arduino are:

  • It has an excellent high-sensitivity GPS receiver with a -165 dB tracking
  • It can update up to 10 locations per second
  • The version 3 has a friendly design with a 5V and only a 20mA current draw
  • It has a built-in data logging functionality
  • A perfect option for the Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Arduino GPS Module with an SUP500F ReceiverThe GPS Shield for Arduino made by the Dexter Industries slides over the Arduino board and provides the data through the GPS system to the Arduino. This all-in-one GPS receiver from Dexter Industries does not require any antenna.

Check the features and specifications of the Arduino GPS Module from Dexter Industries:

  • It has a serial interface via 3V LVTTL
  • It is a 65 channel, 10Hz receiver with a built-in smart antenna
  • A Skytraq SUP500F receiver is attached to the shield
  • Easy to get started with this Arduino GPS shield, as the company provides many example programs with the module
  • The shield slides into Arduino boards like UNO, Leonardo, Mega, etc.

NEO-6M SainSmart Arduino GPS Module - Aircraft Flight ControllerFeatures of the NEO-6M Arduino GPS Module from SainSmart are:

  • A USART serial IIC or TTL communication
  • It is compatible with a variety of flight control GPS receivers
  • It has a built-in ceramic antenna
  • Integrates with a 3V button battery
  • A perfect GPS shield for Arduino

The SainSmart has manufactured this NEO-6M-0001 antenna integrated GPS shield specifically for the Arduino projects. It supports the NMEA communication protocol with a serial baud rate of default 9600, 4800 and optional 38400.

Arduino GPS Shield from iTead With an Active GPS AntennaThe Arduino GPS shield from iTead converts your Arduino in a GPS receiver. It has an active GPS antenna bundle with a high receive sensitivity. You are able to locate your exact location within a specified range using this perfect Arduino GPS shield.

Specifications and features of the iTead Arduino GPS Shield are:

  • It has a MicroSD interface to use an SD card
  • Has a bundle of active GPS antenna
  • Has a UART interface
  • It is extremely fast to first fix at a low signal level
  • It has an operational temperature of -40℃ to +85℃

SparkFun Arduino GPS Shield KitSparkFun has recently introduced this GPS shield kit for Arduino, which is a great GPS module for anyone who is looking to get into the tracking world of GPS. The GPS Shield Kit from SparkFun includes a GPS shield, a set of R3 headers, which helps to solder onto the shield, and an EM-506 GPS receiver with an interface cable.

The SparkFun Arduino GPS Shield Kit has features like:

  • It has a populated EM-506 connector
  • Also includes a UP501 connector and footprint
  • For an optional use, it has an EB-85A and EM-408 connector footprints provided
  • It is a standard Arduino sized GPS shield
  • It has a coin cell battery socket for an optional battery backup of an EA-84A GPS module

A GPS receiver on the ground calculates the position and time from the data received by it from a satellite. The most important features of a GPS receiver are baud rate, positional accuracy, channels, antenna, update rate, and chipset. A perfect GPS module for Arduino has all of these features. With the help of the available libraries, the Arduino board can easily parse the NMEA data. The Best Arduino GPS Module provides a precision date, time, and location. Hope this list of the “GPS Module for Arduino” has helped you to select the perfect Arduino GPS module to connect and use in your project.


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