Best Cable Splitter for Internet and TV (June 2018)


Best Cable Splitter for Internet and TVIf you have a television system and/or an internet network, then you probably know the need of a cable splitter. A cable splitter is used in each and every cable TV system. To maintain the solid cable service or internet connection, you need to choose a right cable splitter. The cable splitter ensures that TV signals pass through unimpeded. And if you want to connect your internet modem with your television set which is provided by cable service, then the use of a cable splitter becomes more important. I have researched and filtered out this list of the “Cable Splitter for Internet and TV” to help you choosing the right electronics component.

Best Cable Splitter for High Speed Internet

PCT 8-Port Bi-Directional TV Cable Splitter with Passive ReturnIf you have multiple TV sets, cable modems or cable boxes, then this 8-port TV cable splitter from PCT is for you. It improves the analog, digital and HDTV picture quality by boosting the signal strength almost to double (+4dB).

Features of PCT 8-Port Bi-Directional TV Cable Splitter are:

  • It is designed to fit in smaller spaces while providing full performance like large sized amplifiers
  • It comes with 8 ports which double your signal strength with +4dB boost per port
  • It reduces the snow and prevents the image pixelation with a digital cable
  • It is compatible with all types of standard and digital cable TV services
  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty

RCA DH24SPF Two-Way 3GHz Bi-Di Splitter – A Best Coaxial Cable SplitterThe DH24SPF is the best coaxial cable splitter made by RCA which spits a single coaxial incoming signal into two outgoing signals. It is designed such that you get the minimum signal loss and maximum transfer rate.

Features of RCA DH24SPF Coaxial Cable Splitter are:

  • It is a 2-way Bi-Di Splitter with 3GHz transfer rate
  • It comes with gold plated input and outputs to give reliable connectivity
  • It has dual grounded connections
  • Designed with high-grade circuitry
  • It is an effective and durable solution for a cable TV splitting

BAMF 2-Way MoCA 5-2300MHz Coaxial Cable SplitterThe BAMF coaxial cable splitter is for the people who want high-quality cable components for their cable setups. It gives an improved performance to the end users with it 5-2300MHz bandwidth.

Features of BAMF 2-Way MoCA Coaxial Cable Splitter are:

  • It is a solid built 2-way coaxial cable splitter for cable TV and satellite service
  • With the 5-2300MHz bandwidth, it is great for MoCA
  • It comes with an internal circuit board which gives better durability and reliability
  • Very low signal loss of just 3.5dB on each output port
  • Power passing ports for an easy satellite connection
  • It has a high shielding structure which lowers digital noise and helps to improve signal quality

Extreme BDS102H 2 Way HD Digital 1Ghz Cable Splitter for Internet and TVThe Extreme BDS102H internet cable splitter has a Zinc die-cast housing and fully soldered back. It ensures the best electrical performance with guaranteed peak performance in every environment and condition.

Features of Extreme BDS102H Cable Splitter for Internet and TV are:

  • You can mount it horizontally, vertically or simply snap it into the Infinity Premise Enclosure due to its True Flex Housing feature
  • It has a low signal loss of just 3.5dB at output ports
  • Comes with 1GHz high bandwidth
  • It has an F-port center conductor seizure mechanism which eliminates the chance of water ingress
  • It is tested under pressure of 15 psi and worked perfectly fine
  • The state-of-the-art SMD technology gives electrical and mechanical peak performance
  • Zinc alloy die-cast housing and back cover extend the product life even more

Monoprice 110013 PREMIUM 2-Way Coax TV Cable SplitterThe 110013 2-way TV cable splitter from Monoprice is a premium coaxial cable splitter which is able to split a single input signal to separate multiple signals. It is ideal for those who want additional outputs into multiple displays from one single source.

Features of Monoprice 11013 Premium TV Cable Splitter are:

  • It splits a single coaxial cable signal into separate multiple signals
  • It has 5~2400MHz input and output semi-isolation
  • It comes with F-type screw for Video VCR and cable TV antenna
  • It is convenient and ideal for the people who need multiple outputs from one single source
  • It is one of the best TV cable splitters I have tested

BAMF Coax MoCA 5-2300MHz 4 Way Cable SplitterThe 4 Way cable splitter from BAMF built for improved performance while splitting multiple output signal from a single source of input. Unlike to some other cheaper splitters, the BAMF 4 Way cable splitter has a more durable and reliable circuit board to pass a signal from one port to another port.

Features of BAMF Bi-Directional 4 Way Cable Splitter are:

  • This 4 Way cable splitter is designed for satellite, Television Systems, and antenna services
  • It comes with Zinc die-cast housing with nickel plating
  • It has low insertion loss and high isolation rate
  • It is made to connect any sized coaxial cables including the newer RG6 cable
  • The power passing ports are great for easy satellite connection
  • It has a weather-resistant design which makes it more durable

Cable Matters 2.4 GHz Gold Plated 4-Way Cable SplitterThe Cable Matters has designed this gold-plated 4-way cable splitter which is able to split an incoming coaxial signal from a TV, VCR, cable box, antenna, or satellite into separate multiple outgoing signals. The gold plating is ensuring corrosion free connection.

Features of Cable Matters Gold Plated 4-Way Cable Splitter are:

  • It is convenient and cost-effective coaxial cable splitters come in a pack of 2
  • The gold plating design ensures a corrosion free connection with increased durability
  • The Zinc cast housing reduces insertion loss
  • It comes with mounting screws and can be used for different devices
  • It is also known as a coaxial splitter, RG6 splitter, F type splitter, RF splitter, coaxial video splitter, etc.

Cable Splitter Comparison

Output Bandwidth Signal loss
PCT TV Cable Splitter 8 way 1GHz 4db
RCA DH24SPF Bi-Di Splitter 2 Way 3 Ghz 3db
BAMF Coaxial Cable Splitter 2 Way 2.3GHz 3.5db
Extreme BDS102H Cable Splitter 2 Way 1GHz 3.5db

The cable splitter directs the signal for new devices and helps to make cable connections from different rooms. An internet cable splitter helps you to increase the cable connections with an increase of electronic devices in your home. It provides signals to routers, TVs, cable modems, and internet routers. The coaxial cable splitter comes in 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, or 8-way and generally cheap in price. You can choose any type of cable TV splitter or an internet cable splitter from the above list of the “Cable Splitter for Internet and TV” as per your requirements.


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