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The Raspberry Pi Heatsink helps you to keep your beloved Raspberry Pi device super cool! The best heatsinks for Raspberry Pi allow you to uninstall noisy fans from your device. The main advantage of using Raspberry Pi heatsink is that it helps in extending the life of your Raspberry Pi and reducing the risk of the hardware failure. It gives a nice look to your Raspberry Pi kit and makes a perfect match with your Raspberry Pi device. Check the list below and choose the most suitable heatsink for your Pi model.

best raspberry pi heatsink

Best Raspberry Pi Heatsink 


Kootek Aluminum Raspberry Pi HeatsinkKootek has made this awesome Raspberry Pi Heatsink with an adhesive backing strip from aluminum material to keep it light weight. It comes in a set of 3 heatsinks. It is specially made for the Raspberry Pi device and is one of the Raspberry Pi heatsinks.

Check the features of Kootek Aluminum Raspberry Pi Heatsink:

  • Made from aluminum to keep it lightweight
  • Comes in a set of 3 heatsinks
  • Specifically made for Raspberry Pi
  • Comes with thermal transfer tape
  • Works on SMCI USB/NIC controller chip
  • It is one of the best heatsinks for Raspberry Pi


JBtek® Copper Aluminium Raspberry Pi HeatsinkJBtech has made a set of two cooling heatsinks for Raspberry Pi devices, which have a pre-applied thermal adhesive material. It is pretty simple to be installed on your Raspberry Pi 2 model B and model B+. It provides significant cooling than the noisy fans. This is the Raspberry Pi heatsink made by JBtek.

Specifications of the JBtek Raspberry Pi Heatsink are:

  • Made from aluminum and copper
  • Set of two heatsinks for Raspberry Pi 2 model B and B+
  • Works on SMCI USB/NIC controller chip
  • Best for overclocking or long time usage of Raspberry Pi
  • Easy to install on your Pi device


LinuxFreak brand Aluminum Raspberry Pi HeatsinkThe set of two heatsinks provided by LinuxFreak to make it a good Raspberry Pi cooling equipment with increased performance. The thermal adhesive material is pre-installed on the heatsink to give an excellent cooling performance. It is easy to install this Raspberry Pi heatsink on your favorite Pi model. It is tested to fit with your Raspberry Pi CPU/SOC.

The LinuxFreak Raspberry Pi Heatsink has features like:

  • Made from aluminum, so it is a lightweight heatsink
  • Provides a significant cooling rather than using the non-cooled stock state
  • Comes with pre-installed thermal adhesive material for improved cooling performance
  • Easy installation on your Pi device
  • Set of two heatsinks
  • Has cross-cut fin design, which improves the airflow and surface area regarding the plain fin coolers
  • Best for small RAM/CPU/GPU/Southbridge etc.


Black Adhesive Aluminum Heatsink for Raspberry PiThis 3 piece set of black adhesive aluminum heatsinks is made by Games&Tech and works best with your Raspberry Pi models. It has a layer of thermal adhesive which allows easy installation on your board. This best-quality Raspberry Pi heatsink reduces the risk of overheating and hardware failure problem due to the long period usage of your Pi device.

Specifications of Raspberry Pi Heatsink from Games&Tech are:

  • Fits easily with the RAM/CPU, Power Chips of Raspberry Pi devices
  • Keeps your Pi device cool at the time of overclocking
  • Just peel and stick with your device
  • Pre-applied thermal adhesive for easy installation
  • Set of 3 heatsinks
  • Brand new and high-quality heatsink for Raspberry Pi


LoveRPi Performance Heatsink Set for Raspberry PiWith a straight design and double height than the other standard heatsinks, the LoveRPi heatsink is perfect for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Whether you want a passive or active usage, this Raspberry Pi heatsink will provide an extreme cooling performance.

Features of LoveRPi Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 3 are:

  • Tailor made design is perfect for the CPU and LAN chipset of the Raspberry Pi models, especially for Pi 2 and Pi 3
  • The double-sided 3M thermal transfer tape offers an easy installation
  • It prevents hotspot generation on the SoC of the Raspberry Pi and extends the capability of cooling
  • It allows you to perform worry-free overclocking on your CPU
  • Apart from the Raspberry Pi, it is also compatible with the Banana Pi, Orange Pi, and other standard single board computers

Mudder Aluminum Heatsink Cooler Cooling Kit for Raspberry PiThe aluminum heatsink from Mudder is specially designed for cooling the Raspberry Pi processors and LAN chipsets. It is a set of 8 pieces in which four pieces have dimensions of 8.9X8.9 mm and remaining four pieces have 14.2X14.2 mm dimensions.

Features of Mudder Heatsink for Raspberry Pi are:

  • It comes with adhesive thermal tape for a quick and easy installation
  • Comes in a set of 8 pieces so that you can use it for multiple CPUs and LAN chipsets
  • Suitable for almost all the Raspberry Pi models
  • Also applicable to other single board computers like BeagleBone, etc.

SainSmart Copper Heatsink for Raspberry PiSainsmart has made this Raspberry Pi heatsink from copper material. It comes in a set of 3 heatsinks specially made for Raspberry Pi devices. It lowers the temperature of your circuit overall to 50 C.

Check the features of the SainSmart Raspberry Pi Heatsink:

  • It comes in a set of 3 heatsinks
  • It is made exclusively for Raspberry Pi
  • Easily fits with the CPU/RAM, Power Chips and Network of your Raspberry Pi
  • Has a pre-applied thermal adhesive material
  • Easy to install on your Pi device
  • Cools your device up to 50 C


The different heatsinks are made for different kinds of Raspberry Pi models, but overall their working is same. The best heatsinks for Raspberry Pi reduce the risk of the hardware failure due to an overheating problem. They are having such a low profile that, they fit in most of the cases easily. They come in perfect sizes for the Raspberry Pi CPU/RAM/Power Chips. Hope you like the list of the “Raspberry Pi Heatsink of 2018 -2019” and will share with your buddies to help them in finding their best computing component.


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