Best Hexacopter Frame | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide of 2021


Best Hexacopter FrameHello guys, today I will be presenting to you the Best Hexacopter Frame. Sure there are quadcopters available in the market today, but a Hexacopter has always won for me! Simply because they take such stunning pictures and come with six whole different motors and propellers.

Best Hexacopter Frame

So this is my review and guide based on the Best Hexacopter Frame that I have had my hands on!

1. Hobbypower Hexacopter Frame Kit

Hobbypower Hexacopter Frame KitHobby power S550 F550 Upgrade Hexacopter is a high-quality PCB. It is built of carbon fibre material and carries an exquisite design. It features a centre plate with a solder point. You will only find a frame in the kit and no extra electronic parts. The inside part of the arms is made of a carbon rod. This makes the arms hard and strong and while using it shakes less. The carbon fibre used in the landing gear is of exceptional quality. You get a wheelbase of 550mm. Other technical features are as follows; it has a brushless motor in size of 2212 – 2216. And it uses a battery of 3S-4S 2200mAh-5200mAh. It comes with plastic injection modelling. Hobby Power ensures hardness and is so light in weight. 


2. FPVDrone Hexacopter Frame Kit 

FPVDrone Hexacopter Frame KitFPVDrone S550 Hexacopter Frame Kit comes along with a good quality unfoldable carbon fibre landing gear. It has an S800 upward tilt arm design. It features a plastic injection that ensures hardness and lighter weight. It has a brushless gimbal compatible with FPV. Other specifications include the wheelbase that measures 550mm. It weighs around 550g making it light in weight. It uses a battery of 3S-4S 2200mAh-5200mAh. This kit comes with a high-quality PCB centreboard that is soldered. It is made of carbon fibre material and has an exquisite design. The inside of the arms is made of Carbon Rod, which makes the arm hard and strong.


3. Powerday S550 Hexacopter Frame Kit 

Powerday S550 Hexacopter Frame KitThe power day S550 Hexacopter Frame Kit comes with a carbon fibre landing and a gear plastic arm. This frame is light in weight but exceptionally strong. This product comes with a bonus built-in printed circuit board (PCB) for neat and easy wiring. Along with that, it has an added lift capacity of a hex configuration. Which makes this frame ideal for carrying larger payloads such as camera systems and other electronic components. You can assemble this frame simply with pre-threaded sleeves, and you do not even need lock nuts. This one is a universal frame at an affordable price.


4. USAQ Hexacopter Integrated Frame Kit

USAQ Hexacopter Integrated Frame KitThe USAQ F550 550mm Hexacopter Drone Frame is made of excellent quality materials. The mainframe is made of glass fibre. And you get arms constructed from ultra-durable polyamide nylon. It features an integrated PCB connection for direct soldering that cuts off the need for a power distribution board or messy multi-connectors. V3 also comes with stronger moulded arms. It is more than easy to assemble this one as you require no lock-nuts. It also features coloured arms, which makes it look great. Which helps you fly in the right direction without the need for different coloured props.


5. Kamas Hexacopter Carbon Fiber Frame

Kamas Hexacopter Carbon Fiber FrameThis Kamas RD 290 RD290 Hexacopter Frame is ideal because of its capability and high stiffness. The Carbon Fiber Frames are pretty rigid and improve stability and flight performance. It has been made using 100% pure carbon frames. They feature pure carbon fibre arms of thickness 3mm. The frame has a wheelbase measuring 290mm and weighs around 180gm. This is specially designed for racing drones and has lots of space for mounting all the required components. Apart from that, this frame is ideal for mounting cameras and other accessories.


Amongst all these best hexacopter frames, my choice is the Hobbypower S550 F550. It has an excellent built-up design, great arms with a centre plate and solder point. It is easy to install and also light in weight to use.


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