Best Arduino Sensor Module Kit of 2016 – 2017


There are a plenty of Arduino Projects you can do with your Best arduino starter kits. And for having a great starter kit to create awesome designs, you need some great functional components. The Arduino Sensor Kit is one of them. All of the best Arduino sensor module kits are reviewed and compared here. Check this list to analyze and to see the difference between the best sensors for Arduino!

Best Arduino Sensor Module Kit of 2016Best Arduino Sensor Module Kit of 2016 – 2017


SunFounder Arduino Sensor Kit for Arduino UNO R3 SunFounder has developed this 37 modules Arduino Sensor Kit, which is the best Arduino sensor kit for beginners. It includes the basic sensors like Arduino temperature sensor, Arduino water level sensor, sound and laser light sensor, button sensor, magnetic sensor, and so on.

Check the specifications of the Best Arduino Sensor Kit for beginners from Sunfounder:

  • It includes 37 Arduino sensor modules and 34 projects
  • Specially designed for the beginners in electronics and Arduino
  • Has a complete set of electronics components for Arduino Sensor Kit
  • Project instruction guide with source code is also provided
  • Also available with Arduino UNO R3 board and Arduino Mega 2560

37-in-1 Arduino Sensor Module Kit – BlackThe 37 in 1 Arduino Sensors kit is developed by RobotLinking and having the Arduino sensors in black colors. It includes all the basic Arduino sensors, including Photoresistor sensor, Humiture sensor, obstacle avoidance sensor, tracking sensor, and much more.

Features of 37-in-1 Arduino Sensor Module Kit from RobotLinking are:

  • This awesome Arduino sensor kit helps you in controlling the physical world with Arduino pressure sensor
  • It also includes Arduino ir sensor, a distance sensor for Arduino to avoid obstacles, Arduino sound and temperature sensors, etc.
  • This 37 in 1 Arduino sensor kit from RobotLinking has every kind of funny and completed sensor modules for Arduino lovers

OSOYOO 2016 new 20 in 1 Arduino Sensor Modules Kit Learning PackageOSOYOO has designed this beginners Arduino sensor module kit which has 20 projects and 20 sensor modules for Arduino. If you are a rookie in the field of electronics and Arduino specifically, then this kit is for you. Just buy it from Amazon and get started with your first Arduino project in a perfect way.

Features of the OSOYOO 20 in 1 Arduino Sensor Kit are:

  • Includes 20 projects and 20 Arduino Sensor modules
  • Newly developed sensor kit for the beginners in Arduino
  • FREE project introduction and source code with the kit
  • Have all the electronic components those are useful for an Arduino sensor kit
  • Available in 10 different sizes and types


SainSmart 37 in 1 Arduino Sensor Module Kit for UNO R3The newly designed and developed Arduino sensor kit from SainSmart has 37 Arduino sensor modules in 1 set. It is a cheap starter kit which comes with an instruction guide and source code of the projects for Arduino beginners. However, the kit does not include an Arduino UNO board; it contains enough components to make a complete set for Arduino sensor kit.

Specifications of the Arduino Sensor Module Kit from SainSmart:

  • Have 37 Arduino Sensor modules in 1 set
  • Includes all useful electronic components to make a complete set of Arduino Sensor Kit
  • Specially designed for the Arduino beginners
  • 24×7 technical support from the SainSmart expert team


VKmaker T30 45 in 1 Sensors Modules Starter Kit for ArduinoThe T30 45 in 1 sensor module kit from VKmaker is a great electronics kit to tinker with different Arduino sensors. This sensor module starter kit is specially designed for the Arduino beginners.

Features and specifications of VKmaker T30 Arduino Sensor Kit are:

  • It includes most of the electronics components that are useful for common Arduino projects
  • Tested and certified Arduino sensors which will make it easy to program and control different Arduino modules
  • Some of the sensors you will get in this kit are Arduino temperature and humidity sensor, Arduino water level sensor, IR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, etc.
  • It also includes two special gifts in which you will get an MQ-2 gas sensor and a high assortment of resistors
  • It will help you to implement the key skill of designing the Arduino DIY projects by programming the different Arduino sensors

Kuman 16 in 1 Modules Sensor Kit for ArduinoIf you are a rookie in the field of Arduino programming, then you should bring this Kuman 16 in 1 module sensor kit at your home or lab. It is a perfect kit for beginners which comes with Arduino source code to help you making amazing Arduino designs. This module package is also compatible with the Raspberry Pi kits.

Specifications and features of Kuman 16 in 1 Arduino Sensor Module Kit are:

  • It is a specially designed kit which will help you to learn more about Arduino designs
  • It is compatible with Arduino UNO R3, Nano, Mega2560, Mega328, and also with Raspberry Pi
  • The kit also includes source code for different Arduino projects with detailed tutorials
  • Temperature sensor, obstacle avoidance sensor, ultrasonic sensor, ir sensor, etc. are some of the Arduino sensors which will come with this kit

Mihappy RFID Sensor Module Kits for ArduinoThe Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Arduino sensor module kit from Mihappy is useful for a wide range of commercial applications and projects of hobbyists. With the help of this kit, you will be able to read and write round tags and rectangle tags.

Features of Mihappy RFID Sensor Module Kit Key Card for Arduino are:

  • It is compatible with Arduino nano, mega 2560, UNO R3, and Raspberry Pi
  • It comes with an MFRC522 chip from Philips
  • Operating power voltage of 3.3V and current of 13-26mA
  • It has an operating frequency of 13.56MHz

It is always exciting and nervous when you are beginning with your first electronics project. But with the help of the best electronics starter kits, you get the best result out of it. Don’t try too much and just start with the basics, and I am pretty sure that you will create potential designs and get some fun from it also. Buying a best Arduino sensor module kit of 2016 – 2017 is the perfect way to start your first Arduino project to go in a right direction. So, why to wait more? Just buy one from the above list and go with your beloved Arduino!


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