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Best Arduino GSM ShieldAs we all know a GSM is stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and is an international standard for the cell phones. An Arduino GSM shield is a GSM modem. A GPRS is a General Packet Radio Service, which is a technology for switching packets between devices and provide idealized data rates.

An Arduino GSM shield and Arduino GPRS shield allow your Arduino board  to make calls, to send and receive SMS, and to connect to the internet using a GSM library. The best Arduino GSM shield and GPRS shield will work out of the box with your Arduino and compatible to all of the Arduino boards like Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega, Arduino Mega ADK, Arduino YUN, Arduino Leonardo, etc. Currently, the Arduino Due does not supported by the Arduino GSM/GPRS shield, but it will get it soon. Take a look at the list of the “Best Arduino GSM Shield” and choose the most suitable GSM shield and or GPRS shield for the Arduino you own.

SainSmart Sim900 GSM Shield for Arduino UNO, MegaThe SainSmart has designed this GSM (GPRS) shield, which is based on the Sim900 module from SIMCOM and is completely compatible with the Arduino boards. The shield provides a way for communication using the GSM mobile phone network.

Features of the Sim900 Arduino GSM shield From SainSmart are:

  • It is completely compatible with Arduino UNO, and Arduino Mega boards
  • A high-quality electronics product from SainSmart which works on 2G networks
  • It works on all the GSM networks in all the countries in the world
  • The Embedded TCP/UDP stack allows uploading your data to a web server
  • The shield also has 12 GPIOs, an ADC, and 2 PWMs
  • It consumes low power – nearly to 1.5mA
  • A complete Sim900 GSM/GPRS Board Quad-Band Module Kit

Geeetech SIMCOM SIM900 Arduino GSM GPRS Shield Development BoardThe Geeetech Sim900 Arduino GSM Shield provides a way of communication using the cell phone’s GSM network. It allows you to do SMS, MMS, Audio and GPRS via UART and by sending the AT commands.

The Geeetech Arduino GSM Shield has features like:

  • It is based on the Sim900 module from SIMCOM
  • It is perfectly compatible with the Arduino and its clone devices
  • The Quad-band 1900/ 1800/ 900/ 850 MHz works on all the GSM networks across the world
  • It allows you to achieve GPRS, SMS, Audio and MMS by sending AT commands via UART
  • The shield has 2 PWMs, 12 GPIOs, and an ADC of the Sim900 module

Arduino Wireless GSM - GPRS Shield from ArduinoFeatures of the official Arduino Wireless GSM Shield are:

  • It is based on the Quad-band Sim900 module from SIMCOM
  • It is fully compatible with the Arduino Mega2560 development board series
  • To ensure that the RTC works, it has onboard supercapacitors
  • It is an SIM application toolkit
  • It has a supply voltage range of 3.1V to 4.8V

The official Arduino GSM shield from the Arduino supports both the hardware and software switch machines with an EFCom supply of 5V. It consumes low power nearly to 1.5mA at an operational temperature of -40 ° C to +85 ° C.  The serial communication feature allows you to have a free choice of software serial port (D2/D3) or hardware serial ports (D0/D1) and board communication.

1Sheeld GSM Shield For Arduino and AndroidIntegreight has designed this awesome 1Sheeld, which turns your smartphone into an Arduino Shield (Re-configurable). The 1Sheeld is divided into two parts, the first part is a shield which physically connects with the Arduino board to act as a wireless middle man, which transfers the data between any Android device and Arduino through Bluetooth. The second part is a software app on the Android device, which manages the communication between the shield and the smartphone.

The 1Sheeld from Integreight for Arduino and Android is:

  • Compatible with most of the Arduino boards, including the Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega
  • Working on the tablets V2.3 and above and on Android Smartphones
  • Including with sensor shields, communication shields, input/output shields and social media shields
  • Allowing you to experience over 40 Arduino shields on your Android smartphone
  • Using a standard HC-06 2.1 Bluetooth Adapter

Adafruit FONA 808 ADA2636 Arduino GSM Shield - Mini Cellular GSM + GPSThe Adafruit has introduced this FONA 808 GSM + GPS shield, which is an all-in-one cellular phone module to add a voice, text, location-tracking, SMS, and data to your Arduino project. It is an all-in-one shield for your Arduino board.

Features of the Adafruit GSM + GPS shield for Arduino are:

  • It fits right over your Arduino board
  • The SIM808 is a powerful, integrated GSM cellular module with to do everything
  • It can be connected to any GSM network in all the countries across the world
  • It includes a LiPoly battery charging circuit to allow you to take your project on the go
  • It is a fully integrated Arduino GPS shield, which can be controlled by the same serial port

Seeed Arduino GPRS shieldThis Seeedstudio GPRS shield for Arduino allows you to hook up your Arduino to any GSM/GPRS cell phone network. Using an AT commands you can send a text message or dial a phone number through your Arduino.

Check the amazing features of the Arduino GPRS Shield from Seeedstudio:

  • It is compatible with all the standard Arduino boards, including Arduino Mega
  • You can select from the software serial port and the hardware serial port via the selectable interface
  • It supports the TCP/UDP protocols
  • It is featured with a compact PCB antenna and a quad-band GSM/GPRS module to consume low power
  • A reliable Arduino GPRS shield with a convenient external SIM card holder

TinyShine GPRS and GSM Shield for ArduinoFeatures of the Arduino GSM and GPRS shield from TinyShine are:

  • A fully compatible GSM / GPRS shield for your Arduino board
  • It comes with a GSM antenna
  • It has an ADC, 12 GPIOs, and 2 PWMs to augment the Arduino
  • The shield is based on the Sim900 module from SIMCOM
  • You can control your Arduino using the AT commands, Standard commands, and Enhanced commands
  • The shield also has an external SIM card holder

This GPRS and GSM Shield for Arduino from TinyShine allows you to use your cell phone’s GSM network to receive the data from a remote location. You can receive the data via SMS, Audio, or a GPRS service. The TinyShine GPRS and GSM shield for Arduino have all types of communication features with an embedded TCP/UDP stack to upload your data to a web server.

It is advisable that you test and check whether the GSM shield is compatible with your Arduino board or not. Putting your DIY projects on the GSM wireless network using the Arduino GSM shield and the Arduino GPRS shield is a very useful thing. As a designer, we should push forward our electronics and programming capabilities and choose the right components and gadgets to produce some creative and interesting out of it. Hope you liked the list of the “Best Arduino GSM Shield” and likely to choose a perfect GSM shield for your Arduino board to navigate via GPS receivers. Mention in the comment, which shield impressed you the most to buy and like & share this list to provide the best resource of buying an Arduino GSM shield to the Arduino lovers.


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