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Hello, Readers! Quite a time since my last post on the Arduino stuff (Really busy on other nevertheless important topics, though!). This post is related to the “Arduino Board of 2017 – 2018”. So, how you choose a Arduino board for your kit? It is a primary and an important question which should raise in every Arduino Lover’s mind. Well, it really depends on the type of board you wanted. Whether you need an UNO R3 board, a super processing board like Arduino Due, a board which works great for the Internet of Things (IoT), or a tiny board for your size dependable project kit. So, by keeping this in mind, I have listed the best Arduino board for each type of need. Hope you enjoy the reading. So, let’s go to the list then:

Best Arduino Boards

Arduino UNO R3 Board With DIP ATmega328PThe official Arduino UNO R3 Board is a microcontroller board which is based on ATmega328P. The board has enough capacity to provide complete support to the microcontroller. You just need to power it with a battery or an AC-to-DC adapter or you can simply connect it to a computer using a Power cable. It is without no doubt, the best Arduino board among the all UNO R3 boards.

Features of the Arduino UNO R3 board from Arduino are:

  • Supports ATmega328P microcontroller
  • Made in Italy
  • Has 14 digital i/o pins from which 6 pins can be used as PWM outputs
  • Contains 6 analog inputs
  • 32KB of flash memory of which the bootloader uses 0.5KB
  • 2KB of SRAM and 1KB of EEPROM
  • A USB connection, a 16 MHz quartz crystal, an ICSP header, a power jack, and a reset button also included with the Arduino board

Arduino Board MEGA 2560 R3The superior version of the Arduino UNO board is known as MEGA 2560 R3. It is powered by an ATmega2560 chip. It is capable of programming 4 times more than the size capability of the UNO R3 board.

Specifications of the Best Arduino Board – MEGA 2560 R3 are:

  • It has more than 54 digital i/o pins from which 15 pins can be used as PWM outputs
  • It can be operated with the external power supply of 6V to 20V
  • Contains a huge storage space for programs
  • It does not need external ICs for running sizeable projects
  • You can find a number of examples of projects and codes on the web for this best Arduino board for running massive programs
  • Clock speed of 16MHz
  • 256KB from which a bootloader  uses 8KB
  • Compatible to all current boards and shields

Arduino Yun Board for Internet of Things (IoT)To connect to the cloud-based services using the Arduino platform, the Arduino Yun is the best Arduino board you can use. It uses low bandwidths and a low memory and features with the separate Linux based system installed on the motherboard using a chip. For the projects of the Internet of Things, it is the best Arduino board.

Check the features of the Arduino Yun Board for IoT (Internet of Things):

  • Supported by the ATmega32U4 microcontroller and the Chip of Atheros AR9331 for the Linux part
  • Has 20 digital i/o pins ( 7 PWM outputs)
  • 32KB flash memory and clock speed of 16MHz
  • WiFi enabled Linux based system
  • Connects with a microUSB connector

Arduino Due BoardThe Arduino Due Board is one of the newest Arduino Boards. It is featured with a 32-bit ARM processor, which makes it a heavy-hitter of the Arduino family. This hardcore best Arduino board can be used for the most complex projects and for more i/o pins on a smaller Arduino board.

Below are the features of the Arduino Due Board:

  • Packed with a 32-bit ARM cortex M3 processor
  • Supports the AT91SAM3X8E microcontroller
  • 54 digital i/o pins from which can be used as 12 PWM outputs
  • 12 Analog inputs and 2 Analog outputs pins
  • Clock speed of 84MHz

Arduino Nano v3.0 BoardThe Nano v3.0 is the complete and small breadboard-friendly Arduino board which is based on the ATmega328 or ATmega168 microcontroller. It is quite similar with the Arduino Duemilanove but in a different form. The Arduino Nano board has been designed and produced by the Gravitech.

Check the specifications of the Arduino Nano board below:

  • Supports Atmel ATmega168 or ATmega328 microcontroller
  • Has the operating voltage of 5V
  • Contains 14 digital i/o pins of which 6 pins can be used as PWM outputs
  • A 16KB flash memory for ATmega168 or a 32KB flash memory for ATmega328
  • Has the clock speed of 16MHz

Arduino Micro BoardWhen the size matters to you, then it is recommended that you should go with the Arduino Micro board. It is the tiniest and cutest Arduino Board till the date. In the first look, it looks like a gum stick, but it is quite a powerful board with 32KB of flash memory and 2.5KB of RAM to support an 8-bit microcontroller. A best Arduino Board that can be used for the basic Arduino sketches or for the USB client projects, like, to use it as a keyboard or mouse for your computer.

Features and Specifications of the Arduino Micro Board are:

  • Supports an ATmega328U4 microcontroller
  • Has an operating voltage of 5V
  • 20 digital i/o pins
  • Has a clock speed of 16 MHz
  • Input voltage of 7V-12V
  • It is quite similar to the Arduino Leonardo

 Arduino Boards

Clock Speed Flash Memory SRAM Digital I/O Pins Analog Pins
Arduino UNO R3 Board 16 MHz 32 KB 2 KB 14 6
Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 Board 16 MHz 256 KB 8 KB 54 16
Arduino Yun Board 16 MHz 16 MB 2.5 KB 20 12
Arduino Due Board 16 MHz 512 KB 96 KB 54 12
Arduino Nano Board 16 MHz 32 KB 2 KB 14 8
Arduino Micro Board 8 MHz 32 KB 2.5 KB 20 12

There are a lot of different types and sizes available for the Arduino Boards. It depends all on your needs and requirements to buy a Arduino Board. This was the list of the “Arduino Board of 2016 – 2017”, I hope you liked it. If you are looking for the Arduino Robot Kits for Beginners or simply in a search of the Best Arduino Kits, then all of the stuff you will find here at the Best On Internet.

There is always a scope for improvements. So, I will really appreciate if you give your useful suggestions and ideas to improve the above list for the Arduino Board!


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