Best Arduino Bluetooth Serial Module


Best Arduino Bluetooth Serial Module

The use of the smartphones and mobile devices is growing year by year and they are becoming an essential tool for the communication. Every frequent time, there are new technologies invented by the experts in the field. Some of them work well with your device while some of them are totally having no any kind of relation to you or your device.

If you are doing an Arduino DIY project, then the easiest way to make it a communicable device is, to use a Bluetooth serial module. You can receive and send data or information from the sensors to Arduino or an iOS device. You can design a home automation system or can build a number of robots controlled wireless designs using a best Bluetooth module for Arduino. This list of the “Arduino Bluetooth Serial Module” will show you some of the top options for Arduino Bluetooth shield. Check it below and select the suitable Bluetooth serial module.

Best Bluetooth Module For Arduino

Upgraded Arduino Bluetooth Module With a DuPont Cable from KEDSUMKEDSUM has upgraded this Arduino Bluetooth Serial module, which is great for local monitoring. The module works out of the box and you can also connect it to your PC for communication.

Check the specifications of the Arduino Bluetooth Module from KEDSUM:

  • It is a perfect GPS receiver for controlling MCU projects
  • It is a drop-in replacement for a wired serial connection
  • It runs in a slave role and can be paired with a BT dongle
  • Can be run in a coupled mode or PC hosted mode
  • The default serial port setting is 9600 1 and pairing code is 1234
  • Comes with a DuPont cable

JBtek HC-05 Wireless Arduino Bluetooth Serial ModuleFeatures of the JBtek HC-05 Arduino Bluetooth Serial Module are:

  • Two in one HC-05 Bluetooth module works in both slave and master role
  • It supports the Bluetooth V2.0 protocol standards
  • You can use the CSR mainstream Bluetooth chip
  • The user can set up the potter default rate of 9600
  • The size of the core module is 28x15x2.35 mm

The JBtek HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Serial Module for Arduino has a working current of 30mA, and for communications, it sets for 8mA. It can be used for a GPS navigation system, a water and gas meter reading system or any Arduino DIY project.

JY-MCU Arduino Bluetooth Wireless Module by SHANHAIYou can give a Bluetooth connectivity to your Arduino DIY gadgets with the help of this great Bluetooth Serial module from SHANHAI. It is a cheap Bluetooth module for Arduino which is compatible With any official Arduino board can be used for a variety of DIY projects.

The SHANHAI JY-MCU Arduino Bluetooth Module has specifications like:

  • Easy to use design
  • Comes in a durable plastic case to ensure the safety
  • A connection cable of 18.6cm length also comes with the module
  • A perfect replacement for a wired serial connection
  • Comes in  a size of 4.4×1.6×0.7 cm

SunFounder HC-06 Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Module With BackplaneThis is an HC-06 Bluetooth module for Arduino from SunFounder. It allows you to send and receive TTL data through your Arduino board using a Bluetooth technology without a wired connection. It works with any USB Arduino Bluetooth adapter.

HC-06 Arduino Bluetooth Serial Module from SunFounder is:

  • A perfect RF transceiver in the Bluetooth module board series
  • Coming with an LED indicator light
  • Compatible with the Bluetooth slave module, master module or a whole master-slave module
  • Using a 150mA and 3.3V regulation chip
  • Having a default baud rate of 9600, 8, 1, n
  • Coming with a built-in antenna

Arducam HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module with RF Communication for ArduinoProduct features of the Arducam HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Module are:

  • Has a built-in antenna of 2.4GHz, which does not require any debugging
  • A default baud rate of 9600 and pairing code: 1234
  • Supports Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR technology at 2-3 Mbps modulation
  • The HC-06 Bluetooth module includes a GND, VCC, RXD, TXD interface
  • Has a reserved LED status output pin

The HC-06 Bluetooth shield for Arduino from Arducam is a seamless Transceiver Module with RF Communication which is compliant with a 2.0 USB protocol. It supports FTP format for the datasheets transfer between the Bluetooth devices.

Bluefruit EZ-Link – Arduino Bluetooth Serial Link by Adafruit The Bluefruit EZ-Link from the Adafruit Industries is a best Bluetooth serial link made by the company. It is a regular ‘SSP’ serial link client device, which can be connected to any PC, tablet or an Arduino DIY project. It can change the baud rates and can also toggle the DTR pin as you desire.

The Bluefruit EZ-Link from Adafruit is having features like:

  • A perfect Arduino Bluetooth serial link
  • It allows wireless Arduino programming from PCs or Tablets
  • It does not require extra software, custom firmware, custom hardware or odd firmware hacks
  • Automatic synchronization of the DTR/RTS/DSR flows control pins to the computer serial port
  • Works great with the Windows and Mac PCs

HC-05 Arduino Bluetooth Serial Module With RF Transceiver by EachbidFeatures and specifications of the Eachbid HC-05 Bluetooth Serial Module for Arduino are:

  • Has an operating voltage of 3.3V
  • Output power class of class 2
  • Has an 8Mbit flash memory size
  • Comes with an unlicensed ISM band with 2.4GHz frequency
  • Supports V2.0 and EDR Bluetooth Specifications

The Eachbid HC-05 Bluetooth Serial Module for Arduino is a brand new and high-quality Bluetooth module which supports both the master and slave modes. It can easily transfer the UART data to your Arduino device through the wireless Bluetooth technology. You can also combine this serial module with your system.

All of the above Bluetooth serial modules are easy to set up with your Arduino devices. They are the best option for a wireless communication system with your Arduino board. It is easy to work with all these options of Arduino Bluetooth Shield. Most of the Bluetooth Serial modules use a pinout connector to be plugged into the Arduino board while some of them can easily stack on the top of your Arduino board. Hope this list of the “Arduino Bluetooth Serial Module” provides you the best option for a wireless communication system or a DIY wireless Arduino controlled project using an Arduino Bluetooth Serial Module.


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