Best Wireless Display Adapter


Best Wireless Display Adapter

The days are gone when your closed ones have to crowd around your smartphone or tablet to watch an awesome video or your favorite photographs. Now you can broadcast your videos, images, and even apps on the bigger screen of your TV or computer monitor with the help of a Wireless Display Adapter. With the help of a wireless display adapter, you can mirror your smartphone, tablet or computer monitor screen onto your bigger flat panel HDTV screen. You can plug a WIDI adapter to your conference room monitor or projector and can project your ideas in real time on a big screen. Check the list of the “Wireless Display Adapter” and expand the limit of your imagination.

Best Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2 – WIDI CertifiedWith the latest Version2 of the Wireless Display Adapter from Microsoft helps you to share your smartphone, tablet or laptop screen on a bigger HDMI TV or monitor. It is a plug-n-play wireless display adapter, so you just need to plug it into your HDTV, connect with your small screen device and then wirelessly beam your media and content.

Features of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2 are:

  • It works with all Miracast enabled smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • You do not require internet connection to use it
  • It helps to mirror your mobile, tablet or laptop’s small screen to a bigger HDMI TV or monitor
  • You can enjoy movies, see your favorite photos, enjoy the games, browse the web, do PowerPoint presentations, all on your HDTV from your smartphone or laptop
  • It allows you to wirelessly stream your media and content on a bigger screen

Airtame Wireless Computer Monitor AdapterThis is a small wireless HDMI adapter from Airtame which plugs into the HDMI port of your screen or projector. You do not need to plug in anything into your computer or smartphone, which makes it quite different from other wireless monitor adapters.

The Airtame Wireless Computer Monitor Adapter has features like:

  • It is small and compact designed wireless display adapter
  • It mirrors the screen of your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to a bigger HDMI TV screen or monitor
  • Nothing is needed to be plugged into your smartphone or computer
  • When Airtame is not active, you can show your business logo or a dashboard on your TV screen
  • It is specifically designed for business and education purposes, so it includes extra features like Ethernet connection, WPA2 Enterprise, Access point mode and connects with IP

Asus Miracast Wireless Display DongleThe Asus wireless display dongle allows you to have a full HD entertainment by streaming your movies, photos, videos, and content to any Miracast compatible large screen TV wirelessly. It is easy to plug-n-play Miracast Wireless Dongle.

Features of the Asus Miracast Wireless Display Dongle are:

  • The Asus Miracast dongle was nominated for the International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards as a 2014 Honoree in the category of Portable Media Players and Accessories
  • It helps you to mirror your mobile or computer screen on to a bigger flat panel HDTV or monitor
  • It comes with a dual band wireless standard which ensures zero latency in signal transmission and instantaneous onscreen response
  • It supports Android 4.2 and Windows 8.1 Asus devices
  • You can watch videos, photos and even can play your favorite tablet or smartphone game on your TV in real time
  • Can be put on the Top list of the wireless computer monitor adapter dongle

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v1This is the initial version of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. You can share your smartphone, tablet or laptop screen with your HDTV or bigger monitor screen and stream your favorite content with this compatible Miracast wireless display adapter.

Features of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v1 are:

  • The Miracast technology allows you to wirelessly connect your smaller screen device to an HDTV or bigger monitor screen
  • Just plug this wireless HDMI adapter to your HDTV or monitor, connect with your device and mirror the screen to enjoy
  • You can stream videos, movies, watch your favorite photos, play games of your smartphone or tablet, all on your HDTV or monitor wirelessly
  • It is compatible with Android and Windows devices
  • You do not require internet access to use this wireless adapter for TV

Actiontec SBWD60A01 ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display WIDI AdapterJust connect this ScreenBeam Wireless Display WIDI Adapter from Actiontec to your HDTV and enjoy wireless streaming of your online content. It supports all the devices including Windows 8.1, Miracast compatible, Intel WIDI devices, etc.

Features of the SBWD60A01 Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display WIDI Adapter are:

  • It is WIDI ready and supports WiFi certified devices like smartphone, tablet, laptops and Ultrabook
  • You can mirror the screen of any compatible device to an HD projector or HDTV
  • You can play your favorite games on smartphone or tablet onto a bigger HDTV with the supported NVIDIA SHIELD
  • It has a quick and easy setup
  • You can wirelessly beam your photos, videos, movies, presentation, or any content on the bigger screen
  • Perfect for home, offices, and on-the-go

Foxcesd Miracast Dongle - Wireless HDMI Adapter - Airplay Display Dongle AdapterSo many names but works as the best Airplay display dongle adapter to effortlessly play your favorite content onto the bigger screen wirelessly. The Foxcesd Miracast wireless display adapter mirrors your small screen to a bigger HDTV or computer monitor.

Features of the Foxcesd Miracast Wireless Display Adapter are:

  • It supports HDMI 1.4 and gives you full 1080P HD experience
  • You can wirelessly play your movies, photos, videos, or any other content on a bigger HDTV screen with this Miracast Dongle
  • It mirrors the screen of your iPad, iPhone, Android device onto an HDTV, projectors or bigger monitors
  • It supports Android 4.2.2, Windows and iOS devices
  • It can be upgraded online and works perfectly with the upgraded Android and iOS systems

The best wireless HDMI adapter supports the Miracast-compatible devices like Android 4.2 or later smartphones and the latest TV models of famous brands like Sony, LG, Panasonic, etc. Not only for the TV or computer monitor you can also get the best WIFI adapter for gaming and best USB WIFI adapter for Windows 10. Any wireless monitor adapter you choose from the list above; it will help you to wirelessly beam your media to the bigger screen of your computer monitor or TV. Do let us know which is the “Wireless Display Adapter” according to your budget and requirement in the comment section below and share this list on your social media profiles, so your friends can too, turn their home into a movie theater, a concert hall or a photo gallery!

 The greatest entertainment deserves the latest technology.


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