Logitech G502 Vs G602 – Comparison and Reviews


I have seen many gamers searching for a gaming mice to always beat their opponents. However, most them are confused regarding which mouse they should buy. There are many active threads in forums right now on which gamers are asking questions about which Logitech mouse they should go with. Both Logitech G502 and G602 are the best in class mouse designed by the company.

Logitech G502 Vs G602

Luckily, If you are having the same question or struggling to choose a mice that can help you be the next world class gamer then read on I have something amazing for you today.

I’ll compare both the mice, the Logitech G502, and it’s cousin brother G602. I will be detailing you about the specs, pros and cons, and the price difference between both the mice. Finally, we together will decide which mice is the best fit for your gaming experience.

So, let’s dive right in!

Logitech G602 vs G502: Which is better?

There is no word like better when it comes to Logitech they always make world-class mice. It’s just a matter of preferences. However, we still have to decide the best out of both.

Let’s first see the specs of both the mice and then we’ll right away move on to the comparison of the all the specs.

Logitech G502 VS G602 Specifications:

Features G502 G602
DPI Range 200 – 12000 DPI 200 – 2500 DPI
Programmable Buttons 11 11
Connectivity Wired Wireless
Acceleration >40G* 20G*
RGB Color Yes No
Unique Features Weight Tuning, RGB Lightning 250 hours of Battery Life, Slip- Resistant Grip
Price $60 $40

Let’s now see the comparison for both the mice.

1. Look and Feel

Both the mice looks fantastic. However, regarding grip and palm resistance the G602 is a complete winner. Whereas, the G502 is more on the funkier side with RGB color lightning.

2. Buttons

Here, both the mice have 11 programmable buttons. The G602 has six buttons on the left whereas the G502 has only four buttons. Both mice have a DPI button on the top, and all the 11 buttons can be tweaked with the Logitech in-built software.

But, regarding comfort, the G602 is a bit uncomfortable compared to the G502. The G502 clearly wins here.

3. DPI Range

There’s a huge difference between the DPI Range for both the mice. The G502 has a limit up to 12000 DPI which is huge. And on the other side, the G602 has just 2500 DPI.

If you are a huge DPI fan and love higher moving rates, then G502 is the one you should opt in for.

4. Scroll Wheel

The G502 has a metal hyper swift dual-mode scroll wheel. However, the G602 is a complete opposite of it with a rubber wheel. If you love the noisy scroll wheel then you should go for the G502 otherwise G602 is the winner here.

5. Connectivity

It’s where the G602 steals the game easily with its wireless nature. Most of us nowadays need durable and handy things which we can carry around. With the wired nature of the G502, it gets a little difficult to take it everywhere. However, you can carry your G602 anywhere as it’s wireless.

6. Price

This is why I would consider the G602 the winner here because there’s a huge price difference between both the mice. The G502 cost you $20 more than the G602. And here’s the best part the G602 comes with same features as the G502. Then why to pay the extra $20?

Wrap Up

I hope this comparison tutorial of the Logitech G602 vs G502 help you make your final decision. Let me know the mice which you love the most and are planning to buy.


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