Is DDR4 Worth It? Should You Really Upgrade it?


If you are planning to buy a new system or configuring the system on your own, then this is the question which must always be sticking in your mind. Whether you should go with a DDR3 RAM or DDR4? Is DDR4 worth it? Being an advanced user of the apps and the Internet these days we always hunt for the latest parts and application in our system.

DDR4 RamThat’s where we come across a lot of confusion to deal with. If you are scratching your head around whether to upgrade to a DDR4 RAM? Or If you are about to buy a DDR4 ram but are still confused about is it worth your money or not then don’t worry this guide will help you solve the issue.

Today in this guide I’ll walk you through the specifications and features a DDR4 RAM has and should you upgrade to DDR4 RAM or not.

So let’s get started!

Is DDR4 Worth It?


Even before you think about upgrading or buying a new DDR4 RAM, the first thing you need to check is whether your system’s motherboard supports DDR4 or not. All the motherboards manufactured after 2014 supports DDR4.

If you have the system which you bought before 2014, then there’s no point discussing while if you are buying a new system, it will support DDR4.

Moreover, some processors by default won’t support DDR4 RAM, and some will support on DDR4 RAM.

Memory Capacity

You can’t beat DDR4 RAM regarding Memory Capacity. It starts with 2GB and extends even up to 128GB Module. The best part is it takes only 1.2V of power consumption and process up to 17 GB data per second. Moreover, it runs at a speed of 2133 Mbps at 64 bit I/O.

Clock Speed

Clock speed is important to perform to read and write the task on your system. The DDR4 starts at a speed of 2133 Mbps and technically has no end to it. However, if you are not a heavy gamer or a designer, you won’t see any difference between the clock speed of the DDR3 and DDR4 RAM. As the clock speed is high for the DDR4 RAM, it also has a higher bandwidth.


With increase in the clock speed and bandwidth, there is an increase in Latency as well. The DDR4 RAM comes with a Latency of 63 nanoseconds. However, to your surprise, this is not a very major difference from the previous RAMs available in the market.

Power Consumption

If you are building a system which is 100% power efficient, then you should buy a DDR4 RAM right now. I will tell you why? So, the previous versions of RAM consume a minimum power of 1.35V whereas, the new DDR4 RAM consumes somewhere between 1.02V – 1.2V only.

This will help you save a lot more mainframes in the long run.


The new DDR4 RAM is highly stable compared to the previous versions. The previous version was dependent on a single module for supplying the power which in turn were disturbing the overall stability. But the new DDR4 RAM has a reference ICs before every memory chip this ensures that a voltage is distributed consistently over the system which makes the overall system more stable and powerful.


This is where your final decision will come whether the DDR4 RAM worth it or not? It’s obvious that the DDR4 would be expensive than the previous version of RAMs as it offers some extra high-end features.

Let’s get it clear the DDR3 RAM comes at a price point of $59.99 whereas the DDR4 RAM comes at a price of $91.49. If you can afford the extra $30 hike in price definitely go with a DDR4 RAM.

Should I upgrade to DDR4?

In my opinion, if you are tight on budget then I’d rather suggest going with a DDR3 RAM module with a higher processor and a good GPU. However, if you are a real gamer or a graphics designer and don’t mind spending some extra bucks to get that extra edge, I’d suggest you go for the DDR4 RAM as it was a clear winner in comparison to the DDR3 RAM in overall performance.

That is what I think about the DDR4, what are your views on the same. Comment down below and lets us know your opinions.


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