How to Find Skype Username | Find Skype Id Now


Skype is an instant communication service that is currently owned by none other than the American tech giant, Microsoft. It was first developed by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis. It quickly became famous for the quality and clarity of its video calls. It became so famous that, seeing its potential, Microsoft acquired Skype in May 2011 for $8.5 billion. It is now a division in Microsoft and can be seen integrated into many of Microsoft’s products.

How to Find Skype UsernameOther than video calls, Skype also offers instant messaging and voice calls. Almost everything in Skype is free, except voice calls to actual phone numbers. In this article, we will be talking about one aspect of Skype, the Skype ID. We will see where and how to find Skype username of an accountskype.

What is my Skype ID?

First let me answer the obvious question, what is a Skype ID? A Skype ID is an identifier that is unique to your account. It is also known as a Skype username. It is what you should share with people outside Skype to connect with them. Say you meet someone and want to connect with them Skype to keep in touch. Your Skype ID is what you should share with them to do this. They can go home and search your Skype username in the search bar and connect with you easily.

There are two kinds of Skype IDs:

1. The actual Skype ID:

If you created a Skype account the normal way, then you will have a Skype ID. This is an alphanumeric code which you can choose at the creation of your account. Every user will have a unique Skype username.

2. Microsoft live ID:

After the acquisition in 2011, Microsoft integrated Skype to a lot of their products such as the windows os, Xbox, Microsoft Phones and it became possible to create Skype accounts using your Microsoft accounts via these products. If you create such an account you will not have a Skype ID at all, instead, you will have a live ID. In most cases, this will be the first characters of your Microsoft mail ID.

How to Find Skype Username?

If you do not know how to find your Skype ID, these are the methods you should follow:

  • Using Windows 10 desktop app: A lot of users use the windows app for Skype. They have to click your profile icon at the bottom left of the app. Click on the small circular image of your account. This will open up your profile. You can see your Skype username displayed under your name.
  • Using the Android app: Skype has an Android app for the smartphone users. They have to click on the menu button to open the sidebar. You can find your Skype ID displayed under your name.
  • Using Skype Desktop client: Users of the Skype desktop client need to click on Skype → Profile → Edit your profile. Alternatively, they can press Ctrl+I. You can find your Skype ID underneath your name.
  • Using Skype Web: Skype has a very useful web version for those who do not want to download the app or the desktop client. To find Skype username, these users have to click on their profile picture on the top left. This will open up your profile. Here you can find your Skype ID or your Skype live ID displayed under your name.
  • Using the iOS app: The iOS users simply have to tap on the  “My Info tab” to see their Skype username under their actual name.

Conclusion on How to find Skype username

This article was all about how to find your Skype ID. A Skype ID is necessary to share with contacts to build connections on Skype. Hope this guide was satisfactory and helped you in finding your Skype username from the Skype website.


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