Best Hard Drive for PS3 in 2018


You are here because you have already purchased your best PS3 gaming console or are willing to buy one. You may already have the best zombie games for PS3 to enjoy the horrific and thrilling experience while playing games on your PlayStation 3. To enjoy all your favorite games on your favorite next-gen gaming console, you need to upgrade its memory or buy an external resource to back up the data. For this, you will need to get a best internal or external hard drive for PS3. There are many options to choose from the PlayStation 3 hard drive, but you must have to go with the best in class depending on the space, performance and compatibility you require.

Best Hard Drive for PS3

Let’s check the best internal hard drive for PS3 first.


1. HGST Travelstar 0J22413 HTS541010A9E680 1TB SATA PS3 Internal Hard Drive

HGST Travelstar 0J22413 HTS541010A9E680 1TB SATA PS3 Internal Hard DriveThe Travelstar 5K1000 is the best internal hard drive for PS3 from HGST. It has a standard two-disk design which is mainly intended to use in notebook PCs, gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, as an external storage and for the other mobile applications. The increased driver capacities and improved capabilities of error corrections make it the best hard drive for PS3.

Features of HGST Travelstar 0J22413 HTS541010A9E680 PS3 Internal Hard Drive are:

  • It has a capacity of 1TB to store all your PlayStation data
  • It is a seventh generation SED (Self Encrypting Drive) which assures the full data security
  • It has a rugged design which protects against bumps and rough use
  • The 5400RPM is the best-of-breed performance
  • The SATA interface of 6GB/s allows higher data throughput

SIB 320GB SATA PlayStation 3 Hard DriveSIB offers the SATA PlayStation 3 Hard Drive which has a capacity of 320GB. If you want to store some of the best PlayStation 3 games only, then this PS3 internal hard drive is the perfection option to choose.

Features of SIB SATA PlayStation 3 Hard Drive are:

  • The SATA HDD has capacity of 320GB and performance speed of 5400RPM
  • After you slide it into your PS3 and start your console, then it will automatically start to install your system data and then restart by self
  • It perfectly works with the gaming consoles like PS3, PS4, and other devices
  • Comes with 3-year warranty and backed by 14-day Money-back guarantee

Generic 160 GB SATA Internal Hard Drive for PS3The Generic PS3 compatible hard drive from Storite is a 160GB 2.5inch SATA HDD to upgrade your PS3 and to store your favorite data. It is a perfect HDD for Laptops and MAC devices also.

Features of Generic 160 GB SATA Internal Hard Drive for PS3 are:

  • The 2.5inch SATA HDD from Storite has a performance speed of 5400RPM
  • It has 8MB cache memory and storage space of 160GB
  • It is a completely PS3 compatible hard drive
  • It is preformatted to work with PS3 and can work in a security system DVR

Western Digital 500GB 2.5 PlayStation 3 Hard DriveThe Western Digital PS3 hard drive fits perfectly into the hard drive tray of your PS3 gaming console. If you have a PlayStation 3 with less memory and want to upgrade to something affordable and efficient, then you should go for this HDD.

Features of Western Digital PlayStation 3 Hard Drive are:

  • It works with any PlayStation 3 model
  • It is also compatible with the PlayStation 4 gaming consoles
  • 500GB hard disk space is enough to store all your favorite PS3 data
  • The 2.5” HDD has a 5400RPM performance speed
  • Backed by 2-year manufacturer warranty

Now, let’s go to check the best external hard drive for PS3.

Bipra PS3 1TB Hard DriveThe PS3 1TB hard drive from Bipra is the best external hard drive for PS3. It comes with a one touch backup software for windows. It arrives in a capacity range of 60GB to 1TB.

Features of Bipra PS3 1TB Hard Drive are:

  • It is a portable PS3 external hard drive which is formatted in FAT32 to support PS3, Mac, and Windows
  • It is driver-free means you need not install any drivers to use it
  • Comes in a plug-n-play operation and powered by USB 2.0
  • You need not apply any external power source to it
  • Backed by one-year manufacturer warranty

Seagate STAC2000103 FreeAgent GoFlex Desk External Hard Drive for PS3The STAC2000103 FreeAgent GoFlex PS3 external hard drive from Seagate delivers high capacity disk storage, encryption for security, and backup for all your PS3 data. It is the world’s most upgradable external HDD to upgrade your PS3 gaming system.

Features of Seagate STAC2000103 FreeAgent GoFlex Desk PS3 External Hard Drive are:

  • It is the best external hard drive for PS3 with the capacity of 2TB from Seagate
  • It is a plug-n-play HDD which comes with an automatic backup software
  • It is supported to USB 3.0 and has a preloaded encryption software
  • You can use both the horizontal and vertical drive orientation
  • It performs ten times faster than other USB 2.0 compatible HDDs

U32 Shadow 500GB PS3 External Hard DriveOyen Digital has designed this U32 Shadow PS3 external hard drive which is the ultimate hard drive with the support of USB 3.0 to backup your data. It has a stylish design and unique features which make it extremely portable and durable.

Features of Oyen Digital U32 500GB PS3 External Hard Drive are:

  • This PS3 external hard drive has a capacity of 500Gb to store all your favorite data
  • It is preformatted to be compatible with the PS3
  • It is powered by USB 3.0; you need not use a wall adapter
  • The aluminum housing provides protection against rough use and heat dissipation
  • It easily fits in your pocket which makes it extremely portable

When the first PlayStation came out, the minimum hard disk size was 20GB, and the maximum was 60GB. As the years passes similar models got introduced with the disk space of 500GB. And in the modern computing world, you can find a number of PS3 1TB hard drives. All the products above are PS3 compatible hard drives, so you need not worry and can go with anyone among them. In 2018, the era of the hard drive for PS3 will surely make a significant impact on toys and games market. Share in the comments which HDD will you buy for your PS3.


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