Gechic 1303H Portable HDMI Monitor Review – Best External Monitor


We all know well that for increasing productivity at office or home, a portable USB-powered monitor is one of the most essentials and important things to have. We will not discuss on this topic here. But as you know, here I am going to review the Gechic 1303H portable HDMI Monitor and will compare it with some other brands to prove its efficiency. Without any further ado, let’s start the Gechic 1303H review.

Gechic 1303H Portable HDMI Monitor Review

What is Gechic 1303H and why I should check its review?

The Gechic 1303H is a USB powered portable computer monitor which is quite a unique piece in this category. I am not just saying this, but actually have reasons behind. First of all, it has a weight of below 600 grams which makes it the lightest among the portable computer monitors. Also, it works with MacBook and Mac Mini both which is awesome. To attach it to multiple devices through VGAs, HDMIs, Mini Display Inputs, etc. and you need not have separate adapters.

In a simple language, the Gechic 1303H portable HDMI display is an external monitor that can be connected to everything and provides superior flexibility and portability.

Let’s take a quick look at some features of Gechic 1303H portable HDMI monitor:

  • It has a 13.3-inch full HD display with 1920x1080p resolution
  • It powers up automatically and doesn’t need driver installation
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it extremely portable than any other USB powered monitor in its category
  • It can connect to your smartphone, camera, gaming console, laptop, MacBook, Mac Mini, etc. with the help of HDMI, Mini Display, and VGA
  • You will be able to see the screen with the three viewing angles; 530, 620, and 720
  • Comes with a durable aluminum cover to protect the display from damage
  • If you frequently go outside for taking pictures and videos, then this USB monitor is best for you to see them in a larger display
  • If you want a best portable monitor to use as a second screen, then Gechic 1303H is a right option to choose
  • Also, if you are a gamer who enjoys playing on Xbox or PS (PlayStation) gaming console, then also this monitor will not let you down
  • Get the matching peripherals for your monitor and it will provide the best output

Design of Gechic 1303H USB Powered Monitor

At the front, the monitor has a simple white edge surrounded to the IPS screen. On the left side of the 13” display, input buttons are placed. This monitor gives you an advantage of using two female micro USB connectors for power which means if a single power source is not enough to make your screen work properly, you can draw the additional power from a second source.

The use of VGA, Display port, or an HDMI port instead of using USB cable to transfer video content makes it very unlikely to alternative portable monitors of Gechic. One disadvantage of using proprietary connectors is, you have to spend some extra money if you need replacement of them.  

To have an audio output, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack. It also supports MHL which means if you buy the right cable, then you can connect your iPhone or Android device with it.

On the right side, there are power and menu buttons are placed. They are easy to press and operate. The up and down button are a little bit harder though. I suggest the company to make a better button management for the price it offers.

The top and the bottom sides have small screw threads to attach the cover. Screws you have to buy separately though. If you want, you can mount your monitor on a tripod or a monitor stand. You can purchase the optional VESA mount for using it in a portrait mode.

Gechic 1303H Performance

Though there are some missing features in the build-quality of Gechic 1303H, they are covered in the performance of the monitor. It provides the color adjustment settings which is not found in any of its competitors, not even in the ASUS MB169B+ Portable Monitor.

The Gechic 1303H has a 60Hz refresh rate which is enough to enjoy your gaming on a bigger screen. I loved playing Grand Theft Auto and Counter Strike on this monitor. The 1780 wide viewing angle of this IPS panel will help you to enjoy watching videos and movies without any distortion but with slight reflections.

The Gechic 1303H is the only portable USB powered monitor in the market which can be connected with Mac devices with the mini Display port. This monitor will provide stunning visuals even if you use it in outdoor lights.

Overall, the 1303H USB powered monitor from Gechic provides a great color reproduction and stunning viewing angle.

What can be improved?

  • The monitor uses proprietary connectors, so when you need a replacement of those, you may find it costly. The company should make an alternative to this.
  • The inbuilt speakers are of poor quality, so I advise to avoid them. This must be upgraded.
  • No screws included? How cheap thinking by the manufacturer to not provide the attachment screws for the cover, as the monitor itself comes at a very high price.
  • As I told before, the company can make it affordable for the average users.

How is it against the competitors?

Let me give you a quick compare table of the Gechic 1303H portable HDMI monitor with its top competitor USB powered monitors which will give you an exact scenario.

Feature Gechic 1303H ASUS MB169B+ Gechic 1503H AOC e1659Fwu
Size of Screen 13.3” 15.6” 15.6” 15.6”
Panel IPS IPS IPS TFT Active Matrix
Aspect Ratio 1:78:1 1:78:1 16:9 1:78:1
Weight 1.3lbs. 1.76lbs. 1.75lbs. 2.4lbs.

Which accessories you can have for Gechic 1303H?

  1. A mini HDMI cable for attaching your camera.
  2. A Gechic stand to align your display in a vertical or horizontal position.
  3. VGA output cable to connect different devices with your Gechic model.
  4. A protective sleeve to prevent any accidental damage to the screen.


If you want a dual monitor setup for your productivity, display, gaming, or second screen for your smartphones, cameras, gaming consoles, etc., then the Gechic 1303H is the right choice. We can expect premium material for the price it offers though, still with a bright IPS panel, great color reproduction, enhanced viewing angle; all these make it the best external monitor to deal with.


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