Vga vs Svga Cables: What are the Main Differences?


Right now what you see on this screen is because of the fact your monitor is attached to a cable. There are two types of cables VGA and SVGA. Now the problem is, how will you know which cable is the best when you just have to choose one?

Svga vs VgaWell, today in this article I will walk you through all the difference between VGA and SVGA cables so that you can choose the best and decide which one is worth your money.

So without further ado. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the post.

Before we directly jump into the difference of VGA vs SVGA. I would like to share with you brief information on both the cables. Video Graphics Array (VGA) cables have analog signals and come at a video resolution of 640*480. However, the Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) comes with a video resolution of 800*600.

VGA vs SVGA Cables

Now that you know the basics let’s compare both the cables and check out which one suits your needs.

1) Signal Strength

Talking about the signal strength, VGA cables may deteriorate the signal strength. However, if you use SVGA cables it keeps the signal intake.

2) Size

The VGA Cables are thinner; therefore, they deteriorate the signal strength. However, you won’t find any signal disturbance with the SVGA as they are thicker and have better shielding than a VGA cables, and have a proper signal intake.

3) Cable Quality

If you are transmitting high-quality images over a long distance they you might need an SVGA. Let me tell you, with SVGA you can transmit to a range higher that is higher 10 feet. Whereas, with VGA you can only transmit images up to 10 feet. So, if your devices are close enough to go with a VGA else buy an SVGA.

4) Importance

SVGA beats the VGA cable completely here with a 16 million colors production SVGA is a clear winner. Whereas the VGA is producing only 16 colors. VGA cannot compete in front of SVGA when it comes to images and graphics.

5) Cost

The cost of an SVGA cable is way too higher than a VGA cable due to the materials being used in the SVGA cable. Also, it has higher range compared to VGA. However, there is no major difference found in both the cables.

Which Cable Should You Buy?

It completely depends on what are your needs. So if you are connecting devices which are not far from each other than you better go with a VGA cable as it will cost you less.

Nevertheless, if you are connecting devices which are far away and might affect your overall image quality than you should go with an SVGA cable. There is no big difference in both the cable when compared to each other. The only major difference is the range and the price.

The price of an SVGA is very high compared to a VGA cable. So if you cannot afford an SVGA cable, you can buy an extra VGA with repeaters so that you extend the range and do some cost-cutting.

Over To You

I hope you like the article on the difference between SVGA vs VGA and I hope you finally have made your decision on which one to go for. If you still have any doubts don’t forget to leave a comment below, and I’d be happy to assist you.


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