Asus MB169B+ Review – A USB Powered Portable Computer Monitor


In my previous review, I have described all about the Gechic 1303H portable HDMI monitor which lets you do your multitasking easily and efficiently. Today, I am going to review the ASUS MB169B+ USB powered monitor which gives a tough competition to Gechic and AOC external monitor. A portable computer monitor helps to increase the productivity, used at service kiosk at malls, shopping centers, etc., and are great for using as a second bigger screen to view images, videos, play games of your smartphones, DSLRs, Tablets, etc.

Asus MB169B+ review

Asus MB169B+ Portable Computer Monitor

The traditional, as well as modern USB powered monitors come with a pixel resolution of 1366 x 768. Asus has broken this by offering 1920 x 1080P resolution. The monitor comes with a 15.6” viewable display which perfectly fulfills the requirement of an external monitor. This LED display is designed to be a ready-to-go screen with just a connection through a USB 3.0 port.

Key features of Asus MB169B+

From a number of useful features of Asus MB169B+ portable monitor, I have listed some of the best that can be accountable.

  • It has a Full HD 15.6” display screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • You need only one USB 3.0 cable to power it up and for the data transmission both
  • The display has a built-in feature of auto-rotating and also comes with a Smart case from Asus which is a protective sleeve as well as an adjustable stand
  • It does not put load on your PC for graphics processing because the hardware of the monitor handles it with the EzLink technology
  • Asus claims it as a world’s slimmest and lightest portable monitor with such high-quality specifications
  • The IPS panel technology offers a great color reproduction
  • The monitor has a contrast ratio of 600:1 and a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m2
  • The Ezlink technology as mentioned before handles the graphics processing, and so, you can connect up to five Asus MB169B+ monitors at the same time with your PC. You just need to have enough number of USB ports for it
  • A 14ms response time looks a bit slow, but believe me; it is great for a portable computer monitor
  • A computer with a 1GB RAM, 1.4GHz processor and Windows 7 or Mac OS system is enough to connect Asus monitor with it

What will you get with the Asus MB169B+ monitor?

Other than the USB powered monitor itself, you will get

  1. A two-way adjustable stand and protective sleeve
  2. A quick starter guide
  3. An installation CD
  4. A micro USB 3.0 cable for power and transmission


With the dimension of 14.9×9.26×0.26 inches and the weight of only 1.6lbs., the claim to be the lightest external monitor is somewhat proven. It is surely thinner than its nearby top competitor AOC E1659FWU portable computer monitor. As it does not come with an arm like the AOC, it needs a carrying case which folds over mounting.

When I put it inside its protective case, I measured its weight to be neat about 2.5lbs. with dimensions of 15.25×10.75×0.7 inches. I then carried it my laptop bag and found it is easy to fit in my bag and gave me a reason to have a relieved smile on my face to not carry a separate bag for it.

With a metallic-colored plastic back, fine-matte plastic and front and sides, make it a premium product. Such type of design gives me a reminder of ASUS Zen book series. The front side plastic finish looks more attractive and standard-quality than the AOC E1659FWU.

A single micro USB 3.0 port, power button, and brightness setter are placed at the left side of the screen. The wide screen viewing angle allows you to use it in a landscape as well as portrait mode.


The Asus MB169B+ delivers sharp images and bright, natural colors to have a smooth view whatever you want to see on it. Whether editing your sheet on Microsoft Excel, playing Xbox One games, or watching ‘Avatar’ in full HD, you will get a seamless and smooth motion on this portable monitor. Even when I attached it with my MacBook Air with the OS X Mountain Lion and with a happy surprise, I face no any problem or lagging when I watched 1080P HD videos on it.

The IPS panel technology means you get the best color reproduction on the screen. Even if you use it outdoors in daylight, you will be able to see clear and sharp images. The brightness can be adjusted as per your Operating System i.e. Windows or Mac.

Yes, I marked reflections when I got closer to the 900-angle, but the reason behind this may be the matte finish it has instead of glossy. I found the monitor perfect for streaming HD videos, playing games, and even making a better productivity.


There are so many positives about the Asus MB169B+ portable USB powered monitor because of which we can neglect its small negatives. But, as I am providing the neutral review, I must have to show you what the monitor lacks. Check the cons of Asus MB169B+ monitor below:

  • Though it comes with a USB cable, the length of the cable is too short. So if you want a connection at some far distance, you have to buy a separate cable.
  • There are a few occasions where the monitor can’t draw power from a single USB source, so I had to use the second port too to achieve the operating power requirement.
  • The mounting stand places the screen in a portrait mode comfortably, but I worried that it might fall over eventually due to top-heavy.

Comparison of Asus MB169B+ with other Portable Computer Monitor

To give you the exact angle of reviewing the Asus MB169B+, I have compared with other top-ranked USB powered monitors in the below table.

Feature Asus MB169B+ Gechic 1303H AOC E1659FWU
Screen Size 15.6” 13.3” 15.6”
Resolution 1920x1080P 1920x1080P 1366x768P
Panel Type IPS IPS TFT Active Matrix
Dimensions 2.3 x 17.2 x 11.7 in 0.4 x 13.6 x 8.9 in 1.4 x 9.2 x 14.6 in
Weight 1.6lbs. 3.8lbs. 1.6lbs.


If you want a lightweight, portable display to make your work on the go when away from home, then the Asus MB169B+ is the best USB powered monitor you can have. It will immerse your online video streaming, 1080P gaming, and help in increasing your productivity. This lightweight USB 3.0 monitor is perfect for business travelers, photographers, and working nerds who want to be productive anytime while away from home or office.


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