Best 120mm Case Fans for the Money


There are the number of case fans available on the market. It blows air from one side to the other. While blowing air, the noise should be as little as possible. It is important to choose the right case fan that matches to your requirements properly. I will present you the list of 120mm case fans that will guide you accurately. I assure you that the below-mentioned case fans will be the 120mm case fans for the money. You go through them and order the best without any second thought.

Best 120mm Case Fans for the Money

Best 120mm Case Fans for the Money


Cooler Master SickleFlow 120Cooler Master Sickle Flow is the case fan for gaming PC. It is one of the best performing static pressure fans in the 120 mm fan size. The blade is designed in such a way that permits low RPM with very good performance.

  •  For better-LED effect it has transparent dark-gray fan blades.
  •  For longer life expectancy it has long life sleeve bearing.
  •  To strengthen cooling efficacy, it has strong air flow.
  •  It features RoHS compliance.
  •  For case cooling, it is an exceptional choice.

Corsair Air Series AF120Corsair is the PC case fan that is built with quality, sound levels and aesthetic are well worth the price. The LEDs are great. It is quite easy to setup. It is powerful and quiet. The fans are fantastic as they have reduced the temperatures for my CPU and GPU.

  •   The fan size is 120mm x 25mm.
  •   It has the static pressure of 0.75 mm/H2O.
  •   The noise is 25.2 dBA and airflow is 52.19 CFM.
  •   It is available in single or twin packs.
  •   It has the motherboard with 3-pin fan connector.

Noctua NF-F12 PWMNoctua is the PC case fan that is of very good quality. They are effective. I have a few radiators on my computer and these fans are remarkable for the amount of static pressure they produce.

  • It has joined anti-vibration pads that lessen the transmission of minute vibrations.
  • It features the time-tested SSO bearing. The rear magnet is placed closer to the axis with SSO2 to offer enhanced accuracy and strength.
  • The maximum fan speed is reduced from 1500 to 1200rpm by the low-noise adaptor.
  • The size is 120x120x25mm.
  • It makes outstanding static pressure and empha.

Rosewill 120mm Long Life SleeveRosewill is one of the best 120mm case fans that works well. It is tremendously quiet and easy to use. It is worth the price if you are looking for something basic. It will save the space as compare to a desk fan. The airflow is great, and it is as quiet as a mouse. It works as intended. They are fairly quiet at 100% speed.

  •   The fan size is 120mm.
  •   It features RPM 1200 +/-10% RPM.
  •   The air flow is 38.2 CFM.
  •   The noise level is 22 dBA.
  •   The ¾ pin is the power connector.
  •   The bearing type is long life sleeve.

ARCTIC F12 PWMArctic Case Fan is the great product for home/lab racked AMD server. It is one of the good case fans. It seems to put out adequate airflow. It moves a ton of air very quietly. It is cheap but maintains good quality. It is quiet and performs well. They run 24/7 in home lab AMD racked server.

  • It features 120 mm PWM controlled fan.
  • It has the fluid vigorous bearing that spreads service life.
  • It has six-year limited warranty.
  • It has 300-1350 RPM.
  • The low noise blade is designed in such a way that increase airflow and lessen fan noise.

Thermaltake Riing 12 SeriesThermaltake CL-F038-PL12WT-A is one of the best 120mm case fans. It is extremely quiet and is easily installed. On each corner there is rubber that is great for absorbing any vibration.

  • It has concentrated compression blade that is fixed up to focus the inner weaker circle of air outwards.
  • It has wind blocker frame to attain maximum static pressure in all applications.
  • It features the hydraulic bearing/low – noise design that can reduce the noise level from 24.6 dBA to 18.7 dBA.
  • It is available in four colors of the patented LED versions.
  • It has 3 years’ warranty.

Arctic F12 - Value packArctic case fan is an amazing fan. It is very quiet and moved 2x the air. I saw a noteworthy drop in internal temperatures and my CPU fan did not have to kick up that match. It is very quiet as compare to other 80mm fans.

  • It comes in the pack of 5-120x120x25 mm standard case fan.
  • By using a different voltage of 5-12V you can set the fan.
  • Installation can be possible in two ways.
  • It features the airflow of 74 CFM.


Now you can choose the best case fan from the above mentioned list in accordance to your personal electronic need and preference. I have mentioned all the features so you can opt according to your choice and convenience. All these 120mm case fans are value for the money by having good features but you choose the best for you.


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