Best Lenses for Sony A6000


Are you a huge photography buff who owns a Sony A6000 and loves the idea of going the extra mile for the perfect shot? If yes, then this article is perfect for you. This mirrorless camera from the house of Sony is compact when compared to a conventional DSLR, yet is on par with it in terms of performance when shooting specifically in the manual mode.

Best Lenses for Sony A6000

Here is a list of the best lens for Sony A6000 so that you can now click images that meet your expectations.


Sony SELP18105G E PZ 18This perfect zoom lenses for Sony A6000 is created specifically for E-mount cameras. The lens uses circular aperture technology that can greatly help in achieving a natural defocus. Also, this telephoto lens uses Extra-low dispersion glass that reduces the chromatic aberration and greatly improves the contrast.

The features of this wide angle lens for Sony A6000 are:

  • E-mount lens with aspherical elements and high contrast
  • Short minimum focus distance (1.48 ft)
  • Maximum magnification ratio is 0.11x, and the focal length is 18-105mm
  • Fast autofocusing and efficient image stabilization

Sony 50mmThis best lens for Sony A6000 is what you need to spit out the perfect images from your A6000 camera. The circular aperture technology ensures that you get a perfect background blur in all your images, every time. Also, the inbuilt gyro sensors can detect even the slightest movement and help improve the quality of your night shots and also reduce the incidences of your images being blurred.

The features of this Sony Alpha A6000 lens are:

  • Fixed mid-range focal length. This telephoto lens has a focal length of 50mm.
  • Optical Steady Shot image stabilization for impressive images
  • Compact and lightweight package
  • Quiet and responsive autofocus and aperture operation
  • F1.8 maximum aperture for beautiful defocusing effects
  • Min focus distance: 1.28ft or 0.39m
  • Max Magnification Ratio: 0.16x

Sony E 55-210mmThis perfect outdoor camera has a wide zoom range of 82-315 mm. This E-mount zoom lens offers a great balance of form and function. With an ample zoom range fit into a compact lens that is both lightweight and comfortable, you can expect the best value for your money. This zoom lens for A6000 is ideal for shooting sports or nature.

This lens comes with a circular aperture, Extra-low Dispersion glass, Aspherical lens elements, and lens based Optical Image stabilization. All these features are perfect for producing images with a magical quality, consistently.

The features of this lens for Sony A6000 are:

  • 55-210mm Optical Steady Shot Zoom lens
  • Easy focusing that is achieved in a quiet and smooth manner
  • Circular aperture technology that produces uniform background blur
  • OSS technology for stable images and low-light video
  • Accepts 49mm filters
  • Flexible for hand-held shooting with low shutter speed
  • Manual zoom

Sony SEL16F28This wide angle lens for Sony A 6000 is perfect for low-light shooting. The SEL16F28M lens offers 16mm focal length and 2.8 maximum aperture. This lens is compact and extremely lightweight with its aluminum alloy exterior. The motor in this lens delivers a quiet autofocus and aperture operation that gives you images and videos of high quality.

This lens is affordable and allows attachment lenses such as fish angle and wide eye converter. The fast focusing and compact size make this the perfect travel lens for your Sony A6000.

The features of this wide angle lens for Sony A6000 are

  • Max focus distance: 0.8ft (0.24m) and Max magnification ratio: 0.078x
  • Perfect for shooting landscapes and architecture
  • Lens is not zoomable
  • Distance encoder that helps in flash photography
  • Short minimum focusing

Sony SEL35F18This best lens for Sony A6000 is what many A6000 owners have vouched for. With a 35mm focal length and 1.8 maximum aperture, this lens is perfect for all those who love photography. This lens does not have a zoom and is ideal for taking quick shots. The quick auto focus is brilliant in taking crisp images. The Optical Steady Shot technology keeps your videos smooth and stable even though you may not manage to keep your hands steady.

This Sony Alpha A6000 lens has a large aperture that can capture clear images in low light. The 35mm focal length gives you a wider field of view for your videos.

The features of Sony SEL35F18 lens are:

  • Compact and lightweight lens that are ideal for traveling
  • Offers excellent peripheral sharpness and great contrast
  • Built-in image stabilization for steady and sharp images
  • High-speed autofocusing to capture images quickly
  • Smooth and silent focusing operation
  • Prime lens with minimum Focus Distance of 0.99ft and Max Magnification ratio of 0.15x
  • The lens does not offer a zoom feature

Sony FE 70-200mmThis best lens for Sony A6000 is what you need for your mirrorless camera to get those clear natural shots that you want. With a 35mm focal length and F4 aperture size, this wide angle lens for Sony A6000 is lightweight and travel-friendly.

The lens comes with a tripod stand and is dust and moisture resistant. The optical image stabilization and low chromatic aberration can work wonders to ensure that the images produced are of exceptional quality. The aluminum alloy lens barrel ensures that the lens is durable. Additionally, the focus hold button can help you hold on to a set focus, and the focus range limiter can limit the range that the Auto Focus operation will search through.

The features of this wide angle lens for Sony A6000 are:

  • Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* lens that matches the standards of the original Sonnar lens
  • Stunning contrast and resolution through the aspherical lens elements
  • T* lens coating for natural color reproduction
  • Focus hold and Focus range limiter features
  • Weighs only 840 grams
  • Filter size is 72mm. Focal length: 70-200mm with a magnification ratio of 0.13x

Sony 16-35mm VarioThis zoom lens for Sony A6000 is what you need if you are looking for ultra-wide zoom from your lens. This lens is perfect to take those sweeping architectural and landscape shots. Although the images at high focal lengths seem comparable to any other lens, at shorter focal lengths, this lens gives amazing images.

The features of this best lens for Sony A6000 are:

  • This lens is perfect for landscape photos and comes with a Zeiss T* coating that minimizes flare and ghosting
  • The Extra-low Dispersion glass elements can reduce chromatic distortion
  • The F4 maximum aperture stays constant throughout the zoom range
  • With Optical Steady shot stabilization and dust resistant design
  • Min focus distance of 0.92ft and max magnification ratio of 0.19x

We hope that this list of the best lenses for Sony A6000 helps you in choosing the perfect lens according to your photography needs. Be it wide-angle, zoom, or autofocus; these lenses can give you the best value for your money and give you great images that can serve as wonderful memories for years to come.