Best Digital Light Meter for Beginners in Photography


Best Digital Light Meter for Beginners in PhotographyThe first step is very crucial for the beginners in photography. And the perfect tools like digital light meters help them to make a firm step in that. The nature of the modern digital cameras requires more attention to them compared to older times. It includes the type of the camera lens as well as the light level in the photography. Check this list of the digital light meter for beginners in photography and choose the right accessories according to your needs and budget.

Best Digital Light Meter

Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital IlluminanceLux Light Meter for Photography, 0 - 200,000 LuxThis is the best light meter from Dr.Meter which helps to determine the optimum light level for the scenes in the field of cinematography and scenic design. The Dr.Meter LX1330B is the perfect photo light meter for the beginners and is the bestseller on Amazon in Photographic Light Meters.

Features of Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital Light Meter for Photography are:

  • It provides high accuracy and rapid response
  • It has four ranges; 0/200/2, 000/20, 000/200, and 000 Lux
  • Comes with ‘Data Hold’ and ‘Peak-Data’ switches
  • It has a short rise and fall time
  • Displays unit and sign both for an easy reading
  • Comes with one-year manufacturer warranty

Extech LT40 LED Light MeterThe LT40 LED light meter from Extech measures and optimized the environmental light levels like buildings, plants, warehouses, schools, hospitals, etc. It is auto-ranging to help in optimizing accuracy and resolution.

Features of Extech Lt40 LED light meter are:

  • It is designed for safe and reliable use, especially for the professional beginners in the digital photography
  • It comes with a built-in sensor with a protective cover
  • Four ranges; 400, 4000, 40000, and 4000000 Lux
  • It measures LED and standard lighting
  • Comes with a tripod mount to offer a hands-free operation

Sekonic L-308S-U Flashmate Digital Light MeterThis is the smallest and lightest digital light meter from Sekonic on the market. The L-308S photo light meter is extremely portable and fits in your pocket.

Check the benefits of the Sekonic L-308S Flashmate Digital Light Meter below:

  • It makes accurate measurements within 1/10 of a stop
  • It makes red flash exposure in both the incident and reflected modes
  • Comes with easy-to-read LCD screen
  • A perfect pocket light meter

HDE LX-1010B Digital Luxmeter Light MeterThe HDE LX-1010B offers high accuracy and rapid response which measures up to 50,000 lux. It is widely used in the areas like inspection, photography, construction sites, schools, etc. This gadget is a perfect companion for the beginning photographers.

Features of HDE LX-1010B Digital Luxmeter Light Meter are:

  • It allows to measure and optimize the lighting in area
  • Equipped with a light meter which is separated from the reading device
  • It uses a 9V battery
  • It is the HDE-trademark handheld light meter

Polaris SPD100 Digital Exposure Light Meter for PhotographyThe SPD100 digital light meter for photography from Polaris is an easy-to-use ambient and flash light meter. It is also known as Shepherd Polaris SPD100. It comes with best features yet is available at affordable price.

Features of Polaris SPD100 Digital Light Meter are:

  • It is a professional grade ambient exposure meter which comes with a large display
  • Arrives in a compact, ultra-thin design
  • It has a Gas-Gauge Style analog scale for providing easy measurements
  • Operated via ‘AA’ batteries
  • You can choose from the four exposure modes

Sekonic 401-208 Twin Mate Digital Light MeterIf you search for digital meter reviews, then for most of the occasions you will find this digital Sekonic light meter in the lists. The L-208 is a compact designed, reflected light meter which is small and stylish. It is an ideal product for the both beginners as well as advanced photographers.

Features of Sekonic L-208 Twin Mate Digital Light Meter are:

  • It is perfect for the handheld operations, i.e. a good handheld light meter which you can also attach to your camera
  • For an extended exposure evaluation time, it has ‘Hold-and-Read’ mode which locks the readings for 15 seconds
  • Its silicon photodiode receives the light at 330 angle
  • It operates on CR2032 lithium battery

Docooler 200,000 Lux Digital LCD Pocket Light MeterWith its high accuracy and wide measuring range, the Docooler digital pocket light meter is simply one of the top listed light meters. It works perfectly for the beginners in photography by having the range of 200/2000/20000 lux.

Features of Docooler Digital LCD Pocket Light Meter are:

  • It is a battery-powered, made with plastic, and portable light meter for photography
  • It featured with ‘Automatic measuring level selection’ which makes you free from setting the measuring level again and again for the different light environments
  • Also featured with Lux/FC unit selection, data hold and automatic recording functionalities
  • Operated via ‘AAA’ batteries

The light meter accurately determines the exposure, quantity of lights which are needed for the particular photography requirements. The digital, as well as analog displays on the photo light meter, are used to set the aperture and shutter speed of the digital camera. Pick up any camera accessory from the above list of the “digital light meter for the beginners in photography” and you will put a step further in becoming a pro in the photography.



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