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Convert Photo to Sketch

Do you ever think of hiring an artist to make a sketch of you or your loved once? If yes, just stop for a moment and check this list of the free tools to convert a photo to a sketch. Yes, you read correct, you can convert your photos into sketches and drawings online and that is absolutely free. How interesting and wonderful this thing is. Check out my list of top 5 online tools to convert your photo to a sketch, and choose the best tool according to your requirements.

PhotoFuniaPhotoFunia is the best tool available to get the sketch instantly according to your photo. This online tool will convert your photo into a pencil sketch in no time. You can use your own little bit of innovation and craziness to bring up the imagination in the picture. If you do not have ideas to create a different look, then don’t worry. PhotoFunia provides you many text effects those can be used to make your picture look impressive and funny. The best thing to use this tool is, it’s free of cost and you can use it as many times as you want, no limitations on enjoying the tool.

Features of Photofunia:

  • Easy to use
  • Free for everyone
  • You can crop, adjust your photo
  • Free download in small or regular sizes
  • You can make order for postcard, printing or any other service
  • Provides instant animated and funny picture according to your photo
  • New effects updated every week
  • You can share your ideas for creating new effects
  • Also available on mobile devices

2. Lab PRO photo editorThis is my favorite tool. Give interesting and refreshing new empathy to your favorite photo. With the help of this tool, you can transform your photo into a masterpiece. This tool provides two types of sketches: Pure drawing and Drawing with accessories. provides you different kinds of backgrounds in the categories like romantic, dreamlike and exotic. Choose according to your mood and interest and get your own emphasized image having an absolutely different look. This tool provides a custom editor, so you can make necessary changes to make your sketch more attractive.

picturetopeoplePicture To People provides the transformation of complex images and photos into pencil drawing or sketch. It provides the biggest collection of online photo editing options in the world. This tool provides online text generators, online photo effect editors and much more. This tool offers up to 8 styles of pencil sketches and 6 styles of pencil drawings. The sketches and drawing effects are made from millions of individual strokes. It helps to generate the most sensible results. Other tools offered by the site are the Photo Frame Maker, Watercooler Photo Effect Generator, Hair Text Logo Effect Generators, Neon Light Photo Effect Editor, Sci-Fi Text Effect Logo Generator and much more.

Check these features of Picture To People:

  • Realistic photo effect of pencil sketch
  • 8 styles of pencil sketches
  • 6 styles of pencil drawings
  • Download the sketch in a moment
  • Improve the output of your image by applying preprocessing of the photo colors inputs
  • Free to use
  • Choose from the number of photo editor tools available on the site
  • Accessible to all types of devices

snpSurprise your loved ones and friends by creating a sketch with your own imagination. SnapsTouch is easy to use tool which provides the service of sketching the image according to your image. It is a simple and free tool  to use, so no worry about paying for your favorite sketches. Now, you do not need to sit in front of an artist to sketch your drawing. This online editor tool provides you the sketch according to your image in no time. Select your photo, click on the upload button and your photo will be in front of you. Now select from the dark pencil sketch and refine faces option. Then click the sketch button, your sketch will be ready and will be visible on your screen. Download your sketch with free of cost. Remember to upload high-resolution images for a better result.

SnapsTouch is a favorite tool of millions of people because it provides:

  • Easy to upload option
  • Simple to use
  • Choose the options of dark pencil to give more effect on the sketch
  • Create beautiful face sketches with the option of refining faces
  • Free download
  • Can remove any unwanted section from the sketch to make it even better

sketchmyphotocomSketchMyPhoto is the paid online tool which provides optimized sketch size. No watermark included in the sketch, so it looks original and no one can know from where did you sketch it. It is integrated with PayPal, so the sketch is directly emailed to your inbox after the amount is paid for the sketch. SketchMyPhoto provides 9 styles of the sketch downloads. You can choose one or more as per your interest. You can also save your sketch directly to your Facebook album.

Features of SketchMyPhoto are:

  • The Sketch size is optimized, so you get the perfect sketch
  • No watermark included, so the sketch looks original
  • The Sketch will be directly sent to your PayPal integrated email, so no problem of downloading
  • 9 styles of sketches, you can choose one or more from them

Hope you like the above list of the top free online tools to convert your image to a sketch. Let me know in the comment which one would you like to use. Don’t waste time and just get your first sketch instantly!


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