Bullet Vs Dome Camera: Difference Between Security Cameras


Security cameras have become a big part of our daily life, a major tool of security and alertness, used in small shops to highly important data centers. These cameras can be divided into some basic categories, among which two are to be discussed in detail.

Bullet Camera Vs Dome Camera

Bullet Camera Vs Dome Camera

What is a bullet security camera?

Bullet security cameras are one of the types of video security cameras that look like rifle bullets. They come in big and small sizes, depending on its purpose.

Bullet camera

What is dome security camera?

Dome security cameras are another type of video surveillance camera which has a rounder shape, like a dome. While both have more or less the same purpose – surveillance, they slightly differ in their built-in characteristics.Dome Camera

Bullet vs Dome Camera is as Follows:

  • Different in Shape:

The most obvious difference between dome cameras and bullet cameras is that they are different in shape. As their name suggests, bullet cameras look like gun barrels or rifle bullets; they protrude outwards, while dome security cameras have a round shape just like a dome. They do not protrude outwards.

  • Location of the Cameras:

While both the cameras can be used in a similar way, on always suits a situation more. While bullet cameras, due to their shape and functional characteristics, are placed outdoors, dome cameras are more suitable for indoor purposes. This is because a camera which sticks out, like a rifle, is mainly for the purpose of keeping suspicions away.

They are meant to be aware of, then being secretive. This is not the case with dome cameras. They are placed inside to keep away from sight. Also, their shape determines their locations at times. Dome cameras come in different designs which can well blend with the room’s furnishes. But bullet cameras are made of weather-proof materials and therefore can survive in exteriors.

  • The range of the Cameras:

Dome cameras are generally known to have smaller lenses than bullet cameras. This quality makes it difficult for dome cameras to reach a longer and wider range compared to the other type. Though the range does not only depend on the size of the lenses, it depends on the type of the lens, its resolution, type of sensor chip, ‘wide range dynamics’, ‘backlight compensation’, ‘auto gain control’, and many more.

Therefore the dilemma of bullet vs dome camera finds a satisfiable preference. Due to low ranges to be covered in indoors or rooms and long ranges to be covered outdoors, they are thus chosen.

  • Installation Method:

The installation process for bullet security cameras is less complicated than dome cameras. Bullet cameras come with a ‘mounting handle’ which just needs to be attached to the location where it is to be placed. The process is as simple as that. If the direction of the bullet cameras is to be changed, they just need to be dismounted and put in another area.

But this is not the case with dome cameras. Their installation process is a little complex. Apart from that when the area of surveillance needs to be changed the dome camera need to be detached, often by an expert and mount in the same process again.

  • The durability of the Cameras:

In the durability contest of dome camera vs bullet camera, dome takes the lead. They are much more long-lasting than bullet cameras and the vandal-resistant dome cameras can survive heavy vandalism.

  • Night-time Vision:

Almost all kinds of dome vs bullet security cameras have infrared LEDs which helps them to create their own light during the absence of any. Depending on the number and type of LEDs, the range and quality of the night vision of the cameras change. It is seen that bullets security cameras are prone to possess better night vision than dome cameras, due to their outdoor purpose.

  • The difference in Price:

Now the concept of a dome camera vs. a bullet camera depends wholly on the purpose you are trying to fulfill. However, bullet cameras tend to be cheaper and cost-efficient than dome cameras as they are easy to install, and does not need any extra part or attention.

To sum up, it is advisable to do a bit of research on dome vs bullet security cameras, understanding your pocket-pinch and then making a wise purchase.


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