How to Delete All Bookmarks on All Browsers


Bookmarks are a great way to save your pages which you want to read or refer later. You are reading an article, and suddenly you think that “Yeah man! I loved the page I want to read this again and again”, “The AHA Moment” that’s when you bookmark pages into your browser. But have you ever imagined how many of them are piled up if we don’t clear them? In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to delete bookmarks with just a few clicks or taps, regardless of what browser you are using.How to Delete All Bookmarks on All Browsers

How to Delete All Bookmarks

I will cover all the primary browser known to everyone. If I miss any do let me know in the comments section below:

1) How to Delete All Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Follow this simple steps to clear all Google bookmarks from your Google Chrome browser. There are multiple ways in which you can do it.

Method 1 – In the status bar at the top you’ll see all your bookmarked items, right-click on each one of them and click on Delete.Directly Delete Bookmark

Method 2 – The other way to try out is by deleting from the Bookmark Manager.Bookmark manager

  • You can either use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O or click on the Settings button in the top right corner and Search for Bookmark Manager there.
  • A new window with the Bookmark Bar on the left will open, you can now right-click on each bookmark and clear them.

2) How to Delete All Bookmarks in Firefox

Clearing Bookmarks is easy in Firefox than Google Chrome. Here’s how.

Step 1 – In the top right bar, you’ll see a clipboard icon. Click on it and find out “Show Bookmarks.”Show Bookmarks

Step 2 – Next up, expand the categories to see all your bookmarks, or you can search it in the search bar.

all your bookmarksStep 3 – As soon as you find the saved bookmark, right-click on it and hit Delete.

3) How to Delete All Bookmarks in Safari

Step 1 – Click the Bookmarks menu and select the second option “Edit Bookmarks.” The keyboard shortcut for the same is Command + Option + B.Delete Bookmarks in Safari

Step 2 – You’ll now see various categories in which your Bookmarks are hidden. Click on it to expand.

Step 3 – Finally, right-click on each bookmark to delete it, or you can also bulk delete it by pressing Shift key on your keyboard and selecting all of them at once.

4) How to Delete All Bookmarks in Microsoft Edge

Step 1 – Head on to “Hub” button in the top-right corner of your browser.edge-favorites-delete

Step 2 – You’ll now see a Star button also known as the “Favorites” tab right click on it and hit delete or you can even long-press it.

Wrap Up

All the browsers have this functionality to clear all bookmarks. Select your browser to follow the steps mentioned in the guide, and you’ll be good to go.

I hope this guide helped you learn how to delete all bookmarks for all the browsers. Let me know in the comments section if I missed out on any major browser.



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