Firefox Uses Too Much Memory: Finally Fixed the RAM Problem


Technology is reaching new milestones every moment, and this world is slowly becoming tech-driven. Among several useful perks of technological advancement, one of the most important is the internet. Every one of us almost feels incomplete without internet these days.

Firefox uses too much memory

But, it is essential to choose a correct browser because the speed, connectivity, and memory usage depend on it. Firefox is one of the leading browsers and is used by a large number of people. But Firefox using too much memory is a major glitch that people face. It also consumes too much RAM usage. Firefox memory leak is also a very common problem that people usually report.

Reasons for Firefox Uses Too Much Memory

  • Memory Glitches

It is often seen that due to several reasons, Firefox high memory usage stands out as a major problem for everyone using it. It is noticed that whenever a person multitasks in this browser, the memory consumption increases significantly and as a result, the whole browser slows down its activities to cope. So, a straightforward solution of this can be not to keep multiple and unnecessary tabs open while one works on something in particular.

It is also recommended to update to the latest version of the browser so that old specifications do not create any disturbances in the process. Another way to deal with Firefox using too much RAM is by disabling every extension that consumes more memory than usual. For identifying which theme or extension is taking up all the memory, it is suggested to open Firefox in Safe mode and accordingly uninstall or disable extensions.

  • Remedial Actions

Firefox high memory usage is a major concern for this browser, and everyone who uses it because saving RAM for appropriate uses is necessary. So, there are certain remedies to reduce the memory usage that people can follow temporarily. Firstly, it is very important to check for Flash hardware acceleration. The user must navigate himself to the particular page which gives a Flash video notification and immediately removes or disable it.

hardware accelerationThis is one of the reasons, Firefox using too much memory comes in the scenario. It is always recommended to open fewer tabs at once and not unnecessarily multitask. There are often when other applications are simultaneously running along with Firefox; this causes excess memory consumption.

  • Memory Leak

Firefox memory leak is a very big issue that the programmers have been dealing with it. They get a lot of complaints regarding this, and the remedies seem only temporary. It mainly depends upon which operating system a person uses. Different features of different operating systems may cause excessive memory usage. There are also certain tools that can help in reviewing, monitoring and reducing the issue of memory leak in Firefox.

  • Intrusive Content Problem

The problem of Firefox using too much RAM is also because of the presence of some content in few sites which are absolutely unnecessary. No one needs them, but they act as pop-ups. These are more harmful than we know. These take up a lot of unwanted memory without us even know, at times. In order to do away with this, the “Ask to activate” setting which is present in the Add-ons Manager Plugins option.

add on pluginsThere are also few extensions that actively help in blocking these flash videos or advertisements. For example, U-block Origin helps the user to block and remove ads on sites which are mostly of no use. Similarly, No-Script helps in selectively and conveniently enable or disable any scripts which are visible all over a website. These methods can be used to block flash videos. It must also be checked if the hardware acceleration is selected.


It can be concluded that Firefox though is widely used all over the world, deals with major memory usage issues which acts as a negative point for this browser. There are certain temporary remedies to deal with this problem, and specific tools and apps can be used as well. Programmers are trying to come up with the latest updated version of this browser to permanently find a fix for this problem, and thus it is necessary of all users to keep their Firefox fully updated to the latest version.


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