Error Loading Media: File Could not be Played – Finally Fixed


One of the most common issues while surfing a media on a self hosted website is that the media could not be played in the name of “Error loading media file: file could not be played” appearing on your desktop or mobile screen.Error loading Media_ File could not be playedFirefox and Safari also countered this problem on numerous occasions while chrome being the most common browser to face this issue. The error loading media problem occurs on a major basis when JW player tries to load a non supported format. Also, loading a .wmv format which exclude H264 video codec also tends to provoke the error in the JW player. It has been found that the issue is mainly caused by the cookies or plugins from certain websites along with the incorrect configuration of the embedded media player

The first step we can take in order to solve this irritating issue is by identifying the main cause provoking the problem where you have to choose between your browser and media player.  One of the simple steps to find out this one is copying the URL and trying to open it up in a different browser, if other browser failed to open it up too then only the administrative team of the respective website could look after the issue itself.

However, there is a list of solution given below which would help you to overcome error loading media issue if the video choose to surf on a different browser. We have tried to write down the every possible way which could help you to hunt down this issue and provide you a smooth browsing experience.

Solution 1 : Keeping your browser up to date

JW player might choose to avoid a smooth functioning on your browser if you don’t update your browser time to time as JW player regularly comes up with a list of supported format from time to time.

Update your Chrome your or any other browser with these simple steps:

PC Users:

  • Select the action menu normally a three dot icon present at the top right corner of your browser page usually.
  • Click on the update google chrome or the browser name option.for pc
  • After updating it completely, check the relaunch button in order to relaunch it with the latest version.

For Android:

  • Open the Google play store app.
  • Tap on the action menu present at the top left corner.
  • Click on the option my apps and games and select your respective browser in the update list.For Android
  • Tap on the Update option and wait till the required data get downloaded.

Solution 2: Clearing all the Cache and Cookies data

Sometimes, The media file could not be played due to the presence of unnecessary cache and cookies data and the can be resolved by clearing the browsing data. Steps to do it are listed below:

Pc users:

  • Option the action menu, usually present at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Select Clear browsing data after going through the option of more tool.
  • In the basic tab of clear browsing data, change the time ranging by making it to All time.
  • Check the option of Cookies and other site data along with cached image and file option.clean for pc Click on the Clear data option in order to delete all of your cache and cookies.

For Android:

  • Select the action menu present at the top right corner after launching your browser.
  • Click on the Settings and tap the privacy option.
  • Click on Clear all the data by scrolling at the bottom of the screen.clean for android
  • In the basic tab option change the time range to all time and then checking on Cookies and other site data along with Cached image and file option as well.
  • Click on clear data in order to delete all the cookies and cache from your device.


We have selected the best two solutions from a list of various in order to vanish all the confusion about the issue, we hope that these solutions will hunt down the error loading media problem, making your internet experience better than ever.


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